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Classy crockery cabinet designs you will love

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Jan 21, 2022
Modern glass crockery unit design in the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Crockery cupboards have been around for centuries and are classic pieces of furniture that provide storage solutions as well as enhance your home décor. Here are some classy crockery cabinet designs that you will love

A crockery unit is a gorgeous piece of furniture which would be a lovely addition to any home and is a great way to showcase all your beautiful crockery and cutlery. Apart from enhancing the decor, it provides storage solutions in a kitchen or dining space. The crockery cabinet has been in existence for centuries. It has been an indispensable piece of storage furniture and has been improved upon over decades. A modern crockery unit is created to fit efficiently into small spaces without hindering movement.


It is important to have an organised kitchen and dining area and the modern crockery unit design ideas help by providing storage space for dinnerware. Crockery cupboards have also traditionally served as accent pieces and a modern crockery unit has become a style statement in many homes.


Crockery cabinets, these days, come in varied styles and sizes and are made from a variety of materials like plywood, glass, and metal, and are available in numerous colours and finishes. It is important to choose the right material, style and size when designing a crockery cabinet as it needs to fit seamlessly into your kitchens or dining room décor. Make an assessment of your tableware collection and the layout and style of your room to design your crockery cabinet and it will be a gorgeous addition to your space.

Crockery Cabinet Design

Since crockery units are much more than just storage cabinets for your tableware and are used to enhance the look of a room, you need to choose the cabinet design wisely. Some basic factors that you need to consider when choosing the design for your crockery cabinet include: 


Space Available:

Your crockery cabinet should fit neatly into the room. This means that you have to measure the breadth, the height, as well as the depth of the place where you would be placing the crockery unit.

Wooden glass crockery unit design for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

Ease of Access:

The crockery cabinet will contain most of your tableware and therefore must be easy to access. It must be positioned in such a way as not to hinder the working of any other furniture, like a door or an appliance.


Style and Colour:

Your crockery unit should either enhance your room decor or complement it. These days, crockery cupboards come in many colours and finishes and you will be able to find one that fits the décor of your space perfectly.



Crockery units are made from different kinds of materials and depending on your budget, you can decide on whether you want an ornate, heavy piece with ample storage or a simpler cabinet that offers equally adequate storage solutions.


Let’s take a look at some gorgeous modern crockery unit design ideas that are durable and look amazing.

Wall mounted crockery unit design for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

1. Wall Mounted Crockery Unit Design

When it comes to small modular kitchen, wall mounted crockery cabinets are the ideal units spaces as they are installed on the walls and clear up floor space. The wall mounted units can be made to match the colour and theme of your kitchen or dining area and can be customised in several ways to match the aesthetics of the room.


2. Crockery Unit Design – English Hutch Cabinets

The classic wooden Hutch cabinet is a stand-alone piece of furniture with drawers and compartments. The upper shelves are used to display large pieces of chinaware and the base is made of drawers. This sturdy cabinet has been around for centuries and adds a classic English cottage charm to your home.

Vintage crockery unit interior design for the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

3. Unique Crockery Unit Designs – Sideboard

Sideboards are a beautiful piece of furniture that can make any dining room look classy. Apart from its aesthetically appealing appearance, it serves a useful purpose by providing ample storage space and can be customised by adding drawers and shelves according to your collection. Sideboards come in varied sizes and shapes and a gorgeous vintage sideboard can add a timeless and classic touch to any space. 


4. Modern Stylish Crockery Unit

The modernistic crockery cabinets are great for contemporary interiors. If your home décor is sleek and streamlined, this kind of crockery unit will fit in perfectly to store your cutlery and crockery neatly in one place. It can be designed with as many cabinets, shelves and drawers as you need for your tableware. Steel, glass and chrome finishes help make these stylish statement pieces that will accent your room décor. 


5. Sleek Vertical /Horizontal Crockery Storage Cabinet

Do you have a small dining area but would love to have space for your lovely crockery? Vertical and horizontal wall units are perfect to save space in small homes. They can be installed at a comfortable height to make sure that there is easy access. These cabinets are sleek and minimal and make a space feel bigger. It can be easily customized to fit all your tableware. 


6. Stylish Glass Cabinet for Crockery

Crockery cabinets that are designed with tempered or frosted glass doors add a stylish look to the décor. You can display the more beautiful pieces of chinaware behind transparent glass cabinets and use the frosted glass cabinets to stack plates and cups. It can be designed to make maximum use of the space available to showcase your collection. 


7. Innovative Crockery Shelf Designs

If you do not have a very large space to install an entire crockery cabinet unit, you can put up crockery shelves on the wall to stack your tableware. Depending on the wall space available, you can decide on the number of shelves and drawers, and the style and divisions to suit the wall space that you have. If designed well, it will fit flawlessly into your room décor without taking up much space. 


8. Crockery Cabinet for a Black and White Dining Room

A crockery cabinet in a black and white finish can add an elegant and contemporary look to a dining area that has a dining table set made of dark wood with pure white upholstery on a textured black and white carpet. Design the crockery cabinet with a mix of open and closed doors to show off a fine black and white tableware collection.


9. Luxurious Crockery Cabinet for Living Room Design

In an open plan living and dining space, a gorgeous looking crockery cabinet will not look out of place in the living room. High-end crockery unit designs will enhance the appeal of a living/dining area with their sheer elegance. While they can be used to store all the cutlery and crockery, some of the open shelves can also be used to showcase objets d’art, thereby tying the living and dining areas together seamlessly.

Modern crockery unit design for the modular kitchen - Beautiful Homes

10. Modular Kitchen Modern Crockery Unit Design Ideas

If you have an open plan kitchen and dining area, it may make sense to have your crockery cabinet in the kitchen. It can be designed to fit into your modular kitchen design. In your modular kitchen, some of the shelves of the can be designed to showcase your dinnerware and the rest of the crockery and cutlery can be arranged in customized drawers and cabinets.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create Unique Crockery Unit Designs?

At Beautiful Homes, we want your home to be a reflection of you, and not a reflection of the designer. Our years of experience have helped us hone the design process to best explore a client’s needs and discuss the vision they have and work to make it a reality. Our creative process begins by taking the time to listen to our client’s needs and develop a design that is well thought out and accentuates the unique characteristics of each room.


We believe in the power of great design and whether it is your modular kitchen, bedroom interiors or your modern crockery unit, we will create a design that will provide functional solutions as well as enhance the appearance of the space. Our mission is to inspire and enrich our clients’ lives by creating artful, timeless, and fulfilling personal spaces.


Crockery cupboards are a traditional piece of furniture that has existed for centuries in some form or the other. Though there have been many changes to the basic design to help bring it into the modern age, it is extremely vital in terms of functionality and purpose. Our modern crockery unit interior design will blend into the theme of your modern kitchen design, effortlessly. We will work with you to find the best crockery cabinet design for your space that will provide storage solutions as well as display your dinnerware collection splendidly!

Wooden shelves for storing crockery in the kitchen - Beautiful Homes

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