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Turn your balconies and terraces into chic spaces with these design tips

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Jan 20, 2022
Flooring Designs for giving a new look to your Home Terrace - Beautiful Homes

If you are looking for balcony or terrace design inspiration, here are a list of tips you can use to transform your outdoor spaces

The last two years have really shown us how the spaces we inhabit, vour homes, play a significant role on our wellbeing. Having to spend majority of our time indoors meant we had to revamp these spaces to play different roles – a space to work, learn, unwind, cook, entertain and be entertained. While the initial focus was to create functioning and aesthetic work from home spaces, it soon turned to creating areas where we can relax or entertain. Small family gathering and celebrations soon came home.


This is where we looked to our most-often little-thought-of outdoor spaces. We realised how important our balconies, terraces or rooftops could be, especially in urban dwellings. The question was of how to craft the perfect balcony or terrace design. We bring you a variety of balcony and simple terrace decoration tips that can work for different space. Take inspiration and choose from our list of design tips to transform your outdoor spaces. 

Design for a Terrace Garden

Regardless of the size, one of the easiest and most fundamental ways to revamp your design for terraces or balconies is with plants. There are a lot of choices when approaching a balcony or design for terrace garden decoration – from floor planters and planter stands to hanging pots, terrace railing planters and wall-mounted beauties.When choosing planters, try working with a similar theme for all, for instance terracotta clay pots of different shapes and sizes. UV treated plastic pots work well but we are particularly partial to ceramic, concrete and clay pots that add a charming rusticity to the décor.

Terrace Garden ideas to level up your Terrace - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Décor Ideas for your Beautiful Terrace - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Collov home design/ unsplash

Another wonderful design for a terrace garden is to use planter stands or shelves; they are a great way to add different heights to the setting. If space permits, add elements like planter boxes with pebble walkways or beds. Small water features elevate the terrace garden décor with another sensory layer (these are also great placed next to those plants that love humidity). If you are considering growing real grass on the rooftop or terrace, make sure it can bear the load and ensure there is proper drainage in place. Otherwise, consider artificial grass as an easier alternative. Check out more balcony garden ideas and tips here.

Tip: When choosing plants, keep in mind the conditions the plant thrives in and whether your balcony or terrace can provide that. Make sure to also choose non-toxic plants in case you have curious pets.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas For Your Terrace Decorations

The key factor to keep in mind when it comes to terrace or balcony lighting is to use soft or diffused warm light. Lighting plays an important role in setting the mood for your soirees or even a quiet time relaxing. You want to find that sweet spot of enough light for easy viewing in the dark but not so strong that it upsets the mood. Arrange stacks of pillar candles in glass hurricanes or pretty lanterns placed on the floor; try adding different heights and in bunches of three for a cosy setting.

House Plants work great for Home Terrace and Rooftops - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, fashioninmysoul/

Lighting Ideas to light up your Home Terrace and Rooftops - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Add pretty string lights wrapped along the terrace railings design or even positioned as a light canopy over the seating area. Larger spaces can easily incorporate portable, bio-ethanol tabletop fireplaces or even portable firepits. These add to the ambience and are perfect for the colder months. Other outdoor lighting options to look into are solar-powered lights for the outdoors, garden torches for the terrace railings design or even illuminated planters with inbuilt LED lighting.


Style tip: Try concealing bulbs or LED strip lights in nooks or alcoves and make use of cove lighting where possible – you won’t get the direct glare from the light, rather the space is lit up by the light bouncing off walls. 

Design for Terrace Flooring

Natural stone, concrete, porcelain or ceramic tiles, gravel, artificial turf and a variety of decking made from materials like wood or polypropylene plastic are all great options for balcony, rooftop or terrace flooring. Materials like natural stone and concrete are non-slippery. Natural stone like sandstone, slate, Cuddapah, and Kota tiles have colour and texture variations. The add visual and tactile texture to the terrace decoration. However, these materials are porous and are susceptible to staining so make sure you get them sealed properly after installation.


