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Small modern balcony designs ideas

  • Balcony Design
Jan 04, 2023
Pleasant small balcony design for your space - Beautiful Homes

Get ready to effectively maximize your balcony space with these tips and hacks from Beautiful Homes

In today's scenario, a small space itself is a luxury, but there is never any harm in maximizing the small space you have got into a beautiful functional balcony. In this article, after much public request, our in-house interior designers have curated some easy yet the best possible ways to maximize your balcony space.


It is very normal to feel overwhelmed after seeing the number of provisions to maximize your balcony space on a google search. But the question is, how far can they be made possible? Doubtful, right?


Keep reading to get your hands on something doable and yet get classy like a professional's work. From small modern balcony designs to small balcony décors, small seating, and lighting ideas, this is your handbook to setting up your dream balcony space.


Here are your go-to tips to maximize your small balcony.


1. Go Minimal

Overcrowding is never the idea for your very small balcony design. It's all about understanding the real needs and deciding on what needs to go into the balcony space. A well-maintained balance between these two guarantees a classy and functional balcony area for a small home. Small balconies are always cozy and terrace gardening even in a small space can be one of the best balcony décors for your small balcony. Lighting and small seating arrangements can be made to breathe life into the air and add function to the space. Choosing durable and weather-resistant materials for outdoor use can also ensure that the balcony design lasts longer and requires less maintenance over time.

2. Hang a Swing

Who wouldn't really like to sit on a rocking chair? The same is the case here, by putting up a swing on your balcony, indeed helps in actively saving the ground space for your very small balcony designs, yet effectively adds in the provision of seating arrangement to sit and relax.

Modern small balcony décor ideas - Beautiful Homes
Cheerful small balcony garden ideas - Beautiful Homes

3. Create a Reading Nook

Having one's own quiet space to read is in fact nothing less than a luxury and why keep luxury away when you can easily afford it? Creating a reading nook had always been one of the most loved and demanding settings for the balcony space.

4. Extend the Indoors into the Outdoors

This might look a little confusing, but in fact, it is one of the easiest ways to incorporate for an efficient maximization of your balcony setting design. You can use this extension method by using the same material for flooring both indoors and outdoors. Folding or sliding doors can be instilled here for an effective setting along with a different fabric and furniture that wouldn't get disrupted due to the different climatic conditions. This in fact makes the room as well as the balcony look big enough with all the provisions. Lightings can also be included to further enhance the overall outlook.

Chic small balcony seating ideas- Beautiful Homes
Adorable small balcony ideas for your space - Beautiful Homes

5. Add Function

By safeguarding the balcony, the balcony can be used as a play area for children, or a work-from-home setup for the working-class population, or even a work area for artists and more. These small balcony designs with a creative interior design and small balcony lighting ideas can transform the whole space into something small yet an iconic and cozy setting. Meditational units, workout spaces, a home bar, home-friendly library are some of the doable yet functional things you can try at your home.

6. Decorate the Space

Décors do play a major role in beautifying any space, so it is important to pick your décor elements with care. Especially when it is for a very small balcony design, as one single mismatch can make the whole setting go wrong. Pick the right balcony décor, and the first step you could do for this is by understanding the overall theme of the interior followed by checking the need, availability, and affordability of the product. Picking elements and functional décors are indeed one of the smartest ways to save your pocket and still find satisfaction in your work.


When efficiency and creativity are combined, you get one of the most iconic designs. It is not always about having ample area to design and build your balcony, but it is about having that perfect idea with top-notch execution to maximize the best with the available. Your small balcony space is never small when designed with an eye for detail and creativity. As the famous architect always said, "less is more".

Small balcony garden design with gazebo - Beautiful Homes

From redesigning your balcony space to designing and building anything from the scratch, Beautiful Homes are here to guide you with the best. We work towards making your dream a physical reality. For more information, services, and suggestions, head on to our website to book a 3D consultation or you can walk into any store across India. We’re currently functioning in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune, and Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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