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Beautiful and vibrant bohemian bedrooms designs

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Apr 22, 2022
White & brown interiors for your bohemian bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

From dreamy and romantic to edgy and wild, there’s a bohemian style for every kind of bedroom

From Pinterest boards to the rooms of your favourite Instagram influencers, the boho chic aesthetic continues to reign supreme. Afterall, bohemian interior design is the true celebration of “mix-and-match” and the anything-goes approach to design and decorating is exactly what keeps it ever popular and on-trend. In its current iteration, the modern bohemian interior design can range from a subdued and sophisticated to a vibrant and vivid layering of colours, patterns, textures and décor styles. The wide range and versatility of bohemian interior design makes it perfect for the modern bedroom. Whether you’re after a bedroom that’s as dreamy as your dreams, a shrine to your wanderlust or an ode to art and craft, read on for the best and the latest in bohemian bedroom design and décor ideas.


1. Bohemian Bedroom Design for Dreamers and Romantics

The romantic bohemian bedroom design is quite literally a dream come true. Pictured here are soft, sheer and flowling fabrics that are styled over a rustic four-poster bed that’s been heaped with a dozen or so mini, cloud-like pillows to bring alive a fairytale-like setting. The essentials of the romantic bohemian style of bedroom interior design are simple – think candles, lace, vintage linens, delicate and diaphanous curtains as well as bed linen in thick, rich and luxe fabrics.

Lighting for a romantic and dreamy bohemian bedroom must be layered to create different night-time moods using table or floor lamps with shades featuring delicate patterns as well as with more extravagant light fixtures like mini chandeliers and scones in glass and metal. Furniture like the bed, headboard and side tables can feature distressed wood, light wood or simply be painted white. The key is to layer fabrics, objects and bedroom décor objects in different tones and shades of the same light colours like white, cream or beige for a romantic boho bedroom for a young adult or couple. For kids and teens, the same design sensibility can be adapted in more playful, sorbet-like pastels.

Poster bed for your chic bohemian bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Brizmaker / shutterstock


The expenses can add up pretty quickly with the romantic style of modern bohemian bedroom décor as it requires a more professional approach to perfecting it as well as the use of expensive materials. But if you have your heart set on building a bedroom that’s right out of one of your dreamscapes, start small. Invest wisely in a set of bed linen, complete with the softest quilt you can get your hands on along with throws and pillows that you can’t wait to sink into after a long day. Afterall, sweet dreams are made of these key bedtime essentials.

Indoor plants for your boho inspired bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Brizmaker / shutterstock

2. Edgy and Wild Ideas for a Modern Bohemian Bedroom

What makes the bohemian design trend so popular in bedroom design is its versatility and range. But since the term “bohemian” has originally used to describe unconventional and left-of-centre artists and eccentrics, let’s dive right into the more edgy and wild designs for a boho bedroom. The commitment to the modern bohemian bedroom begins with the canvas – the walls and the flooring. Vintage-style wooden panels have been painted white and then chipped off for a distressed finish while some walls are plastered simply with room for exposed brick walls too.

Similarly, the wooden flooring has been polished to look rough and ready for a more “lived-in” look.


In a sort of go big or go home approach, smaller décor accents and fail-safe items like dreamcatchers and jute rugs can be put aside in favour of big-ticket items like the extravagant headboard pictured here, that’s been fashioned out of life-size, natural dried palm spears. A large, quirky peacock chair in rattan functions an accent piece. The distressed wood dressing table is another dramatic flourish.



A defining feature of the boho chic aesthetic is the laidback living and lived-in look. But giving a modern bedroom a vintage, distressed look is no small commitment and it certainly doesn’t come cheap. After all, exposed brick walls and distressed wood panels all begin life as perfectly polished in most modern bedrooms. Instead, rely on upcycled furniture and found pieces. Take up DIY projects for smaller but significant pieces of décor and furniture such as a framed dressing mirrors or vintage side tables. Better yet, repurpose items found at flea markets and second hand stores. A wooden or metal trunk can be used as a side table while doubling up as extra storage for all pillows and throws too.

