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The best wood colour paint to complement furniture and floors

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Jan 08, 2023
Wooden furniture for your interior design - Beautiful Homes

No matter the style of your interior design, it’s a well-established fact that adding wooden details will help create a warm and comforting, yet still upscale atmosphere. So, choosing the right paint colours to highlight your wood furniture and floors should always be a priority!

When you want to hero natural shades in your interior design, it’s important to find the right wall colour for living room with wood furniture or floors as the highlight. After all, keeping in mind the tones of your wood, colour schemes that enhance them will help make your home look well appointed and pleasing to the eye. Here, we explore the best ways to ensure your paint palette provides the perfect compliment to wooden details, as well as some classic colour combinations that are guaranteed to look great!


Using Paint with Wood: Colour Ideas that Work

1. Check the Colour Tone of your Wood Details

The key to a well balanced look is to identify the grain and undertones in your wood colour; paint shades that either match or contrast with that tonal range will help to enhance the wood detail and texture. For example in a room with a cooler toned wooden shade, paint colours that match the undertone help create a brighter airy feel, while contrasting warm hues will give the room a cosier vibe.

2. Call Attention Through Contrast

When there is a distinct difference between your wood colour and the paint or fabric shades that surround it, your wooden details will naturally stand out; the juxtaposition of colours from opposite spectrums of the colour wheel can help draw attention to wood furnishing and floors, making them the highlight of the room. Keep in mind that when choosing a contrasting colour to paint, wood furniture arrangements need to be well thought out to ensure the room doesn't look crowded or busier than it needs to.

Contrasting colours for your wooden furniture - Beautiful Homes
Use wood paint colour for your furniture at home - Beautiful Homes

3. Stay Subtle to Make a Statement

Of course, low contrast doesn’t mean your wooden furnishings will go unnoticed. Often, hues with equal strength allows for better visual balance; with a darker wood colour, paint shades of similar intensity can create a feeling of opulence – pair a deep-toned rosewood desk with walls painted in a rich bordeaux or dark green for a combination of wood / paint hues that have similar value and therefore form a restrained yet luxurious effect.

4. Complementary Colours Can’t Go Wrong

As mentioned, when choosing which fabric and paint shades suit best, wood colour, grain and undertone all need to be taken into account. And, whether you prefer low or high contrast, you will find that to bring out the natural beauty of a specific wood colour, paint shades in complementary colours – those that are directly opposite each other on the colour wheel – create the most balance and can always be used effectively to make your interiors compelling.


Enhance Wood Colour: Paint Shades that Fit the Best

1. Shades of White: An Universal Wood Colour Combination

Whether your furnishings, floors and trim are a light or dark wooden shade, paint colours in white tones are usually a clear choice. While the best wood colour to pair with very bright whites are warmer shades (if you do not want your home to look too stark or cold), ivory whites or those with milky undertones pair well with any wood.


2. Pine Wood & Green: Interior Design that’s a Natural Match

For an interior design theme that suits a biophilic design the best, wood colour, paint colour and fabrics that are in nature inspired tones are ideal. As a complement to honey-toned pine wood, colour for wall paints can be chosen in any shade of green to enhance a feeling of verdant comfort.

Warm wood & cream colour for your interior design - Beautiful Homes
White furniture to enhance your interior design - Beautiful Homes

3. Beige With Mixed Wood: A Neutral Toned Living Room Design

If you’ve slowly put together your home and now have furniture and wooden details in a mix of colours, never fear. To create a cohesive interior design and bring together the different shades of wood, paint in neutral tones like beige, taupe or tan will always work.


4. Warm Wood & Cream: A Blend of Wood/Paint that Soothes the Eye

Want to make your space seem bigger, brighter and yet still cosy? Combine shades of cream  together with a warm wood colour; when paired with the best wood colour, paint shades that might otherwise look dull or boring can instead transform your space into a relaxed haven.


5. Grey & Weathered Wood: Modern Interior Design with a Rustic Twist

Grey can be a good match for either a soft blonde or weathered wooden shade; paint your walls in warmer grey tones to give your home a sense of simple comfort or choose cooler shades for a more sophisticated living room design.


1. What wall colours go well with wooden furniture?

When picking wall colours to suit wood furniture, always consider the dominant tones of the wood colour; paint shades that enhance the grain and undertone of your wooden furnishings are the best match. Of course, when choosing the best wall colour for living room with wood furniture, personal preference and style are still the most important factors to consider.


2. How do I choose a complementary paint colour?

Complementary colours are ones that are on opposite sides of the colour wheel. To find a paint colour that complements your wood colour, consider the undertones of your wooden shade – paint shades that you pick should contrast and balance these.


3. Should furniture be darker or lighter than walls?

There are no real right and wrong choices in interior decor or living room design. This still holds true when it comes to picking what wall colour to paint; wood furniture in dark tones against lighter walls will make the space look airier by maximising natural light, while ash or blonde-toned furniture against darker walls will lead to a cosier effect – both draw focus to the furniture arrangement due to the contrast.



Still curious about paint colours that enhance the tones of natural wood? Colour palette concepts, great living room design ideas and more, are here on the Asian Paints Beautiful Homes website. Contact our team of experienced professionals for all your interior design and home renovation needs, or browse through our expertly curated magazine and previous projects for further inspiration. Learn more about our services or products by booking a 3D consultation call, or walking into our stores across India.

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