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Choosing the right front elevation design for your house

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Oct 13, 2022
House front elevation design for a contemporary home - Beautiful Homes

Home front elevation is the starting point for any home design and needs to be planned right. Here are some tips on choosing the perfect front elevation design for your home

House design, whether it is a completely new building or a renovation of an existing structure is a huge investment and needs to be planned properly. Some of the important components of house design include architectural drawings, house elevation plans, layouts and materials.


What is a House Elevation Design?

House elevation is the representation of a home's design as a two-dimensional picture and is an essential starting point for home designs.



Significance of House Elevation Design

Front elevation design is crucial as it incorporates all the design elements so that all the participants, from owner to builder to architect, have the same blueprint. This can go a long way in preventing any miscommunication or design flaws.



Types of Home Front Elevation Design

There are four types of building elevations:

1. Front Elevation

The front elevation is the façade of the structure. Front elevation of house designs will factor in the direction of the house, for instance, a west facing house elevation single floor should incorporate more windows as it gets the warmth and glow of the evening sun.

2. Side Elevation of House

Side elevation of house shows the side plan of any building structure. Side elevations are important, whether it is a north facing house elevation double floor, or an east facing house elevation double floor, as it helps visualize how the different sides of the building rise up.


3. Rear Elevation

This is a sectional drawing of the rear elevation or back of the house, usually facing the garden. It is the elevation opposite the front elevation. Side elevations link the front and rear elevation.

House front elevation design with a stone wall elevation design - Beautiful Homes
Split home elevation design idea for a simple home design - Beautiful Homes

4. Split Elevation

Split elevation gives a view of the home’s interior as if an imaginary line has split the home in two. It makes details like height, floor thickness, wall thickness and the rise of staircase clearer.

Best Materials for Home Front Elevation Design

Normal house front elevation designs should be visually appealing, protective, durable and easy to care for. Here we take a look at the different materials used in normal house front elevation designs.


1. Front Elevation Colour - Wall Paint

Front elevation colour is the easiest and least expensive way to make a statement. Front elevation colour can be acrylic, latex and oil-based. House elevation colour come in myriad colours and beautiful finishes like matte, gloss, satin and semi-gloss, to name a few.


2. Textured Plaster for House Elevation Design

You can raise visual interest in your single floor elevation with textured walls. The exterior façade of a single floor elevation can be transformed from boring surfaces to pitted, peaked, and visually appealing objects of interest with textured walls.

3. Concrete for House Front Elevation

Concrete has been traditionally used in construction as a decorative front for single floor elevation with its different textures and shades of house elevation colour. Its low cost, durability and ease of use has made it the most common material for Indian homes.


4. Simple Elevation Design with Brick

Brick architecture can be used to create a beautiful ground floor elevation with the right craftsmanship. It also offers a great way to incorporate active sustainability into a ground floor elevation design.

Concrete house front elevation design for a luxury modern home exterior - Beautiful Homes

5. Wood for Traditional House Elevation

One of the oldest and best elevation design materials is wood which has always been a popular choice in traditional ground floor elevation. It is durable and an extremely welcoming option for front elevation designs.


6. Stone House Front Elevation Designs

Stone for wall elevation design comes in different colours and textures that adds an elegant and distinctive touch to walls. Stone also provides excellent thermal insulation and protection against humidity.


7. Metal for Front Elevation Design

Metal façades in home front elevation design, especially in contemporary homes, is becoming very popular as one of the best elevation design materials as it is durable, easy to install and gives an interesting and edgy look.



Choosing the Right Front Elevation Design for your House

Your front elevation design should be an extension of your personality. Here are inspiring house front elevation designs to browse through and make your own.


1. Modern Front Elevation Designs for Small Houses

Modern front elevation designs for small houses are simple and balanced and incorporate eco-friendly ideas and modern technology that make life easier. Single floor normal house front elevation designs use harmonious colours, sustainable materials, an abundance of natural light in an uncluttered style. It is all about creating an elegant and minimalist space that simplifies and balances life.


2. Traditional House Elevation - Kerala Style

A traditional style of normal house front elevation designs, it incorporates gorgeous elements, like intricately carved wooden columns for structural support and beautiful red roof tiles that keep the house cool. These simple house front elevation designs for single floor are a particularly good choice in coastal areas that receive a lot of rain as the sloping roofs allow water to drain easily.


3. Colonial Double Floor Normal House Front Elevation Designs

A colonial style elevation of house is a more symmetrical style with a squarish façade. These double floor normal house front elevation designs usually have a number of columns and large terraces. The classical bungalow style possesses an old-world charm with white brick and stone walls, and wooden shutters, doors and trims in bolder colours.

European style house front elevation design for the home's exterior - Beautiful Homes

4. European Front Elevation Designs for Small Houses

With its high, sloping wooden roofs and brick or stone walls, European house front elevation designs are popular front elevation designs for small houses and cottage designs. European house front elevation typically has smaller rooms and less open spaces for more insulation but they can be tweaked to fit any aesthetic.

5. Simple Elevation Design for Hot Climates

In a country like India, with its hot climate, east face elevation should be designed keeping local climate in mind. Single floor normal house front elevation designs with plenty of ventilation and in light colours that reflect sunlight are popular in east face elevation as it makes for cool interiors.


6. Rustic Style Low Cost Normal House Front Elevation Designs

Simple elevation design with exposed brick walls and sloping tiled roofs that offer a rustic rural feel are popular low cost normal house front elevation designs. They usually have shaded verandahs in the front or running around the small house elevation that offer a lovely ethnic vibe.

7. Contemporary House Elevation

Contemporary house elevation incorporates different styles resulting in a unique and customized front elevation. This elevation of house takes a bit of planning and a good designer, as the contemporary house elevation features should appear harmonious and not forced.


8. Chettinad Style House Front Elevation Designs

This simple house front elevation designs for single floor are an amalgamation of traditional Indian architecture and a touch of European influence. Chettinad wall elevation design use elaborate architecture, abundance of natural light and ventilation, sustainable materials and plenty of colour and culture.

White contemporary house elevation design idea - Beautiful Homes


5 Essential Facts for your House’s Front Elevation Designing

1. Focus on Structural Point for House Front Elevation Designs

Structural components, like columns, are the primary load bearing components of a building and positioned properly, not only offer structural support but can be incorporated as aesthetically pleasing additions to a home façade.

Double floor house front elevation design - Beautiful Homes

2. Natural Light For House Front Elevation

Elevation designs should factor in the different ways that natural light can be brought into a building especially for north facing house elevation double floor or an east facing house elevation double floor. This can be done with clever use of skylights, large glass windows, and open terraces.


3. Eco-Friendly Features for Home Front Elevation Design

Green buildings are very popular, and incorporating features, like solar panels, sustainable materials and gadgets that can help reduce carbon footprint, not only provide health benefits but can also be energy saving.

4. Size of Doors and Windows for House Front Elevation

These days, buildings are designed to let in as much natural light and air into small house elevation and designing your windows and doors to maximise these benefits can make your home more sustainable, especially in west facing house elevation single floor.


5. Include your Personal Style in Front Elevation Design

When designing your home elevation, ensure that you put forth all your requirements and incorporate your personal style. Choose a design and a style that resonates with you. 


How can Beautiful Homes Help you Design Perfect Elevation Design for your Home?

At Beautiful Homes, we offer homeowners 3D visualizations of their front home elevation so that they can see what it will look like when finished. Visit our online store for the perfect design elements to complete your dream home. We offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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