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Set a mood in your dining room with these 10 paint color ideas

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Aug 02, 2022
Light dining room colors with wooden floorboard - Beautiful Homes

The dining room should be a happy and comfortable space where people can spend time together and enjoy a delicious meal and good company. Here are some great colour ideas for your dining room walls that can set the right mood and ambience

The dining room is a communal space in the house. It is where the family gathers around for a meal and a space to entertain guests. It may not be used as frequently as other rooms, but as a room that is dedicated to get-togethers, entertaining and celebrations, the design and décor of the dining room should be more elaborate.

A well-designed dining room will provoke interest and intrigue and reflect the personality and lifestyle of the homeowner while striking the right balance of comfort and refinement. As creating the perfect ambience to enjoy a repast is at the heart of the dining room's purpose, wall colours should be given extra consideration as they will define the atmosphere that you will be providing for your guests.


Colour Ideas for your Dining Room

When decorating the dining room, one needs to consider the kind of space that you want it to be. It should reflect the personality of the homeowner and be in sync with their lifestyle. For instance, do you entertain a lot and have a large and boisterous family and a wide circle of friends? Or, are you a quieter and more formal person who prefers intimate dinners with a selected few?


For an adventurous party animal, darker colours that make strong statements may be the way to go. For a quieter and more dignified personality, subdued, elegant colours may resonate better. Whatever be your vibe, here are some gorgeous colours that can help you set the right mood in your dining room.


1. Ravishing reds - Luxurious color for dining room

One of the perfect shades for creating a rich, sophisticated scheme in a dining room is a beautiful deep red. It is a great color for dining room that will see a lot of get-togethers as it energizes, and inspires lively conversation.


While red creates a ton of drama and can light up a space, adding smart white trims can cut down the impact of bold red walls. Or the rich effect of using red as the color for dining room can be accented with antique wooden furniture, and rich upholstery and table linen for a sumptuous space.


2. Tantalizing terracotta - Warm dining room colors for elegant dining

Warm, toasty dining room wall colors like muted terracotta shades can envelop a space and make it inviting and cosy. It pops in a dining room with a lot of light and appears more subtle in less light. This warm colour is perfect for family meals during the day and for elegant entertaining in the nights.


This rich tone can give a timeless feel to your dining room. Pair it with Indian ikat or paisley upholstery and table linen, patterned dhurries, Indian artwork on the walls and brass planters with leafy foliage for a gorgeous and inviting space that you will love entertaining in.

3. Brilliant blues – Sophisticated, bright dining room colors

Blue shades create peaceful and harmonious spaces in which to relax and unwind over a good meal. These bright dining room colors make for a fabulous backdrop for paintings and art, and by mixing it with richer and deeper colours, like red, orange or yellow tones, a balance between warm and cool can be created.


Pair lighter blues with darker accents like dark wooden floors and furniture. For deeper, darker blues, incorporate whites as trims or panelling for a striking effect. With light wood furniture, white carpeting and white and blue printed table linen, this will be a pleasing dining room for the day and a sophisticated space come evening.

Bright dining room colors with brick paneling - Beautiful Homes
Small dining room colors with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes

4. Neutral hues - Small dining room colors that open up the space

An all-white scheme is the perfect way to make a small dining room look much larger than it is. If white is too stark for your liking, dining room paint colors in neutral shades, like beige, cream and off white can also make the space feel bright and airy.


Liven up a neutral hued room with texture and patterns. For instance, a beautiful silk wall hanging, and table linen and upholstery in gorgeous complementing colours can bring this elegant room together in a stunning way.

5. Refreshing yellows - Best dining room colors for a small space

Yellow is one of the best dining room colors to make a small space seem bigger instantly. Bright, cheery yellows can add light to a dark room and invoke a happy and sunny mood. Create a morning room filled with warmth by adding pretty and colourful linen and upholstery in greens and blues.


Darker ochres are perfect for small gatherings and elegant soirees. A sophisticated dining space can be created with dark wood furniture, and table linen and upholstery in more traditional and richer colours.

Colors for dining room walls with armless chairs - Beautiful Homes

A Few Color Combinations that Work Best for Dining Room

Combining colours can provide a striking visual effect that will be a real conversation starter when you are entertaining. Here are some gorgeous colour combinations to jazz up your dining room décor.

Dining hall colour combination with light shades - Beautiful Homes

1. Large dining room color combination

Neutral hues, like white, off white, beige, ivory and creams are popular dining room color combinations because they are easy to accent and embellish.


Pale ivory and beige walls with a stripped-down farmhouse dining table, colourfully painted wooden stools, flowery window treatments, and complementing colours on the table linen, chinaware, and artwork will create a cheery space.

2. Dining hall colour combination for a small space

The go to colours for a small space are neutral hues, but darker dining room painting colour can give a small room depth when used effectively. Deep colours, like chocolate tones, rust, taupe, deep greys and blues look great with a contrasting stark white.


For a stunning dining hall colour combination, give the dark coloured walls a white trim or half wall panelling for a very vintage vibe. Let the light pour in during the day, and install mood lighting to create the right ambience for the evening's meal.


3. Unusual dining colour combination that will stand out

If you are looking to make a bold statement with your dining room painting, an unusual choice is black. Deep charcoal paired with dull gold is a striking dining colour combination and makes a dramatic setting for sophisticated dinner parties. Use table linen and upholstery with gold accents, and full length damask curtains to accentuate the effect.


Black and white is another striking dining room wall painting combination. Black walls, black and white chequered floors, stark white linen and upholstery, and white chinaware will create a stunning visual.

4. Trendy dining room paint colors for a contemporary interior

A contemporary design tends to be minimal and streamlined. The dining area is a pretty cluttered space. To help it fit seamlessly into a contemporary style of interior décor, pare down the number of items that are in the room and instead use a combination of colours on the walls as the decorative element.


Yellow and blue can be a cheerful combination, navy and teal provide a more sophisticated aura, while purple and grey can be truly dramatic. Add texture to one of the walls for added depth. Keep the rest of the furnishings and accessories in the room limited to give it a clean and contemporary feel.

Lavender color dining room for contemporary interiors - Beautiful Homes
Indian dining room wall colors with partition design - Beautiful Homes

5. Traditional dining room colour ideas

Green is one of the most lovely and serene dining room colour ideas that can bring out the beauty of the room. It creates a natural, earthy vibe that can be complemented and accented with other colours.


A deep, rich green for dining room wall colors can be complemented with gold accents for a truly elegant look or toned down with crisp white ceilings and pale wooden furniture. Organic textured furniture like natural wood, wicker and rattan pair well with greens and can bring your dining room alive.

How can Beautiful Homes help you with Choosing the Perfect Color for the Dining Room?

At Beautiful Homes, we rely on our experience in interior design to guide our clients through the design process, whether it is a complete remodel, a living room makeover or a new construction. Our design team makes the interior design journey a collaborative effort to create an authentic style and identity for your space.


Our interior design team works with passion to create a dining space tailored for your needs. Take a quick peek at our online store to check out some of the gorgeous home accessories, furnishings, dining room wall colors and décor in our curated collection. If you would like a gorgeous dining room that will be a fine addition to your home, we offer our services in Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, Ahmedabad, Bangalore and Pune.

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