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Bohemian interior design style for colourful décor

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Aug 01, 2022
Bohemian interior design style for your home - Beautiful Homes

Bohemian style décor has worldwide influence and appeals to anybody looking to personalise their space. Use our tips to include this statement décor in your house

The way you design your house reflects your taste, giving an awesome impression on your visitors. The conventional interior design style can give your house a special and unique look. Some popular house design ideas include industrial house décor, boho interior design, vibrant home colour schemes, antique accent pieces and classic wooden furniture used for adding visual interest to house interiors.


What is Bohemian Interior Design?

Bohemian design, also known as boho style interior design, is a style of décor that revels in lively colours, textures, and prints. Unlike Scandinavian or contemporary design, bohemian interior design welcomes maximalism and promotes personal expression through the curation and layering of multicultural materials, artworks, and adorning elements. The modern bohemian interior design incorporates décor concepts from around the world. Its free-spirit, anything-goes practice made it one of the most widespread interior design trends.


7 Characteristics of Bohemian Style Décor

The boho interior design has a wide range of features, but there are a few fundamental characteristics you can include to make any room in your house a boho room.

1. Diverse and Lively Colour Palette:

There is no definitive bohemian colour plan, but selecting a sort of deep jewel tones, cheerful colours, earthy colours, or a combination of all three can bring the boho theme interior into any space. For some more chic boho aesthetic, white walls will offer a blank canvas upon which you can put some macrame or natural paintings.


2. A Medley of Materials, Prints and Patterns:

Boho style interior includes burlap, silks, chenille, sisal, and crushed velvet—usually all together. Bohemian style interior design also has a margin for a combination of patterns that would be regarded as mismatched if you follow any other interior design patterns.

Diverse color palette to upgrade your bohemian interior design style home - Beautiful Homes
Add rugs to enhance your bohemian style interior design of home - Beautiful Homes

3. Hints from Around the Globe:

Some most loved rugs like Cambodian Ikat and Persian are common elements in bohemian interior décor.


4. Vintage and Natural:

When doing boho style interior design, include second-hand, vintage elements as the focal area of attention. Statement sculptures, paintings, pots, and rugs can all be utilised to help you express your taste and style.


5. Verdure and Plants:

Herbs and houseplants add hints of colour and keep your space feeling, natural, healthy and positive.

6. Lounging Furniture:

Bohemian interior furniture is usually closer to the ground,  created with natural materials, and covered with plush cushions and throw pillows. Furniture pieces with different heights and colours make the space feel mellow and welcoming. Chaise beds, rattan chairs, mid-century coffee tables, and Moroccan pouffes are some of the more prevalent bohemian house design trends that have become the essentials of a minimalist bohemian living room.


7. Ambient Lighting:

Candles, lanterns, and table lamps deliver the sort of warm, ambient light associated with the bohemian style interior. Bohemian theme interior décor can also have a royal dining room chandelier or contemporary pendant lights when counterbalanced with warm, natural room décor.

Natural material furnishing for your bohemian style home design - Beautiful Homes

How to Incorporate Bohemian Style Interior Design into your Daily Life?

Although the boho interior design is diverse and playful, some motifs may be used as inspiration. Use this as a guide to creating the perfect seamless modern bohemian interior design. Here are some tried and tested suggestions to bring goodness to your daily life.

Layering & mixing décor items for your bohemian home design - Beautiful Homes

Do Lots of Layering and Mixing

Creating blends is one of the keys to a boho style interior. Incorporate finishes and stacked décor items like paintings, fabrics and accessories. Bohemian style interior design combines trends with a relaxed tone due to its delightful nature. Every house with a boho interior design is distinct, matching eclectic homes. The intended layering gives it a bohemian vibe. Layering patterns are available and affordable to fetch boho style into your house. In addition, the activity of differing patterns is spot on. Mixing and matching textiles like rugs, pillows, and throws is intriguing by mixing different designs, shapes, and sizes. If you like to be uniform, select a colour scheme.

