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Tips for using cove lighting for the home interiors

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Jul 05, 2022
Wall cove lighting for the open kitchen & dining room - Beautiful Homes

Read on to get some beautiful cove light ideas and tips for your space to have functional yet aesthetically beautiful interiors

We all believe that our home’s lighting setup cannot be modified or that we can not do much besides bringing in a few lamps to the fixtures that come with our house. However, there are multiple types of lighting that you can add to your house which indicates, that your assumption of inflexible home design lighting couldn’t be further from the truth.


Indoor lighting fixtures are used to illuminate your home’s interiors. They are made not just to brighten your space, but to add décor and overall enhance your current furniture setup. This includes the fixtures already installed in your home when you move in and any other fixtures you add. Lighting fixtures such as modern cove lighting can create a pleasant atmosphere, and highlight artwork or architectural features. Read on to see some tips for using a modern cove lighting setup that is fun and creative!


What’s a Cove Lighting?

Cove lighting is a distinctive type of lighting that is excellent for accent walls, ceilings, and other elements in your home or office. It can be utilised in both residential and commercial settings, and it delivers a soft, relaxing glow that creates any space feel inviting. Cove lighting ceiling has the potential to breathe new life into a bland room. They are often used with other lighting solutions to offer your room or home the finest illumination known.


Cove lighting functions by using a series of fixtures that are mounted along the edge of a cove. The fixtures cast light onto the ceiling or walls, and the light is then reflected down to offer a soft, diffuse impact.


Kitchen cove lighting, bathroom cove lighting, and living room cove lighting are popular choices among other types of cove lighting. They are also used to form focal attributes or bring a touch of grace to a room.


What to Consider Before Installing Cove Lighting?

If you are also considering installing cove lighting to your house or office setup, here are a few things you should consider before you make the purchase:

  • Focus on the position of the fixtures as any joints or gaps between them tend to show up in the light pattern on the roof surface. Depending on the source preference, confirm that there is proper spacing between the fixtures.
  • Remember that the top of the lamp must be level with the cove fascia. To avert sharp cutoff lines, stop a cove short of the end of the wall or corner.
  • Guaranteed to maintain a minimum clearance of 12 inches at the inside corners to deter hot spots.
  • As the cove’s length from the plane of the ceiling increases, the uniformity of the ceiling illumination also grows.

Types of Cove Lighting

Cove lighting comes in various colours. The type of cove light you select with the colour or shade will impact the room ambience. Here are 4 types of cove lights popularly used:


1. Rope Lighting:

Rope lighting is the most inexpensive, easy-to-install cove light. They use minimal electricity as compared to any other lighting type. Rope Lights offer a soft glow to your interiors.


2. Fluorescent Lights:

Fluorescent lights are very long-lasting. Unlike rope lights, these are intense/harsh lights. To manage the glow, house owners can get dimmable stabilizers established.

LED cove lighting for the kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

3. LED Cove Lighting:

 LED cove lighting is a very cost-effective, eco-friendly lighting type that will last you for a very long time.


4Low Voltage Linear Lighting:

Low voltage linear lights come with portable lights allowing homeowners to form the ambience they truly desire.


Cove Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Cove lights require a place for them to sit, out of sight. The standard process is to build a false ceiling, where the ceiling is lowered, and have the lights fitted in a cut away within the false ceiling.


Within the basic form of ceiling cove lighting there are a number of design options:

Simple ceiling cove lighting in the kitchen with dining space - Beautiful Homes

1. Simple Cove Lighting

Introduce a warm, cosy ambience for your house, that not only uplifts your interiors but also gives it a royal touch. If cove light ceiling ideas are followed strategically, these simple cove lights for ceiling help in highlighting the most beautiful elements of your interior décor.

2. Modern Cove Lighting

Modern layered lighting is quite prevalent these days. You can select the type of modern false ceiling cove light design that perfectly works for your living room or master bedroom depending upon the size of your home. Make the most of it by aligning panels and laying out the lights all around your space.


3. Minimal Cove Lighting

Well, we all are aware of the fact that minimal is merry. Allow your space to express itself with grace and elegance by installing some minimal cove lighting fixtures. They are created to fit the aesthetic of minimalism while  layering up a sequence of lights to grant a halo effect to your space. Adding them to your interiors will surely bring the royal touch to your space.

