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Cushion cover design ideas for living room

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Nov 20, 2021
Cushion cover design ideas to make your living room interiors stunning - Beautiful Homes

Whether you like colourful floral or geometric patterns, there are some interesting ideas to spruce up your living room and give that perfect oomph to your décor

What difference could a few cushions make to any room?

Well, if done correctly, they can give your sofa the wow factor instantly! But what about the right cushion covers? Well, this is where the fun begins. More than any other home décor item, cushion covers can thoroughly transform the look of any space and bring the whole room together..

A great decorative Cushion cover can unquestionably make a world of difference and give your home a polished look, but choosing the right one can be a nightmare. All designer cushion covers are available in thousands of prints, colours and cushion fabrics to choose from. Desire to buy new designer cushion covers to match the aesthetic of your interiors or want to replace the old ones? No worries. This step by step guide through the decision-making process will give you a brief of the factors to consider while picking the right cushion covers and will help you find the ideal ones for your home.

What to Consider while Buying Cushion Covers?

The Count of Cushion Covers for Your sofa

The number of sofa pillow covers depends on the count of cushions which you need for your couch with suitable sort and choice. If your house has a traditional and conventional style of interiors, you should go for cushion covers in even numbers as this will give you a more symmetrical look. For diverse and contemporary living room, odd numbers of decorative cushion covers are best suited.

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The Choice of Fabric for Your Cushion Cover Set

When we talk about covers, the fabric plays a vital role. Linen, fur, velvet, wool and cotton cushion covers will add sumptuous texture to any type of room. Hence, opt for a fabric that is appropriate for your use, long-lasting, comfortable and easily washable. The designer cushion covers made from delicate fabrics such as lace or silk cushion covers are best suited for beds.

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The Best Colour for Your Decorative Cushion Covers

Picking cushion covers considering the colour which is already at play in the living space or any room then remember that cushion covers should be in harmony with other articles in the room. Normally, the living room ideas are replete with texture and pattern so; you have to consider the colours of your furniture, rugs, artwork, vases and drapes and then select cushion covers that complement the tints and bring about a connection in the room .

The Placement of Your Cushion Covers

Colourful and embroidered cushion covers are an excellent way to spruce up your sofa, bed and also add some personality. The usefulness of cushions and their stylish covers is not only restricted to the couch or sofa. These decor pieces on a bed are incredible and immaculate. To get that perfect look, don’t forget to play with prints, colours and textures to complement your home interiors.

Care and Upkeep

The kind of cushion covers you buy will determine their maintenance and care. The printed cushion covers are usually most comfortable to manage since you can wash them as required readily. However, the best part about cushion covers is that they are affordable, easy to replace and easily transform the whole look of a room, so go with what you are in love with.


Types of Cushion Covers

As cushion covers, can easily transform the look of any style of the room effortlessly. Every type of cushion cover gives a unique characteristic and style. Buying one can be a confusing task if you are searching for the first time. Here are the types of cushion covers to help you find the right choice for your home.


●    Cushion and Linen Cushion Covers

Cotton and linen are majorly used as cushion cover fabrics and both are hard wearing and washable. They are natural fibres and hence are good options for people with sensitive skins. They are also calming to the touch and thus are a good pick for summertime use. Linen can occasionally crease quite much, so maybe it might not be a good selection for a sofa or chair that gets a lot of use. Both cotton and linen are a great alternative for outdoor use as long as they are not exposed to the elements but beware of sun bleaching and colour fading if used extensively outside or in windows that have a lot of sun exposure.

●    Wool and Silk Cushion Covers

For bedrooms or possibly hallways where your cushions will probably be more decorative than functional, a fabric such as silk or wool is the right choice. Silk is considered to be one of the most luxurious fabrics available and although it can be expensive, with the right maintenance it will last a long time. Wool is spun into yarn. The alpaca gives a yarn that is very soft and strong but can be expensive. Both genuine silk and wool are versatile and tactile, but they will need professional cleaning, making them less than ideal for use in areas where children or pets might normally be present.

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●    Velvet Cushion Covers

Lavish, tactile and cosy are just three definitions of a luxurious velvet cushion and, with the onset of winter, we can’t stop crushing over the classic piece. Velvet cushion covers are soft furnishings that are a way to give your look an on-trend refresh in a noncommittal manner. A simple velvet addition is just the ticket to keep your living room/bedroom looking tasteful. As the definitive luxury soft furnishing, velvet cushions are never scratchy, they’re durable and they’re luxurious. Velvets are timeless so the addition of a few velvet cushions can never be considered too much.

●    Fur Cushion Covers

They look timeless but also serve a huge part.  Fur pillows can greatly improve the aesthetics of your home and apart from being decorative, genuine fur cushion covers have medical benefits as well. No matter what aesthetic you want to go for, fur pillows can be ideal. They can turn your ordinary living space into a fabulous work of art. More than that, fur pillows are also antibacterial and great for the skin. You can always expect comfort from stuff made from furs. Matched with rugs, blankets and other fur products, you can surely achieve tones that please the eyes. The comfort and functionality of fur throw pillows are more than what your money is worth. They are also a great choice for bed pillows.


Tips for Choosing the Right Cushions for Your Living Room

  • Remember to not overcrowd your sofa with cushions, leave enough space for your guests to sit down. Too many cushions may look comfy but are not very comfortable when people actually intend to sit.

  • Use rugs or carpets to match the designs of your cushion covers. Accentuating your living room can bring the room to life and put it together.
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  • Ensure that the colour of your cushion covers goes with the colour scheme of the rest of your house and rooms. Colour coordinated cushion covers will mix well with the rest of the place and also complement your drapes, bedsheets, etc.

  • Try cushions of different shapes and sizes such as round cushion covers to create a more eclectic look with many more possible patterns. You can use colours, printed cushion covers, boho cushion covers and designs to help you create a complimentary effect on all your cushions.

  • Cushion covers with solid bright colours can bring life to wooden furniture and liven up your living room and even your garden furnishings.|
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In modern times, cushions have become a vital part of home decor. Available in an array of sizes, colours and designs, cushion covers are an easy way to redecorate your home as they effortlessly complement your furniture and breathe life into your room. By playing around with various colours, patterns like round cushion covers and materials, you can ensure that your cushion covers accentuate your room’s decor and lend it a charming vibe.

If you are looking for versatility and durability then Asian Paints Beautiful Homes has a wide range of cushion covers to suit your taste. Beautiful Homes offers a variety of cushion cover designs that add a dash of colour, style and convenience to your room. Our cushion covers are of superior quality and are made from the finest fabrics. Not only do we have the most exquisite styles, but we also have a dedicated team of style experts to help you choose the perfect cushion covers to liven up your space. From the right furnishings and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of décor items that dress up your space—find what you’re looking for, to get your interior design just right.

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