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Dec 04, 2022
Home styling design for bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Here is a quick guide to help you find a design style that feels right for you— ultimately changing your experience of your home

Interior design has the power to change and influence the way people feel. This is the reason why we wish to create home interiors that make us feel warm, welcomed, and happy or help us relax and are soothing. Although often, we may have all these ideas about what we want our homes to feel and look like, the execution may leave us confused, exasperated, and at our wit's end.


What can help in this situation is knowing which interior design styles reflect your personal tastes. You may find that one particular style has all you want, or what you like might be a product of a couple of different home décor styles. The question remains, how can you figure out which style is perfect for you? We've listed a few tips that will help you find your interior design style.


Tips to Find Design Style for your Home

Here are our top seven tips to help you find yours from different types of interior design styles and be confident in the choices that you make.


1. Take Cues from your Closet

The fashion choices you make will help you narrow down the visual elements you gravitate towards—for example, colour, patterns, textures and textiles. If you prefer floral print, you may like upholstery, bedding, draperies or accent walls with floral motifs. If you tend to go for neutral tones and natural fabrics, Scandinavian or mid-century modern home décor styles may be for you.

2. Create a Style Vignette

Interior design principles are the foundation upon which various interior design styles are built. Over the years you've probably collected many pieces of décor that represent you, or feel right in your home. Gather these and observe if there's a story or a consistent aesthetic there. When you (re)decorate your home, try to capture and recreate the feeling. And if it feels non-cohesive, then maybe your décor styles lean more towards eclecticism.

Different design styles for your home - Beautiful Homes
Home interior styling for your living room - Beautiful Homes

3. Gather Design Inspiration

Anything can be a source of inspiration, not just your closet. Movies, shows, artwork, places you travel, restaurants and hotels you visit— the lighting, the vibe, the colours, the shapes and other details can all spark inspiration for your home styling. Browse through magazines, blogs, pinterest and instagram and create a moodboard to narrow down your taste.

4. Create a Visual Reminder of the Design Styles you Love

A compilation or moodboard of all the things that you like is a great fallback. Everytime you get confused or think you're straying, you can always go back to your vision. You could get old-school about it and create a physical mood board and put it somewhere you can see it regularly. Or make a virtual one that you can refer to everytime you're making a decision about your home design or décor. Make sure to cover all the different interior styling elements such as shapes, light, colour, pattern, etc.

Living room design styles for home - Beautiful Homes
Home interior design styles to choose from - Beautiful Homes

5. Study Both What you have and What you Want and Match it up with a Style

Once you've taken a stock of what you already have that you want to keep, use your mood board to compile a list of everything you want. Once you have that in place, try comparing it to various interior design styles. It may be the case that you resonate with more than one design styles in interior design. You could then create home interiors that are a mix of these styles. For a cohesive look, you could start with fixing a colour palette, repeating patterns, etc.

6. It's Okay to Change your Mind

Experimenting is a large part of nailing down your design styles in interior design. If you like something, give it a try whether it fits in perfectly with your mood board or not. Additionally, your personal style is bound to change as you evolve as a person. So do not treat it as a black and white issue, rather feel free to let go of what doesn't feel right and try something new.


7. Express your Decorating Style with Confidence

Your home is a personal space and just as your fashion may be, an extension of your personality. The more comfortable you get with experimenting and changing things up, the more confident you will become with your creative choices for your home.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with the Perfect Design Styles for your Home?

Are you trying to find your design style for your home or perfect it? Head on over to the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website and browse through our expertly curated Magazine. We've got it all, from breakdown of various styles to home interior design and décor tips. Or avail of our end-to-end interior design services to create your dream home with our team of experienced professionals. Our services include wall treatments, furniture, lighting, décor and more. Book your 3D consultation or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

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