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Perfect wall paint colour combination for a beautiful home

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Dec 19, 2022
Amazing wall paint colour combination ideas - Beautiful Homes

A lick of paint is the easiest way to transform interior spaces and modern homes sport trendy colour combinations that create stunning visual statements. Here is a look at gorgeous colour combinations for your modern home

Wall Colour Combination

When it comes to paint, walls are literally a blank canvas that offer the perfect backdrop for your interior décor. Painting is the easiest element to change in a room and the right room colour combination and paint effects can transform your modern home.


When painting interior walls, the trick is to choose house painting colour combinations inside that work well together and create a sense of harmony between the spaces in your home.


Wall Colour Combination for your Modern Home Interior

Your interior room colour combination should reflect your personal style. Quite often, whites, creams and pale colours tend to be the default home colour combination, but darker hues can give depth to a room and make it bewitching.


Here are some lovely house painting colour combinations inside to inspire your modern home interior design.


1. Add Character with Green Room Colour Combination

A green wall colour combination can bring freshness and harmony to an interior space. Lime greens with sunny yellows look zesty, while a sage green with a rose blush can be calm and relaxing. Emerald greens with a rust to tone it down looks luxurious, while a mint green and powder blue combination can be playful. Greens with a yellow undertone, such as olive, pop alongside gold or bronze, enhancing their warmth.

2. Create Serene Spaces with Blue Home Colour Combination

Blue is always in style and as a room colour combination, it can come off as evocative and moody, serene and calming, or bold and energetic. Mixing blue with a deep yellow or mustard can make it warmer, while deep blues with taupes or pale pinks can create a dark and sumptuous opulence. Combine lighter blues with dark or bold shades, like a deep red or charcoal grey, for a stylish feel, or take a darker and more dramatic blue and tone it down with crisp white for a rustic look.

Sober room colour combination ideas - Beautiful Homes
Sleek paint colour combination ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Go Bold and Dramatic with Black House Colour Combination

Black may seem slightly unconventional but a black based house colour combination can make any home, no matter its square footage, seem chic and elevated. Blush pink tones of dusty rose can warm up black, whereas darker shades of blue, like indigo, cobalt, and navy can create a cool understated style. Black paired with white is a timeless classic, while a black and brown paint colour combination sets a modern, moody aesthetic.

4. Add a Rustic Touch with Mustard Wall Paint Colour Combination

Homeowners tend to shy away from yellow as an interior colour, but smart use of a mustard home colour combination can create a distinctive, revitalized aesthetic. It looks delightful paired with pink or teal, and when combined with neutral hues, like white, beige or cream, it offers an enchanting old-world charm. Mustard with deep red, or terracotta brown is a popular interior colour combination for Indian homes and is the perfect backdrop for Indian arts and artifacts, dhurries, traditional Indian textures and prints.


5. Make a Statement with a Coral Wall Colour Combination

The timeless feel of coral can brighten a space and it is particularly stunning paired with a warm home colour combination, like yellows and browns, for an earthy feel. Matched with a serene palette of navy blue, forest green, taupes and greys, pale coral can add personality and style to a space.


6. Get Chic with Cream House Painting Colour Combinations

Cream is a colour that is easy to use as the jumping off point for a house colour combination. A cream home colour combination with any pastel, such as sky blue or sage green, can create a soothing ambiance while paired with darker shades, like dark green or purple, it can add drama to a space. A tone-on-tone cream home colour combination can look very sophisticated and on-trend.

7. Understated Style with Grey Paint Colour Combination

Grey paint is always a popular house colour combination and whether it is cool, warm, light, or bold, it can provide a soothing backdrop to showcase an accent colour. A dark grey accent wall will be lit up by a pop of fuchsia while a soothing cool grey paired with warm golden-honey hues is perfect for relaxation. Charcoal grey, with a matte black or navy blue adds sleek sophistication to a space, and when paired with dull red or gold, it can look regal.

Cozy house painting colour combinations ideas - Beautiful Homes
Funky paint combinations for walls - Beautiful Homes

8. Unusual Orange Paint Colour Combination for your Interiors

Orange can be sensual, provocative, subtle or dramatic, depending on the house colour combination.  Pair with warm colours, like mustard, for a sunset-inspired look, or go for a rich contrast of dull orange with a dark and moody moss green. Matte, navy blue walls can make a stunning backdrop for a pale orange accent wall or you can create a wow-worthy design moment even in a small space by pairing orange with charcoal grey.

