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Classical design inspiration for your home

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Oct 10, 2022
Mouldings for your classical house design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Turn your home into a luxurious space with this quick inspiration guide on classical interior design

What is Classic Interior Design?

With Renaissance and the Neoclassical eras came the revival of the "golden age" of Europe, i.e. the Greek and the Roman periods. Classicism aims to emulate the principles of art, architecture and aesthetics of antiquity to create grand and luxury classic house designs. Symmetry, proportions, balance and intricacies are the features that immediately stand out in this house's interior design style.


Main Elements of Classic Interior Design

1. Classical Colours

Earthy hues and neutrals dominate this style. The point is to create calm interiors with certain aspects inspired by nature. Whites, taupes, beige, terracotta, mustard and deep greens are a few colours you see frequently. These colours work well for both luxury classic house design and simple classic house design. Additionally, lighter and muted tones make a space feel brighter and airier and are, therefore, great options for small classic house designs.


2. Mouldings in Classic House Design

Ornamentation is part of the house design. Trimmings and mouldings adorn ceilings, walls, door and window frames, etc. They can be as detailed as you like. Part of the charm of a classic room design is aspects, such as mouldings which showcase attention to detail. 

3. Classical and Traditional Flooring

In terms of materials used for flooring, wood, marble, and slate are the primary options for classic room design. They blend well into classic home design's overall "natural" aesthetic. For a classic house design in India, we suggest you pick marble for its excellent temperature regulation properties.

Flooring ideas for your classical house design - Beautiful Homes
Door & windows for your classical home interior design - Beautiful Homes

4. Doors and Windows in Classic Home Design

Windows and entryways too are decorated in this style. Therefore, you often see ones with moulded frames, ornate handles, and arch shapes.


Key Features to Consider for Classic Style Interior Design

1. Symmetrical Features

A large part of designing balanced interiors in classic design is prioritising symmetry. One way to do it is by mirroring the décor on either side of a room. Repetitive elements such as shape, colour and pattern also help. 

2. Focal point

A clear focal point helps define the space and build a narrative. For example, in a classic living room design, it could be a fireplace or a media unit. Build the rest of the interiors surrounding the focal point. The layout can be such that it faces the focal point. In cases where a wall or an artwork is the statement element, you can use it as a backdrop to your layout.


3. Furniture

The key elements of the regal-esque furniture are rounded legs and armrests, detailed carvings, luxurious upholstery and rich wood. If you prefer the modern classic interior design, instead of the ornamented designs for furniture, opt for sleeker ones but with traditional materials.

Focal point ideas for your classical home design - Beautiful Homes
Fabrics & furniture for your classical home interiors - Beautiful Homes

4. Fabric

While patterns don't feature as much in classical styles, the texture is a great way to add visual interest. Plush fabrics enhance the aesthetic's luxuriousness. Materials such as velvet, silk and muslin are mainstays. These fabrics are used not just for upholstery but also for draperies, bedding, etc.

Modern Classic House Design

Like other styles, the classical has also morphed to fit more modern sensibilities. Here are a few ways to modernise classical interiors without losing the charms and the quirks.

  • Opt for furniture in classic materials but with a more streamlined design with minimal to no adornments.
  • Stick to the colour palette but use earthy tones to colour block in modern classic interior design.
  • Incorporate clean lines and geometric shapes through entryways, lighting fixtures, and other accessories for a simple classic house design.
  • You can change up one of the elements while keeping the rest true to the traditional style for modern classic interior design. For example, opt for more rustic materials while maintaining symmetry and creating a focal point in the room.
  • Create juxtaposition in modern classic house design with traditional mid-century modern furniture, elaborate ceilings, and doorframes.



Ideas for the Accessories to be Used in Classic Design

  • Paintings in realism style are great ways to add finishing touches to classic house design.
  • Exquisite lighting fixtures such as crystal chandeliers, candelabras and table lamps will help create a focal point. These work particularly well in luxury classic house design.
  • Bronze and marble sculptures and figurines are sure to fit into your classic home décor.
  • Decorate the ceiling with murals, stucco friezes and so on.
  • Opt for hardware with metallic finishes for charming classic home décor.
  • Plush draperies and textiles are your best friend. Heavy silk curtains, handmade rugs, self patterned damask upholstery, are some popular choices. The best part is that you can use them in both large and small classic house designs.



Classic House Design by Room

1. Classic Bedroom Design

Ornate wood furniture, elaborate wallpaper, plush textiles and muted lighting are key to classic bedroom design. Ensure that your design includes an imposing bed, dressers, wardrobes, nightstands, lamps and some additional seating.


Classic bedroom interior design ideas - Beautiful Homes
Classic bathroom design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

2. Classic Bathroom Designs

Pick lighter colour schemes and luxurious materials for classic bathroom designs. Marble floorings, walls with mouldings, gilded frames for mirrors, and metal lighting fixtures are essentials.

3. Classic Living Room Design

The living room is the perfect opportunity to explore the splendour of classic home design. Start with creating a focal point such as an in-built library, a marble fireplace, a statement wall, etc. A crystal chandelier will be a stunning addition if you have a spacious living room. Opt for pendant lights or a combination of floor lamps and sconces in smaller rooms. Pepper the room with metallic accents, preferably gold. Use a plush, handcrafted area rug as an anchor.


4. Classic Design for Kitchen

Cabinets, chimneys, hidden appliances and intricate furniture make stunning, classically designed kitchens. Keep the lighting soft and the colours on the neutral side for a luxury classic house design.

Classic living room interior design for your home - Beautiful Homes

Classic Home Design Exterior

Classic home design exteriors are just as embellished as the interiors. Here are a few typical elements that lend this style its grandeur:

  • All openings in the facade of a classical house design are framed with winding and floral patterns.
  • Columns such as Ionic, Doric and Corinthian form the central feature in classical exteriors.
  • Symmetry and balance are maintained through various elements. For example, evenly spaced windows, horizontal transoms, use of columns, etc.



Pros and Cons of Classic Style Interior Design


Pros Of Classic Home Interior

Cons Of Classic Home Interior

It is a timeless design style. You do not need to worry about keeping up with ever-changing trends.

Vibrant colours and funky patterns are difficult to incorporate into this classic style of interior design.

It is the epitome of understated luxury.

Many of its essential elements are too grand, therefore, expensive and high-maintenance.

The materials used for furnishings are heirloom quality and are made to last.

To some, classic house design may seem dated.



Beautiful Homes Service for your Home's Classic Interior Design

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