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Different types of kitchen islands

  • Kitchen Design
May 29, 2022
Sleek kitchen island design with kitchen sink & stove - Beautiful Homes

Different types of kitchen islands to inspire your choice of size, shape, finish and design and create a new addition that will completely transform your cooking space

If there is one part of the house that we never compromise upon, is our kitchen. From getting renovations done regularly to storing all the hundreds of ingredients in an efficacious way, all households have a strict check on the sanctity of their kitchen. To guarantee such a hearty and healthy kitchen, one ought to have a really practical, organized and methodical kitchen decoration and design. When we are speaking of design in the kitchen, there is clearly no doubt in the fact that modular kitchen designs are the latest rave. They have literally taken the world of kitchens by storm and if their feasibility is anything to go by, their rage is set to keep going on an upward arc.


There is something about a modular kitchen design that ropes you in. From the luxurious arrangement of cabinets across to the kitchen island design, everything about a modular kitchen spells excellence. Modular kitchens are known worldwide for their aesthetic appeal, neat arrangement and luxurious materials etc.


Despite the peak in contemporary and modular designs, traditional kitchens are still among the most famous kitchen styles. One of the fundamental features of kitchens is the kitchen island, and their attention to detail; each area of the space has detailing and embellishments that look layered, but not overbearing.

Types of Kitchen Islands

kitchen island idea boosts the room’s preparation and storage space plus they usually add seating while having a massive aesthetic impact on the space.


They might be sized up in larger kitchens, or of more packed proportions in smaller spaces, but either way factors such as the selection of materials, colour, shape and more can make an island into an element of high grade visual appeal.


A kitchen island can also be a brilliant purchase in the modern kitchen design décor and layout by dividing the working areas from space for family and guests to allow the chef to work safely without being isolated.

Wooden kitchen island deign with granite countertop - Beautiful Homes

A kitchen island comes in multiple styles, however, we can safely classify them all under two types: fixed modular kitchen island and portable kitchen island.


A fixed modern kitchen island is stagnant and designed to be thoroughly functional. These islands present more prominent bench space for food prep, cooking, eating, washing up etc. These can accommodate kitchen appliances and fixtures such as the sink, dishwasher, range, microwave etc.


A portable or moveable kitchen island, on the other hand, can be taken off the shelf or taken on as a weekend house scheme. These do not need the installation of utilities and present an extra workspace. Some have wheels so you can effortlessly move them wherever you require them.


Let's take a look at the different types of kitchen island designs under each style:


Fixed Modular Kitchen Island Designs

Modern kitchen island design with matching kitchen interiors - Beautiful Homes

1. L-shaped Modern Kitchen Island

An L-shaped modular kitchen. is a great choice if you have a large open space in your kitchen and are looking for a generous workspace, storage capacity, and seating. With the corner in the L-shaped island, you can bring in a lazy susan style attachment in the cabinet to enhance your storage space. You can also comfortably add an appliance or two to your kitchen island.


  • Big in size
  • Good storage capabilities
  • Surplus workspace
  • Can become a kitchen island with seating



  • Due to the large size and design, it can chop up your kitchen design, hindering your workflow.
  • Blunt corners can create a boxed-in look and also reduce accessibility.


2. U-shaped Wooden Kitchen Island

U-shaped modular kitchen island also lends itself well to a breezy open kitchen space. With a U-shaped island, you still have a considerable amount of workspace, along with the opportunity to storage and seating style.



Considerably spacious.

  • Biggest and most accommodating of all types of kitchen islands
  • Perfect for storage, workspace and seating.
  • Generous space for accommodating one or more appliances.
  • Easy prep or clean-up process.
U shaped kitchen island design with breakfast counter - Beautiful Homes


  • It can become the largest downfall and can quickly overwhelm your kitchen if the   space is limited
  • Can also shut your kitchen off from the rest of your house if you are aiming for an open concept
  • With the corners to maximize storage, you would want to feature a lazy susan for storage and liven up the space.