It is also most suitable for art, and you can also have too many prints or paintings. A well-balanced wall gallery with many frames, sizes, and materials complements the boho interior profile.


Incorporate Rich Patterns and Colours

While the bohemian interior design does not play by any rules, rich colours and patterns are always relished. Jewel tones like red, amethyst purple and emerald green are repeatedly used in a bohemian backdrop. Darker, richer colours on the walls stimulate a sense of extravagance. Spirited colours such as vivid blue and orange elicit a lively atmosphere, particularly when paired with other rich colours. Rugs and carpets are a must-have for any bohemian décor theme. The obvious explanations for high piles or shag are that they give a soft underfoot and convenience. Regardless of how you integrate colour and pattern into your boho interior space, the proverb "more is more" is valid.


The Boho Décor loves the Handmade and Natural

The bohemian design style is impacted by artists and stresses handmade things and crafts that represent individuality. You can see this in sculptures, paintings and wall hangings, among other items. Handmade décor also supports local craftsmen and small businesses, so it's a win-win case. Natural materials and handcrafted objects are backed by the boho design style. Wood is the most noteworthy of them. Wood brings instant warmth and ease, which are paramount in bohemian homes.

Bring in Some Elements that tell a Story

The bohemian décor signifies a narrative, and the boho territory echoes a travelling reality. It incorporates a display of souvenirs from all over the globe. Many of them come with a story about where they derived from. Art, sculptures, books, lamps and cushions contribute to a bohemian space's friendly, homey, and inviting ambience. You can select things with many colours and shapes. It can be household treasures, homemade objects, and trip souvenirs. Plug every nook and cranny of your boho design abode. Play around with collection and placement. It is your chance to put your life on display. The bohemian décor has a charming and glam element, thanks to its eclectic nature. Use a sleek mirror or a gleaming chandelier to highlight this. The only rule is that everything in the space must tell a story of its own.


Add Some Flourishes to your Bohemian Space

If you adore the idea of a typical gipsy-style bohemian home design, think about beads, fringes, tassels, sequined fabrics and canopies. Decorative articulations deliver the wowww factor that differentiates this interior design style from the others. You can accomplish this with patterned wallpaper, a massive tassel pendant lamp, or even a cactus plant are all prominent classic pieces. Hang a lacy hanging chair in the living room or add a hanging bed to the bedroom. If you enjoy making your bohemian house design look comfortable, opt for a large peacock chair.

Handmade & natural items for your bohemian style interior design - Beautiful Homes
Indoor plants to style your bohemian style interior design - Beautiful Homes

Verdant Atmosphere and Plants for a Perfect Boho Décor

With the absence of some succulent plants, the boho interior décor runs dull. Botanical motifs play an important role and bring nature to your space. It is a vital component of the bohemian interior design, but they also enrich air quality and give any space a lively feeling. Verdure is gorgeous and delivers the sense of intimacy to nature that a bohemian design elicits. Primarily, with bohemian décor, every element fits well with the plants. Succulents with diverse shapes and textures are adaptable and give the space an innovative lure. These plants blossom with sunlight and watering. For an aesthetic charm, use plant stands or a boho-chic knotted macrame hanging planter.

Vintage Elements are Always Welcome in Every Boho Space

Combining patterns, and styles contrasting old and contemporary motifs is an effortless method to acing the boho décor. Vintage or lightly utilised second-hand articles provide a sincere hint of bohemian interior design style. They have a prosperous past as well as a soul. When positioned next to something stylish, each object stands out. Adding a fringed blanket over a sleek-lined couch can be the right choice. Strict matching and pairing is not the approach, a laid-back décor is always encouraged.




Boho-style décor includes a diverse mix of colours, patterns, and textures. The casual, global-inspired aesthetic bends conventional design rules to form a layered, personalized look. Welcome the style's laidback vibes with Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints. From shopping for statement furniture to designing a lighting scheme to choosing the newest member of your plant family, the skills of our expert interior designers are sure to make your house, apartment, or condo feel even more like home.


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