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How to pull off cozy minimalism: A perfect blend of cozy & minimal styles

  • Minimalist Design
Feb 11, 2022
Cozy minimalist interior design style for your home - Beautiful Homes

As lifestyles get more hectic and living spaces get smaller, people are leaning towards a minimalist interior design that is without fuss or clutter. Here are some tips on how to create a minimalist house design that is also cosy and comfortable

Introduction to Interior Design

Interior design has been changing and evolving, and keeping up with current trends, products and brands. Though traditional interiors are timeless and classic and have always been popular, these days, people are moving towards simpler and cleaner styles. Traditional design differs greatly from modern design in the way it uses patterns and colours. It is fussy and is all about detail and lots of it. In contrast, there is a simplicity in modern interior design that gives it lasting relevance. Modern homeowners prefer a simple house design that has clean lines with minimal fuss, but is still comfortable and cosy.

A rapidly growing population and reduced home spaces have inspired the minimalist style of interior design. These modern interior styles are designed for those who love new spaces that are fresh and have a structured design. The clean interiors that are typically minimal are without fuss and free from clutter and trinkets. A well-designed cozy  minimalist interior design typically consists of an open floor plan, an abundance of light, and furniture, and features that are functional but also comfortable.

Tips to Pull Off Cozy Minimalist Interior Design

Minimalist interior design uses only the bare essentials and strives to create a simple and uncluttered space but that does not mean that it should be stark, uncomfortable or uninviting. On the contrary, the goal of a minimalist home is to offer clarity and richness instead of emptiness by reducing mess, clutter, and simplification of the interior.

With the clever use of interior design elements, minimalist spaces can be designed to be efficient, functional and cosy. Here are some tips to help you make your interiors a comfortable and inviting space that you can relax and entertain in.

Luxurious interior design with minimalist decor for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

1. Make your Cozy Minimalist Living Room Breathe by Opening it Up

Minimalist Living room design is all about using what your living space offers and highlighting the beauty of the interior and exterior. It celebrates the architectural details of your homes by designing around them rather than concealing them.

For instance, using an arch as an accent by painting it with a bold colour can add an interesting detail to an otherwise ordinary room. If a room has a lovely view, a window can be added or made larger and more stylish to frame the view, making it the focal point of the room. By framing the window with thick drapery in neutral tones, the room can be made to feel much cosier.

All white interior to give your home minimal touch to your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PB

2. Use Colours and Textures to Create a Warm Cozy Minimalist Living Room

Minimalist décor typically chooses a concise  palette of neutrals like whites, creams, blacks, and greys, that are easy to work with. Though this provides an easy base to build on, it does not mean that it should look boring. The cleverness is in working in different textures into this neutral palette to give a feeling of richness and splendour. Wood, glass, pottery, cloth and canvas are all examples of beautifully textured material that can be used to add quiet visual plays and to bring added warmth and richness into a warm cozy minimalist living room.

For instance, use simple wooden furniture and pair it with an alluring, patterned upholstery and a quilted carpet on the wall for an interesting décor detail. Stick to simple complementary shades and add unexpected prints and patterns with ample negative space to keep it fuss-free. An abundance of layered textures in the seating spaces and soft ambient lighting from tall modern lamps will make the room more interesting as well as warm and cosy.

3. Add Interesting Furniture to your Minimalist Interior Design

Traditionally living spaces had an excess of furniture which took up most of the floor, eating up space and constricting movement. Whittling that down and choosing a few choice pieces that are interesting as well as functional can make a room stand out and help make it feel spacious and airy.


The piece that you pick could be bold and stand out amidst the simplicity, for instance, a statement sofa in a rich, bold colour in a neutral palette room is functional, cosy, yet adds that accent that a room needs to go from being mundane to extraordinary.

Furniture design for our minimalist home interior design - beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

On the other hand, a startling sculpture or a beautiful lamp may blend in with the rest of the home décor, yet be interesting enough to warrant a second look.


4. Let the Walls of your Modern Minimalist Interior Design Speak Out 

In a minimalist décor, even the walls are never overcrowded. Instead of picking a number of plates or frames to hang on the wall, stick to one or two exceptional pieces and let it shine. If the artwork is the star of the décor, make sure that it is a piece that draws the eye.


5. Accessorize, Accessorize, Accessorize for a Gorgeous Minimalist Living Room

When going minimal, it is important to invest in quality décor as each piece has to stand out. Get classic pieces that may be expensive but will stand the test of time rather than trendy pieces that will go out of fashion soon. Though you have to keep the pieces to a bare minimum, the trick is to swap them out from season to season to ensure that there is always something new to catch the eye or a new interesting addition to the collection.

It could be something as small as a simple figurine, or something larger and more eye-catching like the sofa covers or the carpet. You could even subtly change the colour scheme of the room by changing the flowers in the vases and the artwork on the wall.

Lighting is an important factor for your minimal house décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

6. Light up your Minimalist Interior Design Space

Light is an important element in minimalism. Minimalism embraces airiness, brightness and positivity and there should be an abundance of light, both natural and artificial. The neutral palette of the walls and ceilings reflect this light throughout the space, making each room feel larger. The best way to make optimum use of this feature and create a cosy minimalist interior design is by adding seating around the light. A box under a long window serves as a space to stow objects that can cause clutter and as a lovely space to curl up in to enjoy the beautiful view outside.

Using interesting floor and table lamps around the living space to provide soft, ambient lighting can radiate a feeling of warmth into stark spaces and create a cosy atmosphere.


7. Comfort is the Key for a Cozy Interior Design

At the end of the day, a home, whether minimalist or traditional, needs to be a place that one can come home to and relax in. Minimalist design can make lifestyles stress free as it is easy to maintain and provides an efficient use of space. By using comfort as the partner of this functionality, living spaces that are inviting and cosy can be created. It is all about making the right choice.

For instance, a long, sectional that takes up minimal space and has a chaise that opens up for storage is functional but if it is also plush, soft and upholstered in a beautifully textured fabric, it becomes a beautiful piece of furniture as well as the snuggest spot in your home.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with your Perfect Cozy Minimalist Interior Design?

At Beautiful Homes, our approach to design, traditional, modern or minimalist, is pretty simple. We focus on understanding what our customers are looking for right at the initial meeting in an effort to establish the correct design direction and home décor ideas. Once the client and the designers are on the same wavelength, we find that everything else falls into place. Our end-to-end house interior project process starts from conception, managing and overseeing right through to furnishings and move-in ready completion. The streamlined design processes, precise planning and attention to detail helps make our house interior projects successful. 


Our dedicated project manager understands how clients' individual design preference and lifestyle can be translated into a minimalist décor to create the best home designs that blend function with comfort. We understand that some concepts may be new and overwhelming but we will be there right through to help you make the changes that you need to make to create a more functional and productive space. We strive to create a living space that is more than what you imagined possible.

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