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Classy crockery cabinet design

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Jun 23, 2022
Classy crockery design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

If you are looking for some tasteful crockery cabinet designs, then our classy crockery cabinet design recommendations will certainly give you some style inspo. Check them out for a careful selection

Crockery cabinets are a few furniture pieces that elevate the aesthetics and ambience of a house interior with their elegant design and classic style. Utilised to stow glassware, cutlery and cautiously collected curios, a kitchen crockery cabinet has been a vital requisite part of Indian homes. As the space in houses became a limitation and it became vital to include minimal furniture, the use of a crockery unit began to decline. However, with the emergence of modular home décor ideas and contemporary kitchens in the last few years, Indian homes have witnessed a sharp increase in including a modern crockery cabinet in numerous sizes and styles to enrich the overall home interior design.


The inclusion of a crockery unit arose with a need to store away cutlery and other kitchen items, but without the need to put them beyond vision and access. Nowadays, crockery cabinets are available in diverse materials like metal etc. Their style and finish varies to liven up your overall home décor. Even though glass fronted crockery unit design is still popular, recently open shelved ones or a boxed crockery cabinet is seen in most houses. They have surpassed merely serving their purpose to reflect class, taste and enhance the look of your home décor.


A crockery cabinet is versatile while being stylish and in trend. They come in numerous structures and finishes. Selecting the one that fits the best for your home can be a little tricky. Here are some classy modern crockery unit design ideas for your choice:

1. TV Cabinet for a Classic Crockery Cabinet

In a living room with limited space, with dining space in the corner, you have very restrained space to fit in too many furniture pieces. For an efficient space utilisation, add a broad TV cabinet in the space where you can keep your pretty crockery items too, as you leave your guests in awe.

Tv cabinet for your crockery cabinet ideas - Beautiful Homes
Modern glass fronted crockery cabinet design for your modern home - Beautiful Homes

2. A Modern Glass-fronted Crockery Cabinet

To introduce a royal aesthetic to your house, you can choose a crockery unit design that is transparent. A glass-fronted wall cabinet with a mirror back is an excellent crockery unit for a luxurious chic dining room. If you have some precious and expensive crockery to flaunt, this one will look stunning.

3. Using Your Kitchen Island as a Crockery Shelf

If space is a restrain in your beautiful abode, utilising every inch of your kitchen is an awesome idea. In case, you have a kitchen island, then try using your island space. Store all your beautiful crockery in it and shut the door. This idea can help you store everything organised and in one place.

Using kitchen islands as crockery shelf ideas - Beautiful Homes
Aesthetic crockery drawer ideas for a modern home - Beautiful Homes

4. Aesthetic Crockery Drawers

If you wish to store all your crockery items along with basic cutlery, make use of a chest of drawers. An elegant looking polished knob added to a drawer cabinet is visually looking and efficient in multiple ways. All your items can be kept safe in the cabinet while the top of it can be beautifully decorated with your showpieces.

5. A Vintage Crockery Cabinet for Classic Aesthetics

We all adore the idea of having vintage and antique home décor items in our collection. A vintage-looking crockery unit is such an efficient and visually appealing piece that can immediately introduce a non-conventional aesthetic to your house. It can also be adorned with a few other details like some trendy stickers and magnets.


6. An Oakwood Crockery Cabinet

For trendy modern crockery cabinet designs, a simple oakwood cabinet will be a great option to introduce in the dining area. When your space is fully decked up, there will be no more mess in your space. An oakwood crockery unit will bring balance and a gorgeous appeal to the room.

7. Minimal Hanging Crockery Units

For people with no more than the basics, a big and bulky crockery unit may be a waste of wall and floor space. Conventional crockery units are designed for people who have a lot of items to store; if your crockery items are durable and can fit into a hanging kitchen cabinet then you will get much use out of a hanging crockery unit.

Minimal hanging crockery unit designs for your home - Beautiful Homes
Wall mounted crockery unit designs for your modern home- Beautiful Homes

8. Wall Mount Crockery Cabinet

Making it obvious from the name, a wall-mounted crockery unit in the dining room is permanently fixed to a wall, keeping the floor space free for other items. This storage unit style is a winner for small homes because it creates an image of a bigger space without compromising on storage whatsoever.

9. A Crockery Cabinet that’s Good for the Earth

If you have a dining space that receives ample light to have some green plants then this option is surely for you. Bring a wooden crockery cabinet for your dining area for keeping your crockery items that have a planter area on its top. This will energise your home, and make it more lively.

Crockery unit design ideas in your dining area - Beautiful Homes
Crockery unit design for a full wall in your dining room - Beautiful Homes

10. A Contemporary Crockery Unit for the Full Wall

If you are someone who likes their space to be neat and organised, then using a full wall cabinet is an ideal choice. Utilise the lower room to keep your devices like a fridge to give it an in-built look. On the upper portion, keep your crockery in a neat and well-managed fashion.

11. A Curio Crockery Cabinet Design

The curio cabinet crockery cabinet design is the ancient form of crockery cabinet still in trend. Thanks to its gorgeous curvature. This design is favoured by every interior decorator in town. Your bold dining room will look classic and stylish after introducing this to your space.

Curio crockery unit design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes
Sideboard fashion crockery unit design for your modern kitchen - Beautiful Homes

12. Sideboard Fashion Crockery Cabinet

A sideboard style crockery unit is topping the charts mainly because they offer an additional surface. This sort of crockery cabinet design for the dining area serves as a display or an extension of the dining table. Sideboard-style crockery cabinets usually consist of drawers and hinged cabinets and could be glass-fronted or made with simple wood.

13. Gorgeous Almirah Design Crockery Cabinet

Homes are of different sizes and areas. Many of us have to make do with limited spaces. However, this does not imply that you do without a crockery unit. Not happening! Opt for a multifunctional crockery almirah design that saves space and serves numerous purposes. This can be a crockery-cum all purpose cabinet and is excellent for small spaces!

Almirah style crockery unit design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Amp Up your Crockery Storage with Beautiful Crockery Cabinets from Beautiful Homes

Crockery cabinets are multifunctional storage spaces that are used to store cutlery, dinnerware, tableware etc. They introduce an additional hint of style to any room—be it the dining room or living room. Crockery units are much more than just storage cabinets for your tableware. These units are gorgeous pieces of furniture that are used to enhance the look of a room. Today, you can find so many new crockery unit designs in the market. Hence, if you want to go for a modern cabinet or something that is a bit glittery, you can pick a crockery design out of the many options available in the market. Though, to ensure that you select a cabinet that is the best fit for your home, you might want to have someone who has in-depth experience in interior designing and furniture. Asian Paints Beautiful Homes experts have critical professional knowledge and experience in the field of furniture designing. We are the right people to go to if you want to create one of the best crockery cabinet designs that also suits your home. After all, the crockery set you own is one of your dearest collections and you would want to showcase it in the best possible manner.


Are you all set to buy a new stunning crockery cabinet or get the latest crockery shelf design for your home that reflects your style? If yes, then it's time to contact our design experts to select the most tasteful crockery unit so that you can showcase your glossy crockery.


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