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Ceiling POP designs for your luxury living room

  • Living Room Design
Feb 18, 2022
Flooring designs for your modern & elegant living room - Beautiful Homes

The elegant living room is a combination of modernity and tradition. It incorporates decoration with simple and clean lines that bring out the cozy atmosphere in your living room. Let’s look at some POP design ideas for..

The living room is like your personal introduction to anyone who visits your home. The design and colour of your living room can affect your guest's mood and how they will feel about your house. If you want to make a good impression while making sure it’s comfortable too, you can explore some of the design ideas we’ll be sharing with you here today.


The elegant living room is a combination of modernity and tradition. It incorporates decoration with simple and clean lines that bring out the cozy atmosphere in your living room. If you want something more extravagant for your living room, then consider using POP design for your elegant living room. 

What is PoP Design?


PoP or Plaster of Paris is a white powder made by heating gypsum to a high temperature until it is completely dehydrated and becomes a fine powder. When mixed with water, it forms a paste that can be moulded into various shapes. Valued for its versatility, ease of use and ability to capture fine details, it is used for creating decorative plasterwork on walls and ceilings.

Pop Ceiling Design with Lighting

Luxury living rooms are all about going the extra mile to make your POP design for hall décor stand out, and lighting is the perfect tool to enhance it. No matter how beautiful the home décor, lighting is a crucial element of interior design. Many interior designers recommend this design due to its uniqueness and stunning looks. The effect of a backlight ceiling is calling out to be in the limelight of the POP ceiling design for hall. 

Modern simple pop ceiling design for hall with lighting – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD Architects

Symmetrical ceiling pop design for small hall with lights – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Mateo Fernandez/ unsplash

POP Design for Hall with False Ceiling Design with Symmetry

The false ceiling is an essential element in the decoration of houses because it helps to enhance the beauty of interior spaces. POP False Ceiling Designs are popular these days. It is a go-to option to make your home look beautiful and elegant.


Nothing can match the luxury exuded when your living room interior is symmetrical. A few black-and-white stripes on your living room ceiling is all you need to achieve this effect. It is one of the latest trends of POP false ceiling designs for elegant living room.


You can raise the bar in your living room by installing strips of LED lighting on every POP panel. Complement it with monochrome décor and a layout that demonstrates symmetry to the modern plus minus POP design for hall like never before.

Wooden Panel POP Design for Living Room

POP and wooden panel designs for the living room have become fashionable. This type of design provides luxurious and elegant living spaces. Although it is more expensive than other options, it gives a depth to the walls that are not achievable with paint or wallpaper.


wooden ceiling design for your living room is a perfect choice if you like the touch of nature and have a very modern simple POP design hall style. It is a classic design that will always be in vogue. The panels are available in different colours to match them with any decoration. The natural colours are always trendy, and in addition to this, you can add several decorations to the panels or paint them in different hues, depending on the style you want for your home.

Wooden panel ceiling design to enhance  your living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Marko Poplasen/

Ceiling designs for your elegant living room interiors - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD Architects

POP Wall Design with Recessed Ceiling

Are you looking for an out-of-the-box luxury design? If you’re looking for a space design that offers a sophisticated touch without appearing fancy, having the recessed ceiling style for the POP design for living room might just do the trick.


These recessed POPs for living rooms bring a sophisticated and sleek look to any interior. You can add a luxuriously elegant design for the living room with the retro-style glass light chandelier to LED pendant lights, vintage-style pendant lights and even hanging globe lights. In addition to that, let printed couches enhance the design of your living room.

Tray Ceiling POP Design for Living Room

A true symbol of exclusivity, Tray Ceilings make a statement better than any other types of POP ceiling designs. The tray ceiling is a majestic, impressive design form that lends an aura of luxury to the room. It is an alternative to traditional ceiling designs.


The tray ceiling, with repeated panels arranged in a rectangular pattern, not only creates a handsome design but is also a very flexible option for interior decoration. Install an additional layer of plasterboard or underlay over the existing ceiling to achieve a luxury look. A subtle light from above adds elegance and class to the room. You can add a lone chandelier that illuminates the POP ceiling, giving it a distant and romantic feel.

