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12 contemporary black countertop design ideas for modular kitchen

  • Contemporary Designs
Dec 18, 2020
Bold and wooden moduWhite and yellow contemporary kitchen design with the black countertop - Beautiful Homeslar kitchen design idea with the black countertop - Beautiful Homes

Your kitchen is no longer just a space for you to cook your everyday meals. It is your personal space that bodes culinary creativity. It carries a certain energy, and can influence your mood in ways unimagined. Everything in your kitchen, right from the colour palette to the design and the material used, is fundamental to how your kitchen looks.


Now, although, black seems to be a universal favourite, the idea of considering kitchen colour seems to be a little unusual, right? Well, the trick is in finding the right balance.


A perfect kitchen countertop design anchors the space, providing a work surface and storage while serving as the centerpiece of the room and when it comes to incorporating black in your kitchen, however alluring the prospect may sound, the key here is subtlety. 


Here are some inspiring classic kitchen design ideas you can add to your dream kitchen decor goals.


Steel Your Heart

If you’re someone who is all for all things bold, this sleek kitchen design idea is perfect for you. It carries a perfect balance of bold colours and a neutral backdrop, leaving you with a space that will add intrigue and fun to your cooking time. The combination of white, teal, black, and nude bode well for this kitchen, which lets you toy around with bold colours coupled with the classic black-and-white, without compromising on the decor of the house. Notice the smart use of steel in this beautiful kitchen, while keeping it subtle.

Modular kitchen design idea in bold colours - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

The shelves on the side of the cabinet is a smart way to keep things accessible, whereas the wall art serves as an ideal piece of inspiration for when you’re in your creative culinary zone. 

Rustic style wooden kitchen design with classic black and white duo - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek /

You Woodn’t Say No To This

Are you someone who has embraced the urban lifestyle, but misses the rustic charms of simpler times? This kitchen layout, with an amalgamation of modern and rustic vibes, might just be exactly what you’re looking for.


One of the charms of a modular kitchen is the creativity it brings when you’re designing it. The classic black and white duo, complemented beautifully by a mix of wood, makes for a dream kitchen.


Blending the charm of a contemporary Kitchen design with a touch of rustic, this kitchen will surely become your happy place. 


When Rustic Meets Vintage


If you’re passionate about everything sylvan, this rustic kitchen idea is right up your alley. With its vintage charm, the wooden cabinets, the classic exposed-brick wall, and a beautiful view of the surrounding beauty, this kitchen layout is ideal for your farmhouse. The vintage chandelier that overlooks your contemporary black countertop is a brilliant way to lend it that luxury vibe. This spacious little kitchen has room for every culinary dream you’ve ever had!


If you wish to add a little colour to your kitchen without compromising its primary colour palette, a handful of flowers or bright couch throws can always come to the rescue.


Rustic kitchen design idea with vintage charm, the wooden cabinets, the classic exposed-brick wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sanjyt Syngh

Rustic kitchen design idea with charming faux and exposed brick walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Space That Feels Like Cappuccino

Rustic decor makes yet another appearance on our list of 12 timeless kitchen design ideas. Can you blame us? This kitchen layout boasts a beautiful graphite countertop paired with a charming faux exposed-brick wall, and of course, the added smoothness of wooden panels. The rustic vibe is balanced well with the addition of white panels to give it a sleek, modern touch.


With open spaces, earthy tones, and a glass partition to let the natural light flood in, this kitchen is an urban dream come true. 

Fresh As Lemons

If you love subtlety as much as you love the colour black, you will love this modular kitchen idea. With white as the dominant colour and black tracing the countertops, the yellow of the cabinets is just enough to appeal to your eyes without making it look lurid.


The warm lights below the cabinets on the left are a simple way to up the elegance of your kitchen. The large cabinet on the right is ideal for extra storage, while also adding to the charm of the kitchen layout.

Bold and wooden moduWhite and yellow contemporary kitchen design with the black countertop - Beautiful Homeslar kitchen design idea with the black countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

The use of white and yellow, a beautiful contrast, makes the kitchen look spacious and open, even more so with the use of the grey in the walls.

Grey minimalistic modular kitchen design with the touch of black and wood - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Êtreluxe

Shades Of Grey

Shades of grey,  a touch of black, and a bit of wood – perfect for a minimalist with a taste for urban decor. The modern wall clock on the right brings a certain novelty to the kitchen, while the shades of grey convey calm, modern vibes.


If the idea of just grey seems a bit monotonous, consider mixing it up with a touch of wood like it’s done here, in the panels. It makes for a striking contrast while not taking anything away from the vibes of the decor. If you’re someone who likes being organised and keeping their spaces sleek and tidy, this kitchen design idea is ideal for you!


Designed For Grey-Tness

An urban kitchen design idea with a touch of monochrome, this refined kitchen one is every minimalist’s dream. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing but has enough room for functionality as well. The beautiful contrasting tones of grey spice things up a little while preserving the minimalistic theme of the kitchen.


Again, if monochrome is too vanilla for you, you can always count on some colourful flowers or a house plant to give your kitchen a lively look.


Urban kitchen design idea with a touch of monochrome - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Poggenpohl

Classic modular kitchen design in black and white colour combination  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek /

Black, White & Everything In Between

This classic modular kitchen is perfect for patrons of the monochrome colour palette. Displaying a beautiful melange of black, white, and grey, this one conveys class and luxury. The row of top and bottom panels ensure easy accessibility and the ease of organising things.


If you dream of a neat creative space for your culinary experiments, this modular kitchen layout is just the inspiration you need. Sleek and easy to maintain, this kitchen is every Monica Geller’s dream. 


A Wooden Dream

It is a universal fact that the allure of a wood-themed kitchen is irresistible. The smooth, refined wood panels make up a major part of this modular kitchen, with a little lively yellow thrown on the upper panels. The granite-black countertop is in perfect contrast to the white storage and panels on the right. The black chimney and the brown walls only enhance the beauty of this urban kitchen. 

Modular kitchen design with the granite-black countertop and wood panels  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

Minimalist modular kitchen design with the black countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dariusz Jarzabek /

A Tale Of Contrasts

Yet another kitchen design idea that will appeal to the minimalist in you. The contrast of black and white is classic, but add to it some wooden flooring and you’ve got yourself an urban masterpiece. The simplicity of this modular kitchen design with black granite is what makes it stand out. The black clock on the right tabletop is a brilliant addition to the decor style and conveys your taste for monochrome. The top and bottom shelves and panels make the kitchen easy to organise and maintain.

Best Of Luxe

Crafted with a metallic and wood-themed colour palette, this kitchen is a uniquely refreshing design. The black countertop and the metal tones convey sheer luxury and elegance and lend a touch of intrigue to your decor. The classic warm lights highlight the charm of this kitchen layout, and make you see it in a different light (literally).


The most interesting element of this modular kitchen modular kitchen with black granite is the symmetrical printed flooring. A welcome change from the metallic colours of the kitchen, the floor breaks all patterns to give us a decor masterpiece. That, with the colour scheme of the kitchen, essentially redefines luxury.


Metallic and wood themed modular kitchen design with the black countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, reD

Bold and wooden modular kitchen design idea with the black countertop - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sleek

Bold & Wooden

If you have a thing for unusual decor styles, this modular kitchen design idea is just what you need. The black countertop poses a beautiful contrast to the wooden panels, while the lemon yellow on the top panels emanates your taste for bold decor styles, lending your kitchen your unique personality. The neutral beige of the walls is the cherry on top of a perfect kitchen layout. 

Which one of these kitchen design ideas speaks to you the most? 


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