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All the corner bed design ideas you need for compact bedrooms

  • Bedroom Design
Oct 04, 2023

A lowdown of the best corner bed designs to maximise space in your bedroom

‘You are either in your bed or in your shoes, so it pays to invest in both’

This quote by renowned shoemaker John Wildsmith holds true in every way. The bedroom is, often, the centrepiece of your home – no wonder, we go above and beyond to create a space that’s visually striking and equally functional. Despite that, several dead spaces continue to exist that are an absolute waste.


Fret not, we are here to give you some useful hacks on a corner bedroom design that will serve you well in the long run. Your best bet is to invest in a corner bed that can be designed and utilised in a multitude of ways, particularly in compact or smaller-sized rooms.

You can easily make your bedroom look more spacious by incorporating these corner bed design ideas. They also ensure your space looks balanced. Furthermore, you have enough freedom and flexibility to throw in fun, contemporary elements and make your corner bed design for bedroom unique.


Read on to know more about various kinds of corner bed designs that can be a part of your space.



Corner Bed Design Ideas to Make the Most of Your Bedroom Space

These corner bed ideas are easy to incorporate and will refresh your bedroom in no time!

1. Corner Double Bed Design with Headboards for Extra Comfort

It’s almost instinctive to invest in a corner double bed design if you want to save space, but it can sometimes be counterintuitive. Your space can look clunkier than usual and that’s not an aesthetic most of us are happy with. That’s why you must choose a corner double bed design with adequately upholstered headboards that will not just tackle the space crunch but will add more comfort to your sleep. You could even try and add headboards on both side, making it an ideal space to chill and relax. Sit back with your favourite book and a cuppa, or enjoy some downtime by watching a film.

Image courtesy, Pramod Group

2. Kid’s Room Corner Bed Design for Better Storage of Toys

Have a little one at home? If yes, we are sure they absolutely love playing with toys. At this age, it is important to provide them with enough space to move around and explore, so that they can quell their curiousity. That’s exactly why we suggest this corner bed bedroom design for kids. Not only will this help them to be free in this space, but it also gives ample storage to store their toys in the base of the corner bed. You could even have a matching cabinet or study to complement the bed. Trust us, this corner bed modern design will get a big thumbs up from them!

Designed by Quirk Studio; Photography by Ishita Sitwala

Designed by Vinithra Amarnathan

3. Corner Bed with Storage for Added Utility

No one ever complains about extra storage! In case you are forever looking for ways to have more space in your room, how about going for this corner bed design with a box storage? There are several other options available today with drawers on the sides. Interestingly, you can also go for a corner bed design that has hidden storage. These look far more sleek plus they are highly functional. In fact, this corner bed bedroom design can also work well to store your favourite books or other utilities that you want to have within reach.


4. Corner Bunk Bed Design to Thrill Your Kids

A corner bedroom design with a bunk bed will get your kids excited and how! This is especially a good idea if your little ones share the space. A bunk bed is a fun and playful accessory – so invest in this corner bed idea and you will be surprised how much they’d want to spend in their bedroom. Get a bed that goes with the colour palette of the room.

Pro tip: You can build a few levels and add a ladder for a touch of adventure.


5. Corner Bed with Canopy for a Sleek Aesthetic

Most of us dream of adding certain sophisticated design elements to our spaces but eventually give up due to lack of ideas. Well, here’s one. If you want a sleek aesthetic in your bedroom, look no further than a modern corner bed design with a canopy. It’s a perfect blend of old-world charm and contemporary styles, which will make your space stand out. This corner bed design for bedroom is a winner all the way!

Image courtesy, Unsplash

6. Corner Bed Design to Maximise Space in a Small Room

If you have a small room, it may not be the easiest to fit in everything that you like. Not only do you have to be judicious in your approach but also make smart choices. Trust us when we say that a corner bed will be your best companion in this situation. By incorporating this corner bedroom design, you get enough space to accommodate other furniture in your room. It is particularly helpful for those who want separate spaces for work and rest.

7. Corner Round Bed Design for a Fascinating Design

Why be boring with your corner bed design when you have multiple fun options to pick from? Invest in a modern corner bed design that speaks your style and is contemporary. What comes to our mind is a round corner bed design that will break the monotony of your bedroom. With an option like this, you have the freedom to play around a little more. This corner bed idea is a good fit in the middle of your bedroom or it could very well be tucked in a corner.  Plus, this corner bed design for bedroom is far safer than others for kids, since there are no sharp edges on the bed.

Image courtesy, Alkove Design

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