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Guide to contemporary interior design style

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Aug 15, 2022
Contemporary style living room design - Beautiful Homes

Contemporary design style is minimal, sophisticated, bold and versatile. Here is everything you need to know, from definition to key features and how you can design and decorate your home in contemporary style

What is Contemporary Interior Design Style?

Do you enjoy minimal, open spaces with functional design and sophisticated décor? The much-adored contemporary style interior design might work brilliantly for you. This style encompasses all that is current and trendy. Various styles such as minimalism, Scandinavian hygge, Japandi fusion, boho-chic, industrial, etc., are all off-shoots of modern contemporary interior design.

Basics of Contemporary Interior Design

Expert contemporary interior designers seek to create classic, timeless and serene homes. Minimalism, therefore, is a significant aspect of contemporary interiors. Open spaces that enjoy ample natural light are another one. All white interiors are classic contemporary interior designs because they tend to be unfussy and amplify airiness. Lighter interiors especially work for smaller contemporary flat interior designs.


contemporary design style signature is creating stark contrasts using neutrals (for example black and white scheme) and textures to introduce visual interest. There's a lot of focus on highlighting architectural elements and finding the perfect art for a space. Since contemporary style interior design borrows so much from other styles and cultures, it has a tinge of eclecticism, allowing you to express your personality through home interiors.

Contemporary interior design for a modern room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio


Contemporary Design and Decorating Ideas for Home


1. The Colour Palette

The colour palette is mainly neutral in contemporary interiors, particularly with white and grey acting as base colours. Black and vibrant colours such as Fuschia, sunny yellow, metallics, etc., are used as accents to add character to the room.


2. Hint of Texture

As colour and pattern take a backseat, the texture is one of the primary sources of visual interest in contemporary décor. To create a homey look, experiment with textured fabrications such as jute, wool, cotton, silk, etc. Another way to do it is to choose furniture and surfaces in varying finishes, from matte to high-gloss. The play of light with multiple finishes will help add intrigue and depth.


3. Curved but Clean Lines

The use of lines and shapes in contemporary house interior accommodates ease of movement and complements the largely minimalist aesthetics. Curved lines create a sense of continuity and a cosy ambience. Keep it interesting by alternating between curves and angles but steer away from carvings and other embellishments.


4. Minimalism and Decluttering

Open and clutter-free spaces are at the heart of contemporary house interior design. Focus on functional and necessary pieces in terms of furniture and décor. Free floor space and surfaces will provide a sense of airiness to the room. 


5. Light Fixtures

Try to maximise the source of natural light. Opt for high-end, streamlined lighting fixtures that blend well with contemporary home interiors.


6. Natural Elements

It is easy to perceive contemporary style interior design as cold and sterile due to its minimalism and largely neutral palette. Try to incorporate natural elements to remedy this and fashion a warm contemporary interior design. You can do so by amplifying natural light, using natural textiles and materials such as wood and stone, plants and so on.


7. Stainless Steel Equipment

Are you looking to add a sleek, futuristic edge to your modern contemporary interior design? Choose stainless steel elements for your interiors. The polished, shiny surface is chic and luxurious.

Multifunctional contemporary style interior design for living room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

8. Multifunctional Room Ideas

Contemporary home interior design is relatively free-flowing and does not adhere to strict and formal space division. A kitchen with a dining nook, a living room with a study area, and a breakfast corner on the balcony are all pretty common arrangements. Open plans, too, are integral to contemporary house interior design. Use visual demarcations such as anchors (rugs, lighting, etc.), different but cohesive colour schemes, etc., to create zones in a multifunctional space.

9. Contemporary style furniture

For the contemporary home interior, always opt for functional furniture. Look for silhouettes with clear lines and shapes. Opt for neutral-toned upholstery and use pillows, throw blankets and rugs to add accents and pops of colour.


10. Contemporary style textiles

Textiles are a great way to soften the edges of contemporary interiors. Employ natural materials like linen, cotton, jute, etc., for the tinge of a rustic vibe. Select plush fabrics such as velvet and silk for contemporary luxury interior design. Focus on colour blocking, tonality and texture rather than prints and patterns to maintain the minimalist aesthetic.

Contemporary style furniture for a contemporary living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

11. Contemporary style accessories

While furnishings may be minimal and functional, you have the space to get creative with contemporary décor. Choose statement paintings, sculptures and accessories. These objects will fill up a room beautifully while avoiding any clutter.


Contemporary Interior Design for Every Room


1. Contemporary Style Kitchen

Keep the walls and the counters neutral with a white base. Wooden cabinetry with textured backing and glass doors will add warmth and depth to the design. Moroccan tiles for backsplash and flooring would add just the right amount of colour. Finish it off with metallic accents for the faucet, hardware and lighting.


You can try more trendy options such as an all-white or an all-black contemporary style interior design kitchen. You can also employ muted greens, browns and blues in contemporary kitchens. Opt for modular designs and hidden appliances for a contemporary luxury interior design.

Classic contemporary dining room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

2. Contemporary Style Dining Room

Start with a statement dining table with a stunning stone top. Complement it with matching chairs. If you have a smaller table, you can use the chair upholstery to add a splash of colour. Opt for a modern chandelier or a pair of pendant lights as focused lighting to create an intimate experience. Bring some plants in the room for décor, and accentuate the green with an elegant centrepiece.

