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13 budget friendly bedroom makeover ideas that looks expensive

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Jun 12, 2022
Bedroom makeover ideas on budget for your home - Beautiful Homes

Has your bedroom become a bit drab and dingy over the years? With a tweak, here and there, you can completely transform your bedroom. Here are some budget friendly ideas to make your bedroom look tastefully and expensively made over

The bedroom is one of the most personal spaces in the house and needs to achieve a balance between tranquil and chic. Over time, like with any other room, we outgrow our spaces and even a well-appointed bedroom may feel cramped, stuffy and dingy and not the haven that it used to be. It may be time to consider a budget friendly bedroom makeover.


How do you Decide What to Change in the Room?

Whatever be your design aesthetic, there are certain essential requirements for a bedroom, for instance, the bed, the mattress, and the bedding, and each element requires careful consideration during a makeover. Look around your bedroom and see what is outdated, what looks old, and what doesn’t fit in anymore before deciding on bedroom makeover items.


For instance, do your walls look dirty and faded? Does your bed creak every time you turn over?  Perhaps it is time for a new coat of paint or a gorgeous new bed. Wall colours, a few furniture changes, luxurious bedding, and beautiful bedroom accessories are some of the elements that can be changed to create a stunning bedroom makeover on a budget.


How can you Achieve a Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover?

When doing an interior makeover, people concentrate on high traffic areas which would be visible to visitors. A bedroom design, being a personal space, gets put on the back burner and is one of the last rooms to be addressed and has the smallest budget allocated to it. 


But, with a few inspired changes, even a bedroom makeover on a budget, can transform your room into a completely new and utterly elegant space that you wouldn’t want to leave.


1. Vibrant Walls for a Stunning Bedroom Makeover

There is nothing that can brighten a space and breathe new life into it more than a lick of paint. With a splash of colour, transform your bedroom into a vibrant space. Bold wall colours, like vivid reds and royal blues can be softened by bedding in soft greens or crisp white. Or pair neutral wall shades with more colourful linen to give the room a sparkle and a pop.

2. Bedroom Transformation with Gorgeous Bedding

Bed linen can be expensive but the best part of linen is that you don’t need to buy everything at one go. If you get a basic colour scheme going, you can keep adding layers to complement it, contrast with it or accent it, over time.


For instance, get basic linen in a neutral hued palette, perhaps soft blues, beiges or greys. Then brighten it up with more expensive pillow covers, bed sheets, comforters, cushions and throws in complementing shades and patterns. You can add layers of textures for a sumptuous bedroom transformation that will look extravagant but will not break the bank.

Bedroom makeover ideas on budget for your home - Beautiful Homes
Budget friendly DIY bedroom makeover ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. DIY Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Not all of us are handymen or good at DIY bedroom makeover projects to put together a piece of furniture or paint a wall. But there are some small DIY projects that you can do for a simple bedroom makeover.


For instance, if you are a bit of an artist, you could do a pretty floral edging to your window frame to give it a new look. Drawing a headboard on the wall behind your bed will add a quirky and interesting detail to your room. Fill up mason jars with pebbles and seashells and line them on the window ledge for a beach vibe.

4. Cool Bedroom Makeover on a Budget

You don’t need to spend a ton of money for a simple bedroom design makeover. If you have a green thumb, transform your room with plants. Fill your shelves and side tables with lush and leafy foliage. Let creepers trail down from your dresser or run over your wardrobe. Fill your window ledge with flower boxes for a colourful view when you awaken. This is not only a cool idea but makes for a very healthy space.

Blue bedroom budget friendly bedroom makeover ideas - Beautiful Homes
Innovative bedroom makeover ideas on budget - Beautiful Homes

5. Unique and Innovative Bedroom Makeover

A very cute way to add some sparkle to a room is by playing with lighting. A couple of pretty new lamps will add some pizzazz to the room. You can get something simple, like string lights, and hang them over the headboard or around the dressing table for a cute bedroom make over. Or get a beautiful chandelier as a statement piece and give your bedroom an expensive and extravagant look.

6. Simple and Elegant Bedroom Makeover Ideas

Combining textures is another simple but elegant way to make a change in the bedroom. Layer carpets in different textures for an interesting look. Add a canopy around your bed to give it a romantic bedroom vibe. A gorgeous throw at the foot of the bed will add a lovely pop of colour to a bedroom. Drape an exquisite silk saree to the back of your bedstead to add some drama and opulence.


7. Small Budget Room Makeover Ideas

A great small budget room makeover idea to give your bedroom a new look is to re-tile the floors. Tiles are a cheap option that can jazz up a room. Switch out old boring tiles for a smart monochromatic checked pattern that will look very trendy. Or go for a deep red floor with a pretty patterned edging for a very stylish small budget room makeover.


8. Inspirations for a Bedroom Makeover

A great way to infuse new life into an old room is by changing the window treatments. Changing the way that light comes into your room can make a definite impact on the feel of the room. Get beautiful damask or jacquard full-length curtains with a rich print to give the bedroom a very elegant and opulent feel.


9. Old Bedroom Makeover Tips

If you have a traditional bedroom, consider letting the original architectural details, like exposed brick walls or ceiling beams, shine through and highlight them. 

Simple & elegant bedroom makeover on budget - Beautiful Homes

Get rid of old furniture and keep only a few pieces. Complement it with neutral hued linen, new window treatments and rich pile carpets to give your old bedroom makeover an elegant and sophisticated look.


10. How to do a Small Bedroom Makeover?

Often a bedroom starts looking small and dingy because, over the years, we keep adding things to it. Get rid of what you don’t need and it will open up the space. Some great ideas for a small bedroom design are choosing neutral or soft pastel colour schemes for the walls and bedding to give the space a feeling of air and light.


11. A Minimalist Bedroom Room Makeover

This is one of the easiest styles to lean into for bedroom room makeover because the basic principle of minimalism is simplicity. Once you get rid of things you don’t need, you will discover a rather beautiful bedroom under the mess. Accentuate the elements that are left with carefully chosen colours, patterns and textures. Bring in only what is necessary and serves a purpose in the room, keep lines clean and minimal to make for a very peaceful and serene space.


12. A Modern Bedroom Makeover

Often homeowners want a change from traditional to modern while retaining traditional pieces of furniture. For a modern bedroom design, adorn an old bedstead with bedding in stunning modern designs for an eye-catching look. Modern prints on the walls, abstract wallpaper, eclectic carpets and funky upholstery are great ways to make a space look modern and chic.

Wall art for your bedroom makeover on budget - Beautiful Homes

13. Choose Clever Bedroom Makeover Items

A budget friendly way to make a bedroom feel like it has had an expensive makeover is by adding one single expensive statement piece that will become the focal point of the room. It can be a statement wall, a mural, an expensive piece of art, or a beautiful couch or settee that sets the tone for the rest of the room.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you in Creating a Budget Friendly Bedroom Makeover?

At Beautiful Homes, we want our interior design projects to tell your story while bringing design, personality and functionality to your space. We believe that you and your space need to be connected. We take care of each detail and work closely with our clients to make their space unique, full of memories and stories.


Whether it is a whole house makeover or a bedroom makeover on a budget, we make sure we understand the clients' needs and desires to give them clever solutions and innovative ideas. Our online store offers a curated collection of exquisite furniture, furnishings and accessories that can help transform your old and tired bedroom into an elegant and opulent space that is bursting with life.

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