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Ways to decorate your home with biophilic design

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Oct 16, 2022
Biophilic design for indoor garden - Beautiful Homes

You can now connect with the almighty nature through your interiors; don't believe us? Give this article a read to know all about the trending biophilic design

Humans have decidedly lost connection to nature and holistic living as urban living has grown over the past few centuries. And this missing aspect has become all the more apparent through the pandemic. But all is not lost; there's a resurgence in biophilic design, in both interior design and architecture. Let's take a closer look.



What is Biophilic Design?

As the name would suggest, biophilic interior design is where natural elements are integrated into our built environments. This includes homes, working spaces, public buildings and so on. There are different ways to achieve it. For example, you can use natural materials such as wood, linen, jute, etc., for a biophilic design concept. Or you can incorporate natural scenes with photographic wallpapers and motifs with prints and patterns. You can employ biophilic interiors in nature-inspired bathrooms, nature-inspired living rooms, etc.

What Does it mean to Create Biophilic Interior Design?

Biophilic design concepts and biophilic architecture have evolved into a philosophy with specific goals and principles. So to create biophilic or nature-inspired design entails putting these into practice. Overall, architecture inspired by nature and nature-themed interior design aims to resurrect and re-establish the connection between humans and nature. When implemented, biophilic urbanism increases people's well-being and helps sustain environmentally friendly practices.


Sounds appealing? Here's how you can incorporate the various principles of this interior design style into your home.

Biophilic interior design for dining room - Beautiful Homes
Biophilic design concept with indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

1. BiophiIic Design #1: Indoor Garden in Biophilic Design Home

One of the principles of biophilic home design and architecture inspired by nature is to create and sustain direct interaction with nature. And what better way to do it than to fashion a green haven right in your home? Start small with a kitchen or window sill garden for nature-themed interior design. But if you're ready to embrace a biophilic design home fully, consider turning your sunroom, balcony, porch or patio into a garden.

2. BiophiIic Design #2: Indoor Living Wall for a Nature-Themed Living Room

Potted plants aren't the only way to add some green to your nature-themed living room. An indoor living wall is a brilliant alternative, doubling up as a statement wall. For rustic biophilic décor, pair it with brick walls. Or create a contemporary contrast by combining it with a warm white or black wall.


3. BiophiIic Design #3: Decorate with Sustainable, Organic Materials

Biophilic interiors aren't just about 'living' parts, such as plants. Other indirect ways, namely, organic materials, can also help you foster a relationship with nature, albeit more materialistic. This is an excellent opportunity to introduce natural visual and tactile details to your natural interior design. Use materials such as wood, stone, jute, cotton, silk, etc., for nature-inspired furniture, textiles, accessories, etc.


4. BiophiIic Design #4: Herbs on your Kitchen Window in your Nature Inspired House

Biophilic architecture and biophilic design interior encourage sustainable choices. This includes growing your own produce, especially stuff that is seasonal and native to the region. And what better way to do that and add the direct visual component of biophilic urbanism than a little herb garden over the window?


5. BiophiIic Design #5: Fill your Home with Indoor Plants for Biophilic Décor

You don't always need an outdoor space to exercise your green thumb. Having indoor plants peppered all over your nature-inspired house can be just as beneficial and rewarding. They can add some much-needed greenery to urban spaces. Plants in natural interior design help maintain temperature and air quality.

6. BiophiIic Design #6: Biophilic Concept- Using Sustainable Energy

Opting for clean, sustainable energy where possible is another way to foster a positive relationship with nature and natural cycles. This involves using solar energy, wind power, rainwater harvesting and so on in your homes. Make sure to incorporate these changes in your biophilic design and architecture.


7. BiophiIic Design #7: Botanical Prints in Nature Inspired Interiors

Don't want to be responsible for any living thing but still want nature-inspired interior design? Botanical prints are the next best thing. From wallpaper to art to textiles, there are many ways to incorporate nature-inspired design into your interiors.

Nature inspired interior design with indoor living wall - Beautiful Homes

8. BiophiIic Design #8: Biophilic Concept- Incorporate a Water Body

Greens aren't the only way to integrate nature interiors into your living space. Aspects that allow interaction with elements such as water, air and fire are alternative biophilic interior design concepts. Water is the way to go for a soothing nature-inspired house design feature. Sounds of rainfall and rippling water can have calming effects in organic interior design. Temperature control, calming effects, and enhancing the ambience are a few benefits of water bodies in biophilic design and architecture.

Nature inspired furniture with sustainable furniture - Beautiful Homes

9. BiophiIic Design #9: Nature-Inspired Design with Textiles

Nature is colourful, and your biophilic design interiors can be too. An accessible way to have the natural vibrancy reflected in your nature-inspired house design is to choose nature-inspired textiles. You can have a woods-based subdued palette or a tropics-inspired bright one; the possibilities are endless. The focus is equally on texture, pattern and prints with interior biophilic designCurtains, rugs, pillows, bedding, etc., are all the textile avenues you can get creative with.

10. BiophiIic Design #10: Nature Interiors- Let in Natural Light

Yet another way to directly interact with nature is to be open to it, a5nd we mean it quite literally. Embrace your surroundings with large windows and indoor-outdoor spaces. Letting in ample natural light alone can significantly affect your well-being and how you live in your home. French windows, bay windows, skylights, amplifying mirrors and reflective accents are a few ways to make the most of organic interior design.

Natural interior design for living room - Beautiful Homes


FAQ on Biophilic Design

Interior biophilic design with plant décor - Beautiful Homes

1. What makes a design biophilic?

Any design that encourages positive interaction with nature and/or nature-inspired elements or builds a space that emulates it on some level is biophilic.


2. What is the biophilic design trend?

Biophilic design is a trend that aims to re-establish our connection to nature through living spaces. It involves incorporating natural elements, nature-inspired furniture and motifs, organic forms and so on into your home interiors.


3. What are biophilic materials?

Natural, sustainable, eco-friendly materials such as wood, bamboo, jute, linen, hemp, etc., are biophilic.

4. What is biophilic furniture?

Biophilic furniture is made of sustainable material and organic shape and is made to last.


5. Who is biophilic design for?

Biophilic design is truly for everyone. With so many options at your fingertips, taking steps to make more environmentally conscious decisions is much more accessible now. Take inspiration from the principles of this school and create a plan that fits your style and budget.


6. How to create a biophilic office design?

For biophilic office design, the same principles apply. You can borrow the above-listed ideas and tweak them for more office-appropriate nature-inspired interior design.



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