Circular kitchen island design with wooden base cabinets & marble countertop - Beautiful Homes

3. Circular Kitchen Island

These types of circular kitchen islands are very famous in restaurants where they are designed with visible cooking stations. Circular islands are a wonderful choice if you are seeking to increase the seating space and build a central component.



  • Adds grace and a visual appeal to your kitchen.
  • Plentiful prep space.
  • Ample seating areas, usually for table height seating rather than counter or bar height.




  • A spread-out and curved centre can restrict the efficiency of the workspace.
  • Finite storage space.

4. Kitchen Island Table or a Galley Kitchen Island

The  kitchen island table is a no-frills, workhorse design for any kitchen space. This type of kitchen island fits in just about any kitchen layout and delivers additional workspace, seating, and storage, particularly in a kitchen that may have space limitations.



  • A good choice for any type of kitchen layout.
  •  Spacious and practical
  • Maximises storage as there aren’t any corners and cabinets can  be put back to back.
  • Can also be styled with bar-style seating.
Galley kitchen island design with attached sink - Beautiful Homes


  • As compared with other kinds, this could be considered bland/boring.
  • Less space to fit an appliance with ease.


Portable Modular Kitchen Island Designs

1. Portable Kitchen Trolley Island

An island that has a kitchen trolley on wheels, isn't that so interesting? A rolling kitchen trolley storage island is certain to make an impact on any small or large kitchen area. A versatile alternative, it can be rolled around, which makes it possible to revamp the appearance of your space as frequently as you like. Low cost and easy to move, rolling wooden modular kitchen stands are available in different sizes, colours and materials.



  • A Versatile option
  • Ideal for small space parallel kitchen design that lack prep area.
  • They serve as a food tray, worktop, or extra counter to keep food items.
  • Effortless to stow and move.
  • Inexpensive



  • The slim and compact design doesn’t lend itself to the generous workspace.
  • Hassle to roll out and move.
  • Very less to zero storage.
  • The seating option is not available
Small wooden kitchen island design - Beautiful Homes

2. Wooden Kitchen Island with Seating and Storage

A semi portable kitchen island has furniture style legs rather than wheels and is usually heavier than movable kitchen islands, Instead of a kitchen trolley wooden they aren’t designed for regular moving. Though, if you choose to change the layout of your kitchen, a semi-portable island can be shifted into a new place. It adds character to your space and distinguishes the work area from the rest.

One can combine seating and storage space by introducing drawers and shelves below the worktop. You can also have a two tier island for additional storage.



  • Can be moved to a new position, if required
  • Has an option of seating
  • Storage can be maximised with shelves and drawers
  • Offers ample space to cook, and work



  • Due to its hefty design, moving can be tedious
  • Durability can be a trouble


Cook Up your All-new Kitchen Island with Beautiful Homes

Our kitchen island is the central, focal point and heart of our kitchen!  It’s where we gather for those bonding family dinners, work on our laptops, connect with friends over a cup of coffee, and celebrate all the big and little moments. Whether you adore a simple semi modular kitchen refresh or a total makeover, experts at Asian Paints Beautiful homes have the right advice for designing the perfect kitchen island for maximum function and beauty.

Find expert solutions from our professional kitchen designers on choosing the right kitchen island size and height, kitchen island lighting options, folding kitchen trolley ideas, bar stools, kitchen island cabinets, and modular kitchen layouts with an island.


What We Design:

  • Modular Kitchens: Expect a Sleek-made modular kitchen interior design that blends function with elegance.
  • Furniture: Get completely personalised furniture to complement the aesthetic of your space.
  • Furnishings and Décor Accessories: From the right furnishings and fabrics in diverse colours to a variety of house interior décor items.
  • Lighting: Choose from a wide range of lights— elaborate chandeliers, and beautiful floor lamps.
  • Painting and Wallpaper: Get Signature Walls that express your true personal style. From interesting shades.
  • Wardrobe Designs: Find the right size, the perfect shape and a chic design for a signature wardrobe.


If you wish, you can book your 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution or walk into any of our stores across India. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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