3. Contemporary Style Living Room

Contemporary home interior design may be minimal, but it is not simplistic. Add a touch of drama and decadence to your contemporary interior design living room with strategic furnishings. Furniture with imposing silhouettes, lots of texture, self-toned textiles, rugs, pillows and throws, expressive art, striking centrepieces and sculptural lighting fixtures all combine well to create quintessentially contemporary interiors that are inviting.



4. Contemporary Style Bedroom

Black and white or white and grey bedrooms with textured walls are classics. But if you're up for experimenting, start with a cane bed. Add some colour with a wallpaper and create a cohesive look by incorporating that colour into the bedding. 

Modern contemporary style living room interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Choose mood lighting that you can adjust to your needs and layer textiles for that added cosiness to the contemporary bedroom interior design. Keep the surfaces free of knick-knacks.


5. Contemporary Style Bathroom

Just like any other room, keep the overall design open and minimal in the bathroom. Light neutral colour schemes make for a great base. Opt for floating vanity cabinets with push doors/ drawers for a clean look. A simple glass shower enclosure will keep the space looking bright and airy. Introduce curves with sink basin and bathtub. Tie in the look with sleek matching fixtures.


6. Contemporary Office Interior Design

Fashion a serene contemporary office interior design with complete lightwood furnishings. Accentuate it with bold lighting fixtures and a white chair. Use your books and stationery as décor and accessories. A modular unit, too, is an excellent option. If it is a separate room, you can even consider an all-glass enclosure for that contemporary modern classic interior design.


5 Key Elements that Define Contemporary Interior Design

  • Clean, graphic lines are a key feature of contemporary modern classic interior design. Soft curvy lines are just as common as angular geometric lines; either way, they are always crisp and discernible.

  • Open and spacious spaces with ample natural light are the cornerstone of house design contemporary style. One room seamlessly flows into the next to create a cohesive unit.

  • You'll often encounter a combination of sleek, industrial materials with high gloss and rustic, matte natural materials. Mixing materials makes the space diverse and intriguing in house design contemporary style.

  • The base or primary colour palette is largely neutral, with white, black, grey and taupes being popular choices for contemporary house interiors. Bold, vibrant colours are used as accents to add dynamism to the overall colour scheme.

  • There is heavy use of texture in contemporary décor style to break up the monotony of neutrals and create a warm and welcoming environment.
Contemporary style interior design & home decor in the dining room - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, CASA FELIZ

What is the difference between modern and contemporary interior design?

It is easy to conflate the modern interior design style and contemporary style interior for many reasons, their similarities being one. The modern design is strictly the style that developed in the 20th century, mainly as a move away from the ornamentation of the preceding eras. The classic mid-century modern style often epitomises it.


On the other hand, the contemporary style interior design is an amalgamation of its predecessors and the present trends. 

With contemporary décor style, there is a rendition of each design style from the bygone eras, such as modern contemporary interior design, grandmillenial, cottagecore, farmhouse chic, etc. 


Here are a few points of distinctions between contemporary and modern styles: 

  • Modern designs prioritise a natural finish and materials to create a subtle and complementary look. In contrast, contemporary, traditional interior designs use both natural and artificial/ industrial materials to introduce juxtaposition for variation and visual intrigue.

  • While both styles use neutrals as base colours, the modern style leans towards warm tones such as beige, tans, greys and browns with muted accents. Contemporary house interiors have a more stark colour scheme with the base of black, white and grey accompanied by vibrant accents.

  • With the modern style, functionality trumps all, and furniture and décor are designed as such. Contemporary home décor is much more flexible.


Why do you Love Contemporary Interior Design Styles?

  • If you're a staunch minimalist and love fuss-free design and décor, contemporary design style is for you. You can create warm and inviting interiors with contemporary home décor by focusing on space design, use of line and shape, texture and lighting instead of colour and pattern. 

  • Contemporary style interiors are definite conversation starters, particularly due to their ingenious use of materials and texture.

  • Contemporary style is versatile. You can create a timeless, elegant, warm contemporary interior design. Or you may opt for a bold and quirky contemporary style house interior.


How do you create a contemporary home design?

  • Stark contrasts in terms of colour schemes and textures are decidedly contemporary. Choose black, grey or other deeper tones as a base with accents of bold colours for contemporary home décor.

  • Smooth and glossy finishes are another recognisable feature of contemporary style house interior—for example, polished wood, vinyl, glass, etc. Metals like steel, nickel and brass add some sleek accents to the design.

  • Opt for chunky, low-profile furniture for a typical contemporary style home interior. A sectional sofa is a perfect example.

  • Make sure to keep the décor minimal in a contemporary style home interior. Although, it need not always be functional. Statement pieces with an artistic flair are always welcome.


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Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised bedroom design. At Beautiful Homes, we offer a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. We've got everything from furniture to wall treatments, lighting to wood solutions.


Our design professionals are well-versed in all styles, so you're sure to find contemporary interior designers. Whether you want classic contemporary interior design, contemporary, traditional interior design or something more trendy and eclectic, they've got you covered. The experts will ensure that the contemporary style interior is highly customised and best suited to your needs. They will take care of everything from furnishing to woodwork to statement walls. You can opt for a contemporary flat interior design or an independent home.


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