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Designer tricks with paints to change the size of your room

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Jan 25, 2021
Design idea with marble floor, metal lamps & door fittings to make your room look bigger - Beautiful Homes

We all know how mirrors hold the power to make any space look wider than it really is but did you know how wall colours and various patterns also play an important part in doing the same to your home?


White being the easiest and most efficient colour choice in making a room look like it’s got more room, there sure are other hues that do just that, without you having to compromise on your interior design aesthetics.


Let us take you through some of the best home interior design hacks for you to draw inspiration from;

Always A Win-win With Neutrals
Painting the walls with shades closer to white may not be a new trick out of the box but a combination of neutrals and pastels sure surprise you. Especially in spaces that allow the natural light to flood in each day. Notice how the floor matches the sofa seats and drapes, keeping from blocking your view, effortlessly making this minimalist living room feel more spacious. Some pastel blues in the couch and the rug to keep the breezy home interior design flowing. You can always throw in some cushions in vibrant colours or a large colourful painting like in this one, to keep things interesting.

Neutral & Paster Paint Design Idea with sofa seats & drapes - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, The Purple Backyard

Black marble wall design with white & grey couches - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Reflections Without Mirrors
We all know how mirrors help in making any indoor space look wider than it is. But did you know semi-reflective materials do achieve somewhat similar results? Black marble walls in this space not only makes this home interior look bigger but also enhances all the negative space around it. While the couches are in white and grey, adding a little aqua through the coffee table and leather seat helps match the outdoor pool vibe. The sheer grey curtains just soften the space between the whites and black.

For An Elongated SPACE
This home interior you see is most definitely narrower than it seems to be. The reason? Glass walls and doors definitely act more like large windows instead of walls, but also the dark wood false ceiling and wall add the right amount of contrast that enhances the width of this living room.

Glass wall & doors design with the dark wood false ceiling  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Pastel green wall design with whites & some splashes of vibrant hues  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Cozy Yet Breezy
This one’s probably our favourite study space we’ve ever seen. And that’s because there’s so much to take in while looking at it, noticing how this small space feels so very spacious. While the furniture and rug adds the darker shades in this retro room, the pastel green walls brighten it up! That too without overdoing the minty-ness by using frames in a neutral base, adding lots of whites and some splashes of vibrant hues. 


The lights in any home interior plays an important part in making it look more spacious or cozy, just the way spotlights do in this one.

White Ceilings And Wooden Walls
If you’re a fan of neutrals, this bedroom will definitely entice you. However, the interesting bit in this space is how the wood wraps around all the walls, making the white ceiling look higher while the wooden floor partially covered by a rug adds warmth to this space.

Bedroom design with white ceilings & wooden walls - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Paint design idea for a dining area with velvet ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs

Sky-high Ceilings You Wish You Could Touch
Every dinner in this space would be a royal one. Even if it’s tacos. While the mirrors definitely add depth to this cozy dining area, the rug truly makes it feel cozier and wider. The real winner here that amplifies the elite decor here is the velvet ceiling adorned with a majestic chandelier. Not only does that make the room feel taller but also refreshing.

A Play Of Suede And Spotlights
An interesting way of making a space feel bigger is using some gradient textures on the wall, continuing to the ceiling. The colours and patterns you pick in doing so, play a very important part as it can either give you a masterpiece of a room or one that feels like a box. Using suede in a shade that looks like the monsoon sky really strikes the right balance between feeling too bright and too closed off. The cherry on top is the marble floor underneath. Adding metal through lamps and door fittings, surely take the chic factor up by a notch. This one definitely is a dream space for anyone who appreciates modern art, isn’t it?

Design idea with marble floor, metal lamps & door fittings to make your room look bigger - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD studio

Do you have any suggestions on how one can make a home interior space look bigger? We’d love to hear them!

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