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Inspiring box house designs

  • Ideas & Inspiration
Mar 07, 2024
Simple box house type design – Beautiful Homes

Consider these box house design ideas for your new home

The box house design is a modern option that blends innovation with simplicity. Characterised by clean lines and a geometric aesthetic, the box house introduces a refreshing take on contemporary living. This design prioritises efficiency without compromising aesthetics. It is perfect if you want a sleek and stylish living environment. The concept is gaining immense popularity as it is space-efficient and can be built in smaller areas. If you want to experience living in a truly transformative space, here are a few box house design ideas you can consider.


Box House Design Ideas

1. Wooden Box Type House Plan

A wooden box type design house will create a harmonious blend of rustic charm and modern aesthetics. The use of natural wood not only infuses a sense of cosiness but also offers sustainability. Therefore, it is great if you want an eco-friendly choice. Also, wood gives your exterior house design a timeless appeal and elevates the overall look. Its rustic charm makes the home appear warmer and more inviting. Moreover, wood makes people feel closer to nature. This creates a positive mood and serene atmosphere.


2. Box Type Home Design with Multiple Balconies

Do you want an open and airy interior design? Instead of large windows, you can consider large balconies. It is a contemporary masterpiece that seamlessly blends outdoor and indoor living. Multiple balconies offer residents a private space to enjoy the surrounding environment. The versatile outdoor spaces can be used for various purposes like relaxation, entertainment, and appreciation of the views. You can enjoy fresh air and natural surroundings without leaving the comfort of your home at any time.

Modern box house design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

3. Minimal Box House Design

Minimal box type design houses are a testament to the beauty of uncluttered living. The design revolves around clean lines, open spaces, and a commitment to simplicity. Consider a muted colour palette and minimalist décor to evoke a sense of calm and order. With an emphasis on essential elements, this box type house plan choice maximises space and appears very well-organised. You will love it if you are seeking a clutter-free and visually soothing home.

Enchanting box type house design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Confluence

4. Two-storey Box-type Design House

If a one-storey house is not enough, you can always go for a two-story box house design. It is a contemporary approach that maximises space and style. This modern box house design offers both functionality and aesthetic appeal. The ground floor can provide an open and communal space, perfect for gatherings and daily activities. While the upper floor can be designed for privacy with designated rooms and living spaces. The two-storey modern box house plan optimises land. You will not have to compromise your privacy with this home design.

5. Floor-to-ceiling Windows Box Type House Design

Do you enjoy plenty of natural light and expansive views in your home? With floor-to-ceiling windows in your box type design house, it is possible. The large windows that stretch from the floor to the ceiling ensure your interiors are flooded with abundant sunlight. They will add more character to your kerb appeal. Also, you can enjoy panoramic views of the surrounding environment. The modern box house plan will also serve as a great architectural focal point and provide the perfect spot for gatherings.

Simple box house type design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

6. Box Type Home Design Featuring Large Windows

If you want abundant natural light and a beautiful view but choosing a floor-to-ceiling is not an option, consider a large window design instead. It will give your box type design house a great contemporary look. You can either choose one large window or a combination of different windows depending on your preferences. They are strategically incorporated to illuminate the living spaces. With this small box house design, you can invite the beauty of nature into your home as well.

Box house design with bal-cony design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sparc Design

7. Cabin Box Type Home Design

A lot of us have dreamt of staying in a beautiful cabin surrounded by nature. You can now make that dream come true by opting for a cabin box type design house. This design features the characteristics of both modern living and traditional spaces. The rustic charm and cosy allure of a small box house design give it a unique and inviting look. This box type house plan emphasises natural materials, such as wood and stone, so that it feels connected to nature. The exterior exudes a rustic aesthetic, while the interior welcomes you with a sense of warmth and comfort.

8. Exposed Brick Box House Design

The exposed brick box-type house design is a fusion of modernity and raw, rustic appeal. Exposed brick walls design have structural beauty and add character and warmth to your exterior house design. The use of exposed brick provides a timeless feel that complements various styles. Choosing this design means embracing a unique blend of urban and rustic elements. It is ideal for those who appreciate the rugged beauty of raw materials, as it adds texture, authenticity, and a touch of history.


How can Beautiful Homes Help You with Box House Design for Your Home?

Beautiful Homes is your trusted partner in finding the perfect box house design. We offer many interior design inspirations, from sleek and modern box house designs to timeless classics. Our experts will share many fresh ideas, help refine your vision, and suggest you the latest trends. We will ensure you find a box home design that reflects your unique taste and lifestyle. Let the journey to your dream box home design begin with us! Contact us for an online consultation or visit any of the stores available in all major cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Amritsar, Ernakulam, Raipur, Ooty, Pune, Ahmedabad, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Kolkata, and Chennai.

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