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Add a touch of elegance with these Fibre POP design ideas

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Feb 05, 2023
Chic fibre POP design to enhance your home design - Beautiful Homes

Here are our top fibre ceiling design ideas for elevated home interiors

Ceilings for the most part were ignored for the past few decades. But they’re now having a moment with people wanting unique home interiors that reflect their personalities. Fibre ceiling designs give you that room to explore due to their versatility. You can easily combine these materials with other popular choices such as wood, POP, PVC, etc. Additionally, it provides functional benefits such as strength, sound-proofing, insulation, ease of installation, moisture-resistance and more. Here are our top picks of fibre ceiling designs to help you find the right one.


Fibre Ceiling Designs Ideas

1. Wooden Fibre Ceiling Panels that are a Class Apart

If you like the rustic look of wood beams or the elegance of coffered wood ceiling, wooden fiber false ceiling design is an excellent budget-friendly alternative. Available in all natural wood tones and ample finishes, you can easily incorporate it into any interior design style.


2. A 3D Fibre Ceiling Design that's Unique and Creative

Do you have a double height living area or a large dining space? A great way to make it feel cozy and add dimension to the space is to bring down the ceiling a little bit. But instead of a simple false ceiling design you can choose a 3D fiber ceiling design for hall. Suspend fiber boards of various sizes from the ceiling at varying heights for a dynamic look.

Charming fibre POP design to enhance your home design - Beautiful Homes
Beautiful fibre ceiling design for hall to enhance your home design - Beautiful Homes

3. A Gorgeous Fibre POP Design for Halls

Turn the ceiling in your living area into the focal point with an elegant combination of fiber POP design. This fiber ceiling design for hall is a great option for those looking for the acoustic advantages of fiber boards but want to add their own spin to it with intricate details like moldings or some sculptural elements using POP. Fiber POP design is a great addition to spaces that are designed in traditional or neoclassical styles.

4. A Trendy Fibre Ceiling Design that's Worth Emulating

Give your ceiling an industrial and edgy look by interspersing the electrical, plumbing and lighting systems with fiber POP design for hall. Opt for a gray finish that emulates concrete for a dynamic textured look. Add dimension by playing around with the height of the fiber false ceiling design.


5. A Fiber Ceiling Design for Bedroom that Completes the Roof

Add a dramatic flair to your bedroom design with a cathedral-style fibre false ceiling design. For a classic, traditional style, opt for dark wood beams and paneling. Give it a contemporary spin by painting it all-white for a more spacious appearance, or a slate tone for a cocooning effect.

Trendy fibre ceiling design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

6. A Solid Fibre False Ceiling Design

Keep it simple by choosing solid coloured fiber sheet ceiling design. If you want the room to appear larger, opt for the same colour as the rest of the walls, preferably a lighter hue. But if you want to draw the eye upward, turn your ceiling into the statement wall by simply painting it a contrasting colour.


7. A Fibre Ceiling Design for your Kitchen

fiber sheet ceiling design is a great option for kitchens in open plan layouts. It will provide excellent acoustics and insulation in the entire social space. Spruce it up by mixing materials like fibre POP design or pvc fiber ceiling design.

Stunning fibre false ceiling design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

8. Fibre Ceiling Designs that Highlight Smart Pendant Lights

Pendant lights work like a charm when you want soft task lighting or just a warm glow. And an elegant fibre POP design is just the complementing element you need. Sneak in a few details such as rectangular moldings or border trims for a classy look.


9. A Mesh-like Fibre Ceiling Design

Do you like the easy-breezy coastal aesthetic? Then a mesh-like PVC ceiling fiber design might be exactly what you are looking for. With a wood-like finish it will mirror natural material like rattan. Pair it with the quintessential coastal palette of whites, sandy hues and blues to complete the look.


10. An All Wooden PVC Fibre Ceiling Design

With PVC fiber ceiling design for home you get multiple benefits that add value to your house. First, wood is a classic look that will never go out of style. Second, it provides amazing insulation, helping with temperature regulation and sound-proofing. And finally, compared to other alternatives like solid wood roofs or even POP fiber design, this is a cheaper option.

11. Contrasting Fibre Ceiling Designs are Always In

Introduce the yin and yang concept to your home with a contrasting fiber POP design for hall. Celebrate these different yet must-needed energies by opting for a two tone colour palette for your living area. White and black or gray might be too literal an interpretation. For something more colourful consider pairing grays and pastels, greens and pinks and so on.


12. A Useful Fibre Ceiling Design

Do you have a sleek modern space in your home? If so, then a false ceiling fiber design is just what you need. With such styles, you want your home to have a clean and finished look and what better way to achieve it than hiding all your wiring behind ceiling design fiber. Whether it is recessed lighting, chandeliers or pendants, fiber ceilings will work equally well in all cases to hide all the back-end bits.

13. A Simple and Minimal Fibre Ceiling Design

If you’re looking for a minimal ceiling design fiber without being boring, a tray ceiling design will work superbly in your space. It is a simple design but at the same time adds depth to your space. Complement it by incorporating recessed mood lighting to set the ambience for all your social activities.


14. A Fiber Ceiling Design for Bedroom you Could Stare at, All Day

Elevate the fiber ceiling design in your bedroom by painting a mural or an intricate pattern on it to add a burst of colour. After all, if you’re to stare at the ceiling every time you fall asleep, you want it to be something you truly love. With POP fiber design for such ceiling, you can also add interesting textural elements as well.

Minimal fibre ceiling design ideas for your home design- Beautiful Homes

15. An Office-like Fibre Ceiling Design

For spaces like the home-office design and library, you want all the benefits that fiber ceilings have to offer, from insulation, better acoustics to temperature control and moisture resistance. It may lend to an office-like look, but you can give it your own touch with grid lighting, track lights, and so on.



1. What is fibre false ceiling?

Fibre ceilings are a type of false ceiling where the material is made of an amalgamation of natural and artificial materials like glass, tar, wood, vegetable fibre, etc., which is reinforced with resins.


2. Which type of false ceiling is best?

In terms of cost-effectiveness, durability and ease of installation, fibre ceilings made of metal, gypsum and POP are better options. These offer aesthetic and functional value in equal measure.


3. Which type of fibre ceiling is the cheapest?

The rates of fibre ceiling may change depending on your location but it is one of the cheapest false ceiling options out there. If you’re combining it with POP then the rates may go up since POP requires expert knowledge.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Fibre Ceiling Designs?

For more such design and décor ideas, head over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. Avail our end-to-end homes interior design services to create the perfect fiber ceiling design for home. At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to helping you achieve your vision— from wall treatments to lighting, décor and more; we've got you covered. Book your 3D consultation or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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