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Upgrade your home's aesthetics with L-shaped false ceiling design

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Feb 09, 2023
Get inspired by this elegant L-shaped false ceiling ideas - Beautiful Homes

If you want to add extra interest to your living room, give the space an upgrade or enhance it with a greater feeling of depth, a false ceiling is a smart way to go. But, what do you do if you have an L-shaped hall or simply wish to be a little more subtle – we tell you how, here!

Have you been wanting to add a false ceiling design to your living room but feel like a completely false ceiling would make the roof height feel too low? Or maybe you’ve been looking around but feel that with an L-shaped hall, false ceiling design plans seem more limited? In fact, finding an L-shaped hall with a false ceiling design that’s a perfect reflection of your taste should have no restrictions, and can be a great way to create a unique living room. With the many creative and beautiful false ceiling design ideas out there – some that reflect modern trends and many more that have an evergreen, vintage look – an L-shaped false ceiling is a diverse and adaptable way to achieve any style. Plus, with an L-shaped false ceiling design it can be quicker and easier to install, and lets you add more subtle depth and interest to an otherwise boxy or dull space. Here, we’ll show you a few ways to achieve this!


Trendy L-shaped False Ceiling Ideas for the Hall

1. Boost a Sense of Depth with a Coffered False Ceiling Design

Coffered ceilings are a classic style that’s a great look when used in larger rooms. As an L-shaped false ceiling design, a coffered ceiling looks great when paired with minimalistic interiors, adding a point of interest that draws the eye upwards. If you’re doing up your main hall, L-shaped false ceiling design styles with vintage roots can get a modern twist, and if you have an L-shaped room, false ceiling design ideas that incorporate a coffered effect give the space a better flow.For a timeless and sophisticated living room design, consider incorporating a coffered ceiling as part of your L-shaped false ceiling design.

Get inspired by this L-shaped false ceiling ideas - Beautiful Homes

2. Try a Tray-Style False Ceiling Design for L-shaped Living Room Spaces

Another option that lets you add a feeling of height and depth is a tray-style false ceiling design; for L-shaped living room spaces where coffered ceilings would look too busy, this is a good choice. Use this style of L-shaped false ceiling design for hall spaces that are a more narrow rectangular shaped; lower panels along two sides easily achieve a false ceiling L-shaped design that will have a tray effect without looking crowded or enhancing the narrowness of the room.


3. Adorn your L-shaped False Ceiling with Plaster Embellishments

Love the look of a coffered ceiling but want a slightly more subtle style for your L-shaped living room false ceiling design? Adding simple plaster details in geometric patterns are a great way to achieve a more understated false ceiling design; L-shaped hall or living room spaces can also effectively use this method to get a sophisticated, classic look. A plaster patterned false ceiling for L-shaped living room spaces could also use rectangles or even diamond shapes to lead the eye to accent areas.


4. A Charming L-shaped Hall False Ceiling Design Using PVC

Readily available in a wide range of patterns and colours, a PVC false ceiling design for L-shaped hall and living rooms spaces is a popular choice. Prefabricated to work in any rectangular, square or L-shaped hall, false ceiling design panels that are made with PVC are sure to be available in a trend that matches your taste. From neutral tones, to decorative details and more, it’s no wonder PVC panels are often a first choice of L-shaped false ceiling design plans.

Sleek L-shaped hall false ceiling ideas - Beautiful Homes

5. An Easy POP Fall Ceiling Design for L-shaped Hall Upgrades

If you want to give your main hall L-shaped false ceiling design details and love a more decorative style – whether it’s floral looks, geometric patterns or even abstract elements – then why not add some POP ornamentation as a framed border along two sides? After all, the best type of L-shaped false ceiling is one that reflects your personal taste and style, so why not make your L-shaped hall false ceiling design one-of-a-kind?

6. Add Decorative Detail to an L-shaped False Ceiling with Crown Moulding

Another way to achieve a similar effect to POP ornamentation for your L-shaped hall false ceiling design, is to add crown moulding to your main hall; L-shaped false ceiling design plans don’t need to be implemented across the entire ceiling to achieve this effect. This is a great false ceiling design for L-shaped hall or living room spaces where more elaborate false ceilings – such as those that add extra lighting elements, improve soundproofing or hide ductwork / wiring – aren't needed.

7. Ceiling Medallions that Dazzle in your L-shaped False Ceiling Design

When adding a false ceiling for L-shaped living room spaces, accommodating functional needs doesn't mean you can’t indulge your sense of style. If you want to bring a little extra drama to your L-shaped room, false ceiling design ideas that have a decorative accent may be the way to go! Including a ceiling medallion that frames a pendant lamp or chandelier allows your false ceiling design for L-shaped living room spaces to celebrate decorative motifs while still keeping things practical.

Best false ceiling for L-shaped living room - Beautiful Homes
Trendy false ceiling for L-shaped living room - Beautiful Homes

8. Go Linear in your L-shaped False Ceiling Design for a Modern Twist

If you want to give the illusion of depth and space with your false ceiling, L-shaped design ideas that draw the eye along the length or the room are an effective option. Adding wooden planks or a linear, panelled design to your L-shaped false ceiling is the easiest way to achieve this, and is a simple, yet sophisticated fall ceiling design for L-shaped hall or living rooms that can otherwise appear cramped. Adding complimentary lighting that follows this pattern will further the impact of this style.

9. Patterned Wood Bring Style to your L-shaped Living Room False Ceiling Design

When it comes to the perfect L-shaped false ceiling design for hall interiors, no matter the interior aesthetic of your L-shaped living room, false ceiling design ideas that include wood details are always a fan favourite. Get that rustic feel with stained beams and panels, or give your space a modern twist with a patterned or faux-vented effect false ceiling design; L-shaped hall interiors that use wood panels can be found in a variety of prefabricated or custom styles to suit any taste.


10. Get Creative with Mixed Moulding for your L-shaped False Ceiling Designs

Want to add a touch of classic style and sophistication to your main hall? L-shaped false ceiling design ideas that stick to a simpler look are often a first choice. But, by simply incorporating a thematic decorative trim in a variety of patterns, your false ceiling design for L-shaped hall interiors gets a unique and beautiful twist. Simple, yet intricate, these embellished borders elevate your false ceiling design for L-shaped living room spaces without looking busy or overdone.


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