If choosing porcelain or ceramic tiles, go in for low porosity options that can withstand the outdoor elements.

Flooring Designs for giving a new look to your Home Terrace - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Intricately patterned cement tiles are a great way to visual interest to the space. Wood panels or decking have to be treated properly to make them water, fade and mold resistant. Terrazzo flooring is another great option because it is very durable and perfect for the outdoor areas. However, it doesn’t retain heat so it could be uncomfortable during cold winters.


Style tip: Take inspiration from this terrace interior design and pair different flooring materials in one space.

Wooden Furniture to make your Terrace stylish - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Maria orlova/ unsplash

Balcony Terrace Design for a Dining Spot, Outdoor Furniture and Terrace Seating

More often than not, your outdoor area will have a smaller seating section than your living room. With larger rooftop or terrace interior design, you can go in for bigger furniture but if your space is smaller, your furniture needs to be both visually and physically lighter. The idea is to turn it into a wonderful open-air lounge – so opt for slimer yet comfortable chairs and benches with cushions and add small surfaces like side tables to put your plates and glasses down. You can also create built-in seating around the periphery of a smaller terrace or balcony terrace design.

If you like to use the area for your morning coffee or outdoor dining, look at crafting a cosy dining space with a compact outdoor table and two chairs.

Outdoor furniture comes in a variety of materials and is built to withstand direct sun and rain. Aged teak is a great option in wooden furniture because it is fairly weather-resistant and highly durable. Make sure your wood furniture has a good coating of sealant or varnishing. Metals like wrought iron, steel and aluminium are also popular options for balcony furniture. Unlike wrought iron, aluminium and steel are resistant to rust but they are also a lot lighter. Concrete furniture is also gaining a lot of popularity though these elements are usually built-in and fixed. Strong and durable, concrete is also porous and susceptible to staining. Make sure to use a good quality concrete sealant to protect the structures. Finally, synthetic materials, like plastics and synthetic resin wicker, are low-maintenance, light weight and has extremely durable all-weather properties.


Style tip: While lighting and seating are two key elements of a well-designed terrace or balcony, a quick makeover can be accomplished with a little bit of paint. Outdoor paints come in a variety of colours, finishes and textures as well as protect the exterior façade against the elements. Check out our guide to exterior paints here.

Dining Tables for every small gathering you want to host on your Terrace - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTA Designs

Chairs for a good read you want while enjoying the weather on your Terrace - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Balcony Terrace Design for a Party or Entertaining 

If you have enough outdoor space, you would probably like to use the space for entertaining. Whether you like to hold small home parties or intimate family gatherings, there are a few features you could add to up your balcony or terrace design. For rooftops or large terraces, a weather-resistant canvas canopy above the seating area is great terrace balcony idea to add to the ambience. It will also provide shade for day sessions. You could also go in for wood or metal pergolas or gazeboes which elevate the terrace interior design. Adding a cooking area is another good terrace decoration tip. 

Consider a small, portable barbeque or grill, making sure the area you place it is well ventilated. You could also place a projector and screen for watching movies outdoors. 


Consider adding a built-in or even small, movable bar unit for easy access to beverages. If plumbing and space permits, a bar sink could be a great addition to you bar area as well.


Tip: Pick one or two elements that can comfortably fit in to your terrace interior design while leaving plenty of room to move around and circulate. It’s not relaxing to spend time in a cramped balcony, terrace or rooftop.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design your Home Terrace or Rooftop?

These few ideas can help you decide how you would like your outdoor spaces to look. A consultation with the design experts at Beautiful Homes Service can completely elevate your terrace interior design and balcony décor. Keeping in mind your design desires, the space and the layout, you can get an exceptionally designed terrace, rooftop or balcony that is perfect for you. You can also choose from a wide range of outdoor furniture and furnishing from the Beautiful Homes Shop to suit your tastes and needs.

Terrace Design ideas to transfer your Terrace into brand new one - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

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