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Design 101: How to decorate a room in 10 easy steps

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Mar 28, 2022
Easy steps to decorate your room & give it an elegant look - Beautiful Homes

Are you designing and decorating a room from scratch or looking to freshen it up a bit? Follow the steps outlined here to realise your vision

Looking to redo the décor in your house? Shopping for room decoration and design ideas can be super fun. But when it comes to implementing these ideas, things can get a little tricky.


Additionally, a complete overhaul may not be for everyone. So instead of redesigning your entire home or even just a room, you can make changes to only the décor or the aesthetics of the space.


With room decoration things and aspects, the focus is not so much on structural changes but on how the room looks and feels. The key décor elements are style, colour, pattern, textiles, accessories and layouts.


Room Decorating Steps for your Home

This carefully laid out process will help you reinvent your home interiors and actualise all your room ideas.

Step #1: Choose the Room's Purpose

Over the past couple of years, we have had to adjust to incorporating various aspects of our lives in our homes with WFH, online school, virtual socialising, etc.


When you're looking for room décor ideas, consider the following aspects:

  • Is the room for private use only, or is it a shared space?
  • Is the room going to be a multifunctional space? If so, will you need to create nooks or demarcations?
  • How will you move around the space?
  • Does it need to be child-friendly?
Unique yellow color chair that sets right with the extra ordinary room décor - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

How you use the room and move around it are crucial factors in setting up the best room design. Knowing the room's function will help you determine the layout and pick the required furniture pieces.


Step #2: Assess the Room Design and Floor Plan, and Measure the Room

Mark all the entryways, windows, electrical outlets and so on. When you examine the floor plan, make sure to measure the room. An understanding of these foundational aspects will help you build your plan.


You must get the scale and proportions right for any room design ideas. Knowing the entryways and exits will help you gauge the movement in the room. Marking out natural light sources allows you to determine how to optimise them and how many artificial sources you will require.

Blue leather sofas that makes your room decoration luxurious - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Step #3: Choose a Style to Decorate Room

The next step is to choose a style that suits you. It will determine how you feel about the space. Do you want to use the interiors to express yourself and showcase your personality, or do you want a calming space? Of course, the two aren't mutually exclusive for all.


But with so many interior design styles and room design ideas and inspiration, it can get challenging to curate a personal style. A great way to narrow down your options is to shop for ideas from multiple places, blogs, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and save them.

Try to categorise so that it is easier to sort through later—for example, furniture, colour, lighting and accessories.


Once you've explored all your options, start editing your collection. This will help you identify the style and get a clearer picture of what you want. To be more specific, search for how you can execute this style in a room similar to yours in shape and proportions.


Step #4: Create a Mood Board

A mood board acts as the foundation for any design project. With all information in one place, you can return to it whenever you falter or things get overwhelming. Another advantage of having a mood board is checking if the things you like all work together. If not, it is easy enough to make changes and swaps at this stage.


Step #5: Figure Out the Layout for the Room Interior

This is a crucial step for many reasons. Planning where the furniture will go will dictate how the space feels and how you use it. Each room can be arranged in multiple layouts. Try out all the different possibilities- check if floating the furniture works better or if pushing it all against the walls. What you finalise should serve well functionally.


Ensure that all your requirements are accommodated in the layout- there is enough space to move around, the sources of light arent blocked, you can fit in all the gadgets and appliances you need, and so on.

Step #6: Pick a Colour Palette

All styles can be executed using different colour schemes. So narrowing it down will help you maintain consistency in your décor, not just for a particular room but the entire house.

Disparate colours in each room can make a home appear jarring. To ensure visual continuity, pick two or three base colours that you can repeat in other rooms and build the colour scheme for each room around them.


Things you need to consider are, do you want to have a room with an all-neutral palette or something with pops of colour? Or are you ready to go all out with a riot of colour? In any case, a cohesive and planned scheme will tie everything together.

Use colour combinations like pastels & neutral for your modern room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Step #7: Set the Budget

Once you have the plan, it is time to set the budget. Finally, shopping after all this planning is a fun and exciting prospect. But it is easy to go overboard if you do not have checks in place. You can either have a set upper limit or set a budget range if you prefer some wiggle room.


Categorisation is a great help here as well. Allocate a certain amount for each element of the décor. Of all the elements, furniture can especially be expensive. So look for investment, heirloom-quality pieces or invest in your existing furniture and refurbish it. Try to be stringy where you can. Try to get an estimate when possible, for example, with wall treatments.


Start with only what is necessary— you can always build up from there. But if you binge buy, all you're doing is accumulating clutter.

Add a beautiful wall frame & unique chandelier to your room decoration - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Step #8: Just Get Started and Decorate Room

The start point may differ for everyone. If you wish to build up the space, ensure that you have all the functional pieces in place. In living rooms, that would mean the seating arrangement; in bedrooms, the bed and the storage; in the kitchen, the counters and the cabinets.


Alternatively, you can start with creating the focal point in the room. It may be an art piece that takes centre stage or a statement wall. If your living room does not have a TV, you can focus on the socialising areas by adding an area rug and chandelier. A similar trick works well with dining areas as well.


Step #9: Nail the Lighting

We cannot state this enough— the lighting can make or break the interiors. You may have the most brilliant room décor ideas, but it may seem dull and out of place without the proper lighting. Layered lighting is a technique that works in every room.


Amplify the natural light with light hues and reflecting surfaces such as metals and mirrors. Besides ambient lighting, choose task lighting for study and work areas, by the bed and sofas. Dimming and colour options can help you set the mood for every possible scenario.

Step #10: Add Personality to House Décor with Accessories

The little knick-knack and bits and baubles are where our personality truly shows. These are the finishing touches and truly make the space your own.


Add some of your artwork, pictures, or other decorative hangings to utilise the wall space. Decorate the shelves with books, souvenirs or your other collectables. Some foliage, real or faux, livens up any space. Throw pillows and covers to make the space more inviting.


These finishing touches make the picture-perfect aesthetic room décor feel like home.


Some Room Décor Ideas and Tips for a Quick Makeover

  • Start with decluttering and reorganising if you're looking for quick room décor ideas. This will give you an idea of what you're working with, and if you need to buy anything, you can simply rearrange a few room decoration designs for a fresh look.

  • When you're coming up with room décor ideas for your home, experiment with different layouts to figure out what would work best for you with what you already have. Do not pigeonhole yourself into thinking that only a particular arrangement will work.

  • Accent walls are easy DIY and can instantly change how you perceive a room. Try different room wall designs- wallpaper, textured finish, gallery wall, there is a massive selection to choose from.

  • Decorate room with various textures and finishes to add visual intrigue. Changing the textiles seasonally is a budget-friendly way to update the décor often without compromising the aesthetics.

  • If the entire room decoration and design are trendy, it might look outdated in a couple of years. Opt for primary and secondary pieces that are more classic. Since you can easily rotate and exchange accessories, limit the trendy pieces to accessories.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you with the Best Room Decoration for your Home?

Training your eye for interior styling and décor takes time and experience. Many novices either go overboard or make pretty underwhelming choices. This is when professional help can make a huge difference. A good specialist knows how to edit, cater to your taste, and make your photo ready house feel like a home. This is precisely what we offer at Asian Paints Beautiful Homes.


At Beautiful Homes, we provide a large selection of products and services to cater to your interior design and décor needs. Visit our website to check various options offered and the projects executed by us so far.


You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution or walk into our stores across India to know more about our offerings. Our experts are dedicated to providing a personalised experience unique to each customer. 

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