3. Boho Chic Bedroom Interior Design for Minimalists and Perfectionists

Bohemian interior design and boho room décor for the modern bedroom don’t have to swing wildly between natural, rugged materials and bright patterns and prints. At the same time, not everything in a bohemian bedroom interior design needs to be worn out, vintage or shaggy and rustic. There are several way to make bohemian design work even in the most polished of environments such as these ethereal, monochromatic, Scandi-boho bedrooms. The chic, minimalist bedroom in shades of sage green is a an excellent example of championing bohemian design elements with restraint and harmony.


It all starts with picking a bedroom colour design design as an anchor. While warm colours like yellow and ochre are more common in bohemian design, this pale shade of green gives the bedroom a firm modern and sophisticated footing.

Unique floor lamps & chandeliers for your boho bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Spacejoy/ unsplash

The faintest shade of sage green is used to paint the walls that are decorated meticulously with a gallery wall of botanical prints and photographs. Delicate metal lamps and shelves in gold add a colour contrast. More earthy tones of green are infused with crisp bed linen in teal. Plants in all shapes and sizes run wild in this urban jungle-inspired bedroom. A clever finishing touch is the woven cane pendant lamp. If you look closely, it’s also the most boho piece of décor in the bedroom.



As the bohemian interior design trend continues to gathers steam, décor for a boho chic bedroom can be bought entirely from high street retailers. But for a one-of-a-kind bohemian style, you must get your hands dirty. A quick and easy DIY is crafting a  simple ceiling or pendant lamp – all you’ll need is a bulb with long wiring and a jute basket turned upside down. Another simple project is the makeshift headboard – hang up jute hats in different sizes above the bed or fashion an installation from pampas grass and other dried leaves, that seem to be readily available everywhere these days.

White & brown interiors for your bohemian bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Brizmaker / shutterstock

4. Bohemian Bedroom Interior Designs that Celebrate the Crafts

Even as the boho chic aesthetic traverses the globe, there is no place like India to truly celebrate the art and craft that defines it. Whether its handmade furniture made with rattan and cane or the handwoven accessories in knit, jute, burlap and more, the bohemian style du jour may as well carry as “Made-in-India” tag. None of it is new either – for years, Indian homes have proudly displayed poufs and stools made from jute or a patchwork of scraps of cloth, rattan furniture, swings made from cane and so many other products that continue to reign supreme in the world of bohemian interior decoration.

Most furniture markets across the country are still home to some of the finest cane and rattan craftspeople. Eager to please, you’ll find that most artisans are happy to customise pieces of furniture and décor to suit your style and sensibilities. Look out for bargains and deals on one-of-a-kind, handcrafted furniture, décor and accents at state-run emporia and seasonal handicraft markets.



 Perfect for first-time home owners and those leasing property, a bohemian bedroom design can be cheap and chic when it’s planned well. While larger pieces of rattan and cane furniture that are hand-crafted will always be expensive, you can still support artisans and craftspeople by investing in smaller bedroom décor accents such as framed mirrors, room partitions and chic side tables that can be layered with less expensive items like macrame wall art, jute planters, burlap rugs, cane-woven baskets and more.

5. Wanderlust-filled Boho Bedrooms for Travellers and Adventurers

When it comes to bedroom interior design, wanderlust and boho chic moodboards often collide. Afterall, the bohemian style of decorating is heavily influenced art, craft and travel and it’s often characterised by the use of quirky and eclectic found objects and handmade treasures.


If you have a passion for interior design, use your collection of travel mementos to create a unique and personalized bedroom that reflects your wanderlust spirit. For those with a sense of adventure, the bedroom is a perfect place to celebrate and indulge in wanderlust by filling it up with mementos from travels. Invest in art and crafts wherever you go – don’t shy away from picking up that handmade swing or hammock the next time you visit a tropical destination. Even if your bags are perpetually full, you can always make room for smaller knick-knacks or collectibles like cushion covers, art prints or even just postcards.

Antique décor accessories & rug for your bohemian bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Timothy Buck/ unsplash


If you’re not a world traveller just yet, manifest your future adventures by bringing home a vintage globe or frame a map of a place you hope to visit. Add colour to the bedroom by filling shelves and side tables with travel guides and coffee table books. And don’t forget to ask friends and family to send in postcards and keepsakes that can be used to accessorise small nooks and corners of the bedroom.



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