Tray ceiling pop design for your elegant living room – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple Backyard, Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Simple ceiling pop design for your elegant living room design – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek/

Plus-Minus POP Design for the Living Room

POP plus-minus designs are a popular choice among interior designers as it is a versatile style. Modern POP plus-minus designs are attractive and even improve the acoustics of a space.


It doubles as artworks help hide structural flaws and jutting wires, improving the acoustic properties of the living room. These modern POP ceilings are ornate and appealing; their popularity is skyrocketing.

Tips for Colour Combinations of your Simple POP Design for Living Room

Add panache to your home with the help of our round-up of POP design for hall with new colour combinations for a clever way to jazz up your living room's look and feel.

  • Try colour combinations like purple, orange, green or red if you want to make your living room stand out while still looking elegant and luxurious.
  • Pale shades of white and mustard yellow are excellent at creating an atmosphere of coziness in your home.
  • White, ivory and cream are the perfect colours for a living room having white walls and neutral interiors. Even a turquoise is an option.
  • If your interiors are pure white, you can use light green or browns in shades.
  • Colour combinations that feature red, orange and green evoke the feeling of luxury and elegance.

You can also create a colourful celebration of colour can be as easy as combining one or two colours for an instant POP.


PoP Ceiling vs Gypsum False Ceiling

POP (Plaster of Paris) Ceiling and Gypsum False Ceiling are two popular options for creating beautiful and functional ceilings. While POP Ceiling is a traditional and cheaper method of creating decorative ceilings through a paste-like substance that can be moulded into various shapes and designs, Gypsum False Ceiling is a modern method of creating ceilings using gypsum boards that can be easily cut and shaped in intricate designs. While there is no verdict on one being better than the other, both have their pros and cons depending on specific needs and preferences. Whether you opt for a PoP or gypsum false ceiling, they are both an undeniably useful element of modern interior design.


Here are Some Additional Tips to Make your Living Room Stand Out:

It is a good idea to add some mirrors to your living room. The mirrors will reflect the natural light that will create an elegant atmosphere in your home.


Another important aspect of this living room style is lightning. There are many ways to do that, but if you want to achieve a luxurious look,  use large hanging lamps made of precious materials such as gold or silver.

Your living room is the most celebrated room in your house. To make it the best it can be, you need to choose right. So do you prefer intricate ceiling designs or modern, chic patterns? Whether you choose the former or the latter, you can customize a POP ceiling to add both simplicity and extravagance to your living room. The best part is that it simply helps you bring a perfect balance of simplicity and elegance to your living room.

Adding a touch of class to your home can be as simple as opting for luxury rather than excessive decoration. A subtle design is often the most elegant and the best POP design for hall. For a luxurious look, you can choose from a range of different patterns. Choose a simple and traditional POP ceiling, or go for a modern simple POP design ceiling as per your choice. Whatever style you want, it is easy to incorporate a POP ceiling for your living room.

With our experts at Beautiful Homes Services, sit back and relax while your dream living room is designed from scratch. You can even explore the shop section for exclusive design pieces. How would you like to use the POP design trend in your living room?


FAQs for POP Design for Hall: 

  1. What is design POP?

    A POP design makes use of Plaster of Paris to create a false ceiling with unique designs in your homes. A POP false ceiling design is paired with a chandelier and ceiling lights to create an elegant look in your room. 

  3. Is POP good for bedroom?

    Yes, a POP is an excellent choice to create unique architectural designs for your bedroom ceiling and walls. A false ceiling or accent wall created from POP will be durable and will hold the texture and look for longer periods. 

  5. Which POP is best for home?

    A false ceiling design made from POP gypsum is the best for your home. POP gypsum designs will be durable and heat resistant which makes them a preferred choice of material. 

  7. What is POP roof design?

    A POP roof design uses Plaster of Paris as the main material to create a false ceiling design for the roof. POP roof designs give the room an aesthetic appeal while also incorporating ceiling lights with them.


With our experts at Beautiful Homes Services, sit back and relax while your dream living room is designed from scratch. You can even explore the shop section for exclusive design pieces. How would you like to use the POP design for hall trends in your living room?

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