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How to make your bathrooms sparkle with interesting colours and easy makeover tips

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Mar 12, 2021
Bathroom design in grey colour with geometric pattern - Beautiful Homes

Bathroom design is no longer about just being functional. These spaces are perfect for experimenting with colour, patterns and textures. Painting your bathroom walls – and yes, even the tiles – can completely change the look of a boring space into one that steals the show. Solids, contrasting colours, geometrics, running patterns – the interior design of your powder and bathrooms can get as adventurous as you want. If you are considering a quick makeover, read on for a few bathroom ideas to get you started:

You may not have imagined going bold with your bathroom design, but large botanical prints can make the space come alive. For that extra oomph, add shades of pale pink and metallic highlights to the mix. Here, the wainscoting has been painted deep forest green and contrasted with a pink and green botanical motif wall. Soft pink and metallic elements complete the luxurious look.


DIY tip: There are high-quality, water-resistant wallpapers available that can be used in the dry areas. You will have to make sure that your bathroom is well ventilated to make the wallpaper last longer. 

Bathroom design with large botanical prints with shades of pale pink & metallic highlights - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Matalan

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Teal is a revitalising and rejuvenating colour that works really well in bathrooms. Pair a deep teal wall with crisp white fixtures and vanity to bring out the shade. In this bathroom, a sleek counter in white with simple, black metal legs works well with the vibrant backdrop. Hints of sunshine yellow add the perfect contrast, so look at hand towels or small planters to bring in a pop of colour.


Style tip: When using a vibrant canvas, keep the décor – in this case the sinks, faucets and fixtures – minimal and streamlined so as to not be overwhelming. 

When looking for makeover bathroom ideas, don’t shy away from geometric patterns paired with soft browns for the walls or floors – or even both! You might be a little intimidated by large geometric print taking over but repeating patterns can be quite visually pleasing when complemented by shades of brown. Notice how the diamond shapes travel from the floor to the ceiling in this bathroom. The pattern is not identical to the one on the floor, rather an extension of it. This has the effect of drawing the eye upward. The running pattern makes the room look bigger and utterly striking.


Style tip: Paint one wall in a solid colour pulled from the geometric patterns or even with a subtle design.  

Geometric patterns bathroom design with soft browns for the walls & floors  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Studio Osmosis

Bold Red bathroom design with stenciling patterns - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, B&M

Bathrooms and powder rooms are the perfect spots in your home to get a little adventurous with colour. Bathroom designs featuring bold red make a strong statement. If solid, red walls seem too much for you, try stencilling patterns in red over white walls. Moroccan motifs or even paisleys would be very interesting visuals, especially if you add a touch of maroon and grey to the stencils.


Style tip: Add a white floor trim to complete the look.  

The most calming shades, pale blues are the perfect touch to turning your bathroom in to a luxurious spa. These hues work well in both small and large spaces so any sized bathroom would look good. Spa blue walls will work with warm beige, soft white or even pale grey flooring. You could also mimic a brick effect, as seen in this bathroom, with white ‘grout’ lines peeking through to add a little visual texture.


Style tip: To up that spa factor, add a lot of potted greenery with bamboo shelves and stands. 

Bathroom design in pale blue colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Christy

Bathroom design in grey colour with geometric pattern - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ottimo

Greys lend a sophisticated touch to a bathroom or powder room and are also a great palette to take on patterns. Here, different shades of cool greys work their way to deep blues via a running geometric pattern. Even though this is a small space, this bathroom idea doesn’t make it look claustrophobic because of the subtle break in colour. The light wood counter and mirror complement the elegance of shades of grey perfectly.


Style tip: See how the pattern in this bathroom draws the eye up. This gives the appearance of higher ceilings hence makes the space look bigger.  

A stunning and timeless combination, black and white makes for a striking bathroom design.  In this bathroom, the amount of black and white balance each other with natural wood forming the perfect contrasting element.


Style tip: Add an element of green to the mix, especially through plants, to make the colour palette come alive. 

Black & white bathroom design with natural wood - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM

Luxurious dark wood & opulent deep marble bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Dark bathrooms are dreamy spaces to escape into. Luxurious dark wood complimented by opulent deep marble with golden veins peeking through – this is what dream bathrooms are made of.


DIY tip: You could replicate this look on your walls or counters with waterproof contact paper or take a look at paint kits that help you achieve the look of marble on different surfaces. One of the best known, the Giani Marble Countertop Paint Kit, can help you replicate the look of luxurious Italian marble on Formica, laminate, Corian, ceramic tile, cultured marble, and traditional granite

White can seem like a boring option for bathroom ideas, however, pair it with interesting prints and textures, and you can achieve your dream bathroom in no time. The key factor with white interiors, of any kind, is layering. You want to give the space some interesting visuals to focus on and not just flat white. Here, the floors feature a popping design and the space is dotted with light wood, an abundance of plants and patterns on the bath math and shower curtain.


DIY tip: Changing your floors can do wonders to changing the look of your room, but you don’t need to re-tile the bathroom to achieve this. You could paint the floors with an appropriate tile paint that is engineered to take wear and tear. You get paints meant for outdoor areas and driveways which stand up well to wear-and-tear and water. You need to properly clean and sand the tiles before using a primer. Wait for each coat to dry completely and seal it with a clear, PU coat. The paint will get damaged over time but you will have a few good years before that.     

White bathroom design with prints and textures - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

Chocolate brown colour bathroom design with white ceiling  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

Chocolate brown is a wonderful way to elevate your bathroom design, especially in well-lit bathrooms. Take a cue from this bathroom and keep your ceiling white to lighten the chocolate. With the colour taking centre stage, this bathroom features simple fixtures to complement the décor. They have only used solid colours, keeping prints out of this décor. 


Style tip: You could also paint your vanity the same shade of brown, leaving the counter white for a little more drama. 

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