4. Elegant Cove Lighting

Any light that we bring in our space has to serve two purposes. First being its functionality, the second one certainly has to be the visual charm they add to a space. Consider selecting cove lights that fit well in wooden panels or detailed engravings that you wish to align in your cove false ceiling. One can install a cove lighting detail in the foyer, or living room or build a cove lighting kitchen to draw attention to the right spots.

Elegant cove lighting under cabinets & kitchen island - Beautiful Homes



Cove lights for the ceiling for an elegant dining & hallway design - Beautiful Homes

5. Contemporary Cove Lighting

We all have a space in our house that we have decorated and designed with all our hearts and soul. Such spaces in the home need to be highlighted. You can draw attention to just the right places by installing an indirect lighting source that easily aligns with a false ceiling. A contemporary cove false ceiling is a design that is perfect for this design concept. Creating a peaceful, cosy vibe in your space is something you will thank yourself for. Play host to your guests, spend quality time and more with this cove light ceiling design, helping you with all of it!

Suitable Areas to Install Cove Lights

You can fit cove lights with dimmers to increase or decrease the brightness, or you can even use multicolour cove light strips that change colour to create various moods.


Here’s how you can use cove lighting to your advantage in each of the rooms in your house.


1. Cove Lighting in the Foyer

The foyer and entry pathways through a home generally require nothing more than soft ambient lighting, unless there are focal points such as artwork or architectural elements that require highlighted accent lighting. A small can be beautifully lighted by a ceiling-mounted or recessed cove fixture.


If a foyer is used as a gallery for artwork or photographs, consider accent ceiling cove lighting, which can be achieved by precise positioning of directional fixtures that use LED light bulbs.

2. Living Room Cove Lighting

Any living room design requires a thoughtful mix of all the combinations of lighting that combine visual charm with practical usage. Not only can you use cove lights for the ceiling, but also for highlighting an architectural element in the space. You can have statement wall cove lighting, or even have one at floor level, such as a hidden light below a wall-hung cabinet. Cove lighting can also define and mark the TV wall in this space, with long cove light strips along the edge of the wall unit.

Warm living room cove lighting - Beautiful Homes



Cove lighting in the ceiling of the bedroom - Beautiful Homes

3. Cove Lighting in the Bedroom

A bedroom should be all about serenity and tranquillity. After a hectic and tiring day of work, you need to rest, unwind—and diffuse, soft and mild levels of lighting will go a long way toward helping you relax. A dropped ceiling design with sharp edges can feature a recessed cove LED light strip that casts a warm ambient multicolour cove light glow. Always remember that a yellow cove light colour feels warm, while a white cove light colour has a cooler effect. Introducing elegant and soft cove lighting details to your bedroom design can be wonderful for a relaxed, romantic evening.

4. Kitchen Cove Lighting

Regular ceiling lights in the kitchen could throw shadows on the worktop when you are trying to work, which can be tedious. This is where an additional cove light strip below the cabinets works like magic! Bring a luxe touch to your kitchen by adding warm recessed cove lighting below the upper run of cabinets. This is strategic as well as aesthetic, as it also hurls light on the top of the cabinet.


Pair cove lights for the ceiling with below the cabinets cove strips to completely alter the mood of the space and add loads of warmth.

5. Bathroom Cove Lighting

When you are having a warm, aromatic hot bath after a hectic day at work, the right kind of lighting is certain to send you into Zen oblivion! Cove strip lights around the mirror offer a beautiful glow all around the mirror that reflects and bounces the light for a soft-as-a-whisper low-key feel. You can also add a wall cove lighting to a luxurious bathroom, to add a special touch.

Luxe bathroom cove lighting with modern interiors - Beautiful Homes

Breathe in a New Life to your Interiors with Beautiful Homes

Cove lighting delivers refined indirect lighting. It is used for typical ambient lighting as well as accent lighting. The light bounces off of the walls and the ceiling, creating even lighting across a room. There are a number of cove lighting ideas and ways of using this design element in a space. Get in touch with the experts at Beautiful Homes to have some gorgeous lighting fixtures for your space that are functional while giving a contemporary look to your décor.


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