9. Earthy Red Interior Colour Combination for Indian Homes

Red is recommended for spaces that encourage activity, creativity and productivity, and can be rich and vibrant. Deep red walls with clay undertones look classy and elegant while a classic red and white combination is stylish. Red with mustard are classic interior paint colors for Indian homes.

10. Classic White Paint Combinations for Walls

Plain white looks cool and classy but paired with the right colour, it can ground and balance a room. Bright white with vibrant contrasts like navy blue, red or forest green can create juxtaposed drama while paired with pastel shades it gets more luminescent. You can always opt for the classic black and white or create drama with bolder colours, like teal, lavender, emerald and peach.

Minimal & best wall colour combination ideas - Beautiful Homes

Home Paint Colour Combination for Every Room

While a unique colour scheme for each room creates stunning visuals, a cohesive palette that binds them together can help give your house painting colour combinations for inside a more intentional look.


Here are some ideas for wall colour combinations for different rooms in your modern home.


1. Best Wall Colour Combination for Living Room

  • Pastel green and white wall paint colour combination gives a lively vibe to a living room.
  • Dark navy blue with sunshine yellow house painting colour combinations can add a fresh and upbeat appearance.
  • Fresh orange with cream is a great living room interior colour combination for Indian homes that can accentuate a space.
  • Ivory and magenta, is an enchanting home paint colour combination for recreating old-world charm.


2. Interior Colour Combination for Bedroom/Master Bedroom & Guest Room

  • Navy blue with cream paint combinations for walls can create a harmonious vibe to a master bedroom.
  • Grey and yellow is a warm home interior colour combination for bedroom walls as they balance each other beautifully.
  • Green and mustard colour combination provides earthy beauty.
  • Teal and walnut brown is an effortless wall paint colour combination that adds elegance to a guest bedroom.


3. Best Wall Colour Combination for Kitchen

  • Wall paint colour combination of pale green and cream is hassle-free for a kitchen and aesthetically appealing.
  • Pastel green and teal is a soothing home interior colour combination that feels peaceful and tranquil.
  • Cappuccino brown and cerulean blue provides lasting visual appeal.


4. Wall Design Colour Combination for Hallway

  • Soft blush pink and sage green is the perfect wall paint colour combination for a transitional space.
  • Rich navy with crisp white home interior colour combination can lend a moody tone to your foyer.
  • Muted green and taupe provides a welcoming air to a hallway.


5. Wall Paint Combination Ideas for Bathroom

  • Dusky pink and metallic grey house painting colour combinations can create a chic bathroom space.
  • Matte black and dull rust are sophisticated wall paint combination ideas that offer a retro look to a washroom.
  • A delicate peach and dark ivy green wall design colour combination is an enchanting bathroom colour scheme.


6. Room Colour Combination for Pooja Room

  • Cream and beige are the perfect neutral backdrop for a calm and peaceful environment.
  • Blue and white is a serene wall design colour combination that creates a tranquil vibe in a puja space.
  • Deep red and dusky gold interior paint colours for Indian homes puja room can create a resplendent look.




1. How Does Natural Light Affect Wall Colour Combination?

Natural light plays an integral part in how we perceive paint colours in our home. North facing spaces let in soft light, and makes dark paints look darker, and light paints duller, while south facing rooms are more light intense, causing dark colours to appear brighter, but can wash out light colours.


2. Which Wall Colour Combination is Best?

The best interior colour combination for your room will depend on the size of the room, its function and the amount of light that enters the space. Combine complementary colours from the colour wheel as they bring out the richness in one another. Balance a subtle shade with a darker hue, for instance, blush pink with navy blue, or cream with forest green.


3. What 3 House Painting Colour Combinations Work Best Together?

Colour psychology explains that colour influences the way we feel and certain combinations of colours work together and have even greater impact on our senses, for instance, blue, cream and white soothes the senses while a combination of grey, navy and rust can create a moody vibe. Some of the latest wall colour combination, like black and white with a pop of red, or green and grey with gold accents, are bold and daring combinations that look gorgeous and make a dramatic statement.


4. Which Wall Colour Combination Makes the Room Happy?

Green, yellow and pink are some wall colours that can induce happiness. Using subtle shades of the colour or pairing them with more neutral colour combinations can give you a gorgeous space that instantly lifts your spirits.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Interior Design of your Dream Home?

An irrepressible love for interior design coupled with quick and sure instinct defines the Beautiful Homes interior design team. Whether you are looking for the latest wall colour combination for your modern home or want to see your dream home come to life, we can make it happen. Check out the lovely colour combinations that are available at our online store and book a 3D consultation to design your dream home. We can help in your home design in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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