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Design guide : Plaster of Paris for your home

  • Interior Design
Jan 24, 2022
POP design guide for your home - Beautiful Homes

There are many great ways to use Plaster of Paris in your home. From cute accessories to decorative and functional design elements for your ceilings, walls, skirting and more – POP is very versatile and opens up a world of endless décor possibilities!

If you’re interested in DIY or home interior design, I’m sure you’ll have heard of Plaster of Paris (known more simply as POP), or even used it in projects yourself. If so, you’ll definitely know what a versatile material it is! Made from gypsum, it comes in the form of a dry powder; once mixed with water it creates a paste that has many uses. POP is lightweight, long lasting, resistant to fire, doesn’t crack while drying (unlike putty), and is easy to work with, making it ideal for use in both structural builds (such as false ceilings and drywall) and for more intricate relief work or décor pieces. Plus, as a crafting material, it is relatively low-cost; simple POP design elements can be quickly added to your home with minimal expenditure and effort.


So let’s take a quick look into what are some of the best POP design ideas for your home and the various ways it can be used.

POP Wall Design Ideas : Play with Patterns

One of the main ways that plaster is used, is for wall punning – this is a method where a thin layer of wet plaster is applied onto a wall, beam or column to even out the finish and ensure a flawlessly smooth look. Once dry, the plaster can be sanded and treated to create a specific effect or further embellished with precast POP design panels. With its natural off-white colour, POP can be left as is for a more rustic appeal or, since it also takes paint very well, you could cover it with the oil or enamel paint of your choice.


Easy to install and safe to use, POP panels are available in a range of shapes, sizes, 3D patterns and designs, and are a simple alternative to hand-plastered, customised patterns. But, whether you choose to go with precast panels that are easy to find on the market or want something more made-to-order, POP is a wonderful way to bring unique style, character and texture to your walls, and can be used in the following ways: 

1. Texture:

If you need to disguise uneven walls or want a more creative, innovative way to make your living room look one-of-a-kind, then adding texture to your walls is an easy way to go. You can customise textures onto wet plaster with simple tools – like a trowel, a brush, a comb, or even rough fabric. Alternatively, if finding an experienced craftsman to hand-plaster the pattern you have visualised, or investing the time needed for a DIY project is not within your scope, 3D POP panels come in a wide range of dynamic styles and are a great choice if you want to include a moulded POP design for hall or living room walls.

Textured pop wall design for your home - Beautiful Homes

2. Room Partitions & Wall-Board:

In a larger space, you can add an extra point of visual interest with decorative plaster partition panels or back-lit wall-boards placed behind entertainment/TV units. You could also create a free-standing new POP design niche that can act as a separator within the room, while also showcasing knick-knacks, artwork or other collectibles. Do keep in mind that since it is a water-soluble material, plaster is best used in the drier regions of your home; POP design features aren’t an advisable addition when creating partitions or wall-boards for outdoor areas or rooms with a high degree of moisture and dampness – such as around an indoor swimming pool or in a bathroom.


3. Murals & Mouldings:

Murals made from moulded POP design panels can be crafted in show stopping styles – use it to spruce up your bedroom décor with a unique headboard over your bed, or create a focus wall in your dining area with a full-size decorative panel. If you're using a combination of colours on your walls, you could also create a distinct separation and demarcate the shades by placing a patterned POP moulding between them. Such designs can be crafted into the wall with a chisel and trowel or attached to the surface as small POP panels, that can be further customised to match your interior décor; this customisability of POP design for bedroom décor and other living spaces, is what makes these panels a great choice when doing up your home.


4. Cornice Work and Pilasters:

If your design sense tends towards something a little more traditional rather than modern, simple POP design features can be added to the tops of your walls to imitate old-fashioned cornice work. You could also add decorative elements, such as pilasters – these are a classic architectural feature that look like columns attached to your walls, but serve a purely ornamental purpose. As an element of POP design for room interiors, both pilasters and cornices can be custom created using special moulds, they are then assembled and installed on-site, and once dry can be finished to your preference.

POP design for window & door borders in your home - Beautiful Homes

5. Window & Door Borders

Many people aren’t drawn to elaborately designed interiors and want to keep things a little more uncluttered, while still displaying personalised style. In cases like this, consider installing decorative framing around your doors and windows. This simple addition, is a discreet way to include unique elements of POP design for room décor that leans towards classic and clean. Historically, architraves and lintels have often been customised with unique designs – embossed to either denote the status of the person living in the house, or to indicate what the use of a building is. But today, you could use this style of POP design for hall doorways or other portals, to ensure that every element of your home helps to boost your interiors and match your décor theme.

6. Dedo and Skirtings:

Another way to use this multi-purpose material to incorporate classic design and architecture elements to your walls, is with decorative dado rails and skirting boards. When doing up your house, POP design panels allow you to get the effect of wood panelling without the installation effort, maintenance issues, and high expense. What’s more, since it can be easily shaped and moulded, and crafted to adapt to any decorative style, POP skirting boards can be made in a variety of designs to suit your aesthetic taste – going from the conventional straight panels, to more esoteric geometric or even floral patterns.

POP design for ceilings in living room - Beautiful Homes
White pop design for living room ceiling borders - Beautiful Homes

POP Ceiling Design Ideas : Explore Form & Function

Installed below your structural ceiling, a false ceiling is used to either enhance or disguise certain aspects of a room and its interior design. Plaster is the ideal material to use in creating such false ceilings, as it is very lightweight and durable. Plus, since it can be cast or moulded into the pattern or structure of your choice, with POP ceiling design elements, you can ensure that you’re harmoniously blending decorative features into your existing design scheme, increasing the aesthetic appeal of your space. This is why false ceilings are one of the most common uses, when it comes to home POP design features.

There are many reasons to install a false ceiling with a POP design, for bedroom spaces in particular, plaster false ceilings can up both the safety and comfort of the space. A false ceiling provides sound proofing, reduces echoes and can be used as camouflage for sprinkler systems and other home safety measures. Plus, they can increase energy efficiency, in terms of ease of temperature control and available lighting solutions. With the use of inset LED lights in a tray or coffer ceiling, you can achieve a gentle ambient glow that is helpful in creating a restful environment that promotes a good night of sleep.


What’s more, while the practical, functional and utilitarian aspects may be a primary reason to choose a false ceiling, it isn’t where the aesthetic possibilities end. By including an embossed modern plus minus POP design – with decorative relief work that is either custom-crafted in-situ or precast and applied – you can turn your ceiling into a statement piece, while still using it as a quick-fix disguise to conceal wiring, ducts, pipes and even AC vents! No matter what your design style, while building or refurbishing your house, POP design features can add an innovative twist to otherwise boring build-structures; bringing classic aspects of architecture to life or adding extra embellishment to the most basic elements of a room; the ceiling, walls and entry portals.


Still not sure what are the best ways you can add POP to your home? Partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints for great ideas in POP design, simple ways to use it, and so much more! Shop for the latest in home accessories and décor elements from our curated collection, or reach out to our team and we’ll help you navigate through the design process, end-to-end.

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