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Best paint colour combinations with black

  • Colour Combinations
Dec 22, 2022
Black matching colour with dusty rose colour in the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Want to incorporate black into your interiors? Here is a comprehensive list of some of the best colour combinations with black to help you along

Importance of Good Painting Colours in your Home

Colour is one of the core principles of interior design, and for a good reason. The colours you use in your home can affect your mood, concentration, etc. To that extent, they're extremely useful in setting the tone and ambience in any room. Colour is also a source of visual interest in interiors. Dark colours are great for when you want the interiors to be enveloping, moody, cosy, rich, etc. And the black colour palette allows for all that and more.


Colours that will Work Wonders with Black

Few colours are as versatile as black. You can use it to create warm and cosy environments with Scandinavian style, sensual interiors with a vintage-inspired design, an artsy vibe with industrial style, and more. It is a strong neutral with immense depth and can enhance the beauty and vibrancy of the colours it is paired with. When you pick a colour scheme with black matching colours, remember to match the undertones and texture to get the desired effect. Read on to find out some colour combinations with black that work brilliantly.


1. Refined Charm: Black and Dusty Rose

Bring out the warmth of the black by pairing it with a soft dusty rose. This colour combination with black is also a great alternative to the stark contrast of the white and black paint combination. Elevate this black colour combination by adding gold accents to your interiors.

2. Down-to-Earth: Black and Brown

Brown and black colour combination works beautifully to create formal yet grounded interiors. But it can be tricky to get the undertones and materials right. Here are a couple of different options you can try: black walls and leather furniture, wood furniture and black velvet upholstery. Add a pop of colour to this colour combination with black with green accents or some bronze details.

Brown colour as the best colour combination with black for bedroom - Beautiful Homes
Black colour combination with white for the home - Beautiful Homes

3. Classic Contrast: Black and White

Black and white combination for interiors is an all-time favourite for many. Add some greys, and you have a monochromatic, gradient-like palette. Combine it with natural materials such as wood, jute, linen, etc., for a cosy and inviting home. If you like the stark contrast of black paint combination, take inspiration from the Hollywood-regency style interiors and opt for sleek finishes and plush textiles. Pepper in some metal accents with statement pieces in black matching colours- hot pink or yellow.

4. Eclectic Mix: Black and Indigo

Black brings out the depth in rich blues like indigo. In a room with indigo as the primary colour, use black as an accent— throw pillows, furniture frames, and lighting fixtures are some great places to start. If you want something a little more prominent, consider adding black rugs, draperies, or a nook in the room black. To lighten it up, incorporate light wood furniture, off-white textiles and layered lighting.

5. Calm and Composed: Black and Yellow Combination

Black and yellow combinations can be tricky to execute, but the results are stunning when done right. For an understated look, take inspiration from the mid-century modern style. Opt for a mustard sectional or armchairs in an otherwise monochromatic room. Use wood, cane or bamboo elements to ease the contrast between yellow and black. Alternatively, you can use canary yellow as an accent in glam black and white combination interiors.

Black & yellow combinations for your interiors - Beautiful Homes
Black colour combination with orange - Beautiful Homes

6. Fierce Combination: Black and Red-Orange

Orange is energetic and vibrant, just what a neutral black colour palette needs. For a softer look, opt for an earthy orange-like rust. If you prefer a brighter yellow, use off-whites to ease the contrast. This black combination colour is a great option for a home office, entertainment room, and guest room.

7. Mysterious: Black and Purple

Purple, in the past, was royalty's colour, and it still commands the same attention. If you're looking for alluring colour combinations with black, look no further. This black combination colour would work superbly in bedrooms and dens in contemporary homes.

Black colour combinations with purple for fierce interiors - Beautiful Homes
Black colour combination with taupe colour in the living room - Beautiful Homes

8. Warm & Earthy: Taupe and Black

Taupe is an excellent choice for creating grounded interiors that are welcoming and warm. You can have understated yet chic spaces with black as a combination colour. Use black as the accent by choosing a furniture piece in the colour, abstract art or some accessories.

9. Lush Luxury: Black and Turquoise

Turquoise is another colour that oozes luxury. It is a warm, vibrant colour that helps mitigate the intensity of black. Incorporate a few greys into the colour palette for a gradient-like effect. You could add tinges of turquoise with patterned textiles or artwork. If you want more than a splash, a chaise, an ottoman, or a gorgeous chair are great options.


10. Sophisticated Cool: Black and Green Combination

The black and green combination works well for libraries, home offices, etc. Combine it with wood accents and clean lines for modern interiors. Use this combination in the kids room design for a forest-themed space. To nail this combination with black colour, be sure to choose a dark green such as forest, olive, and emerald.


11. Bold Punch: Black and Copper

All-black interiors are a raging trend that just might be here to stay. An excellent way to add nuance to this colour is by pairing it with a rich metal like copper. This combination with black colour is a great option for kitchens, bathrooms, foyer and dining areas. Create layers and texture by mixing materials and finish it off with copper details (hardware, furniture frames, lighting fixtures, etc.)

12. Soft & Minimal: Gray and Black

Black and grey combination interiors are the cornerstone of contemporary minimalism. The visual interest comes from the expert use of texture to make the space inviting. It also leaves room to showcase bold pieces of art.

Black matching colour with grey for home - Beautiful Homes
Red & black colour combination for interiors - Beautiful Homes

13. Luxe & Regal: Ruby Red and Black Combination

Both red and black are strong colours that command attention. But since black is neutral, touches of black can create a balance between the vibrant red and the other colours in the room without taking away from it. That's how a red and black combination can work in interiors.

14. Glamorous & Elegant: Silver and Black

In rooms styled in the typical glamorous design style, black is a great way to add hints of contrast. It will allow you to draw attention and enhance the beauty of certain elements in the room— it could be the centre table, a mirror, or even the roof.


15. Youthful & Chic: Black and Pink

A great way to ground the vivacious pink is to pair it with a black and grey combination. Paint the walls pink and bring it in via textile accents in an otherwise black monochrome room. Or you can go for a soft white surround with black and pink peppered all around.


How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing the Perfect Colour Combination for Black?

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a team of experienced designers and professionals who understand what you want and provide personalised interior design solutions. They will help you choose the best colour combination with black that will work for your home. Our service includes furnishing, lighting, modular furniture, décor and more. Additionally, with our extensive wall treatment options, you will surely find the perfect colours for your home. Visit our website to check the various options we offer and projects executed by us so far. Book a 3D consultation call or walk into any of our stores across India to learn more.

Black combination colour with orange for home - Beautiful Homes

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