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Apr 22, 2022
Turquoise wall paint colour with matte finish - Beautiful Homes

One of the best ways to give your home a new look is with a fresh coat of paint. Your choice of paint and finish is as important as the colour, and here we take a look at the different kinds of paints and finishes that are available

Importance of Painting for your Home

There is nothing that rejuvenates and brightens a home more than a fresh coat of paint. Painting your walls not only gives it a makeover but is also necessary for general maintenance. Over time, hand marks, grease and dust, splashes and spills will build up on home interior colour walls, paint starts to flake, and dampness will cause stains and bubbles. For a while, cleaning and wiping down your walls should suffice, but to ensure that your home always looks great, a complete paint job once in every five years is necessary.


When choosing home interior colour paint for your walls, the type of paint you choose is just as important as the home colour combination, and can have a major effect on the character of your room, the quality of your paint job, and the vibe you want to achieve. Your choice of paint will have to take into consideration certain factors, for instance, what the room is used for, the amount of traffic it will see, how much light it gets and the size and layout of the room.


Which Home Paint Colours are Best for your Walls?

Paint is made of a mixture of pigments, resins, solvents, and additives. They are of two types - water-based or solvent-based. The majority of wall paint sold today is water-based, mainly because of its ease of use. Another factor to consider when selecting paint is the paint sheen which refers to how shiny the dried paint surface becomes when dry.


Choosing the right paint and sheen is important as it affects the way a room looks and feels. Here we take a look at the most popular types of home paint and finishes, what they offer and how to use them effectively.

Distemper Paint for Wall

Distemper paint has been in use in our country for decades and is still one of the most cost-effective choices when it comes to home painting. It is an easy-to-use type of wall paint as it can be directly applied to a cemented surface without a primer. They are a cheaper choice and they last for up to five years if maintained well. They are quite resistant to constant sunlight and do not crack or flake easily.


Where to Use

Distemper is good for both interior and exterior wall colour combinations and usually needs two coatings. It provides a good, smooth matte finish and dries very fast. This durable and easy to wash paint protects the wall and hides any imperfections quite well.

Distemper interior wall paints for your home - Beautiful Homes

Emulsion Paint for Wall

Emulsion paint is a water-based paint that is infused with acrylic or vinyl resins making the paint more durable against wear and tear. They are water and chemical resistant and the thickness of the paint makes it easy to apply and provides a smooth finish. Their resistance to water helps them protect the walls and makes them easy to clean.


Where to Use

Emulsion paint can be applied to both interior as well as exterior walls. Their resistance to stains makes them great for use in kitchens and bathrooms. They can be applied on most surfaces including wood panelling and papered walls.


Lustre Designer Wall Paint

Lustre is a solvent-based interior wall paint and is called so because of the lustrous sheen that it provides when rolled on the walls. As it is solvent-based, it develops a hard, tough film when it dries making it highly durable. It provides protection to the wall and as it is water repellent, can be washed down or wiped down very easily. Lustre painted walls are very easy to maintain and have high resistance to moisture, fungus and mould.


Where to Use

Lustre paint is more expensive than distemper and emulsion and you may want to use it sparingly. They make a room look classy and elegant and are perfect for rooms that are used for entertaining. Since they are very resistant to stains, you won’t have to worry about guests leaving dirty finger marks on your beautiful walls.

Textured wall paint colours for your home walls - Beautiful Homes

Texture Designer Wall Paint

Texture paints are water-based paints that have become very popular in homes as they are stylish and add a unique touch to the walls. These type of wall paints are usually applied using rollers, putty knives, trowels and brushes, to create interesting and beautiful textures on walls creating a 3D effect. Texture paint can withstand any climatic conditions, and is resistant to mould. Being a thick paint, it is much more durable and easier to maintain.

Where to Use

Texture paints are great for statement walls that stand out. Usually, people prefer a hall colour combination with one textured wall, leaving the other three walls in a colour that complements or highlights the textured wall.

Enamel Paint for Wall

Enamel paint is a solvent-based paint that is tough and durable. It is the perfect choice for spaces that have to deal with a lot of wear and tear. It has a hard, glossy finish that can take even rough, constant cleaning and still look good.  Surfaces painted with enamel paints are easy to clean, stain, and damage-resistant due to their rich and high gloss finish.


Where to Use

They can be painted on to almost any kind of surface. Their high resistance to heat and moisture and steam make them a perfect wall colour for kitchens and bathrooms that are exposed to high humidity and temperatures. They are also ideal for exterior walls, balcony doors, garage doors and gates as they can take any kind of beating from natural elements.



Finishes for Room Colour Paint

When selecting paint for your walls, you need to consider the different finishes and how they can be used effectively to enhance your décor.

Matte Paint Finish for Room Colour

Matte has an opaque, smooth, non-reflective finish. It gives a velvety texture to the walls and offers a depth of colour. Matte finishes are great for toning down colours and make great statement walls.


Where to Use

Matte is the best colour for room statement walls and can provide a sober, chic and warm look. It is also a good choice for ceilings.


Eggshell Paint Finish for Wall Paint Colour

This paint finish, halfway between matte and satin, has many advantages. It is velvety, catches the light very slightly and offers a silky, powdery finish. In other words, it is the ideal compromise between an easy-to-apply paint that hides flaws and a washable paint. It has more sheen than matte and is more durable.


Where to Use

It is one of the most popular choices for the interior walls of most living areas as it looks good and is easy to maintain.

Matte finish wall paint for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes
Brown & White colour combination for your wall paint - Beautiful Homes

Satin Paint Finish for Wall Colour

The most popular finish for most walls, this finish makes for very elegant walls. Since it contains a larger amount of resins, it is more durable than both matte and eggshell. It is a half-step up in glossiness but is close enough to eggshell in properties that most often they can be interchanged.


Where to use

Satin can be used instead of eggshell on any interior walls of the house for a slightly shiny and beautiful look.

Semi-gloss and Gloss Paint for Wall Colour

This highly reflective paint is usually solvent-based and is used in high maintenance areas of the home. It is resistant to stains and scratches and can be washed easily but it doesn’t hide imperfections well.


Where to Use

They are good for spaces like kitchens, bathrooms, utility areas and exteriors that need protection and ease of maintenance. As they are highly reflective, they are sometimes used to highlight woodwork and cupboard doors.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with the Best Paint for your House Design?

At Beautiful Homes, our motto has always been one of service and integrity. We strive to offer practical solutions that are not only visually pleasing and meet the needs of our clients, but stay within their budget. Our team has experienced designers and craftsmen who partner with our suppliers to create innovative designs. Our staff is knowledgeable, detailed and energetic, and most importantly, fun to work with and will overcome any challenge to execute the project of your dreams.


Beautiful Homes has an online store and tools that allow consumers to visualise, design, decorate and furnish their homes all in one place. Our design team can assist you with everything from the best colour for room to window treatments, home furnishings and accessories. We will help you select the perfect paint for your walls that will match the style and highlight the décor of your home, helping create a space that matches your vibe.

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