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Dining room wall décor: 25 ideas to add new life to your space

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Sep 06, 2022
Dining room wall décor - Beautiful Homes

If you’re fond of entertaining, adore family gatherings, or simply treasure the experience of sitting down to a great meal, you know how important ambiance can be to a dining environment… so, why not give the dining room in your own home a little love? These ideas help you do just that!

Despite the fact that the dining room is one of the main family / gathering rooms in any house, they often receive surprisingly little thought and care during any design, decorating or home remodel process. But, given the amount of time we spend in them, and how integral they are to every social function, it’s clear they don’t deserve the short shrift.

Which is why we’ve compiled this comprehensive list of potential dining room wall décor ideas for you!


Our Top 25 Dining Room Wall Décor Ideas

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.1 : Harmonise your Colour Scheme

Mismatched dinnerware just looks messy and careless, and most people tend to choose a specific theme, colour scheme or style. This probably includes your table linens too… but why not take it one step further and extend this to your dining room wall décor? Pick out two key colours – like cerulean and white, or maybe pewter and moss green – to reflect across tableware, linens and paint scheme. If you want to get more detailed, consider creating custom art frames that reflect your chinaware patterns and display them as dining area wall décor.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.2 : Form a Focal Point

Have a larger dining room or one with a slightly awkward shape – blind corners or odd angles? Then consider creating a focal point on one wall to draw the eye. Hang a large tapestry in ethnic styles or vibrant colours, or form a mosaic of art pieces along a single theme (it could be anything you like – black and white photographs, pop-art prints, framed kid’s drawings), and set up directed lighting to attract the eye to your dining wall design. This will help create a core theme for your room and prevent the space from appearing unstructured.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.3 : Make it an Accent Wall

A focal point crafted through your dining area wall décor isn’t the only option if you want to draw the eye, an accent wall would work equally well. You could achieve this very simply by painting one wall in your dining room in a contrasting colour from the other surfaces, but a great idea that has emerged in modern dining room wall décor is to give one wall a purpose that helps to create that accent effect. From a trendy bar set-up, to glassed-in recessed display shelves for collectables like silverware, teapots or chinaware; they serve the dual purpose of being decorative and functional.

Dining wall area décor with hanging lights - Beautiful Homes
Dining wall décor with round dining table - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.4 : Invite Nature into the Space

Recent décor trends are all about nature themes; either by including natural colours and patterns into your décor or by simply crafting more open spaces within your architectural design. A glass wall, or more conservatively french windows and balcony doors that lead off from your dining space, are often a favourite of modern dining wall design, as they accomplish this without the inconveniences of actual outdoor dining. This is a great twist on dining wall décor, since you essentially have none, and are merely allowing the outdoors to speak for itself.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.5 : Welcome your Happy Memories

Who can resist indulging in a moment of sentimental nostalgia? And there’s nothing better for this than photographs – filled with vacation pictures, big life moments, and special memories. These mementos of your life can give you a truly charming way to make your dining room feel more warm, personal and family oriented. Choose pictures that aren’t too private and display them in sets along your dining room walls. By inviting guests into these precious memories, your dining room wall design will always be a talking point.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.6 : Strip Down to Basic Brick

Bring a more rustic feel to the room with an exposed brick wall. Either treated red brick, or painted in bright white with the brick texture showing through it lets you achieve a more understated dining room wall décor. Lighter or more neutral rustic style walls allow you to play around with your dining room decoration ideas; they bring a distinct aesthetic to the space without detracting from the statement pieces within your décor.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.7 : Play up a Highlight Colour

A great way that you can utilise your dining wall design is to bring the entire room together with the decorative aspects or colours you use. Hang artworks or paint the beams to highlight specific accent notes. Pick out shades that recur throughout your dining room – such as the navy, ocher or mahogany brown in upholstery, furniture, drapes, accent pieces or other elements –  to tie in every detail of the space and help to make your décor scheme look more uniform and harmonious.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.8 : Use Light to Draw the Eye

If you're working with a small dining room, wall décor ideas that help to brighten and expand the space are vital. While task and ambient lighting are the main workhorses in achieving this, more creative lighting solutions can also play their part. Whether it’s a backlit mural of an outdoor scene, a large neon sign that acts as your accent piece or more subtle spotlights that lead you to focus on an artwork, your dining wall décor can help add extra dimension, depth and personality to the room. Choose lighting features that suit your style and coordinate with your overall décor theme for the best effect.

Dining room wall design with blue frames - Beautiful Homes
Dining wall décor with brick paneling - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.9 : Add Drama through Texture

If you don’t wish to create visual clutter in your dining hall, wall design elements that have their own texture can negate the need for additional art or décor items while still adding personality and interest to the space. Textured wallpaper, natural materials like wood, stone and brick, or textured finishes created through paint layering can all have this effect. Textured wallpaper and paint layering are both extremely popular options in modern dining room wall décor for this reason.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.10 : Reinvent with Wallpaper

When it comes to using wallpaper in the dining room, your list of options are endless. Today, moisture and heat resistant wallpapers that will not be affected by a dining room's close proximity to the kitchen have made them a trendy choice for those who want a quick, easy and relatively cost effective way to add character to their dining area wall décor. The many designs of wallpaper available let you pick a pattern that speaks to your personality and simply revamp your dining room in style.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.11 : Bring out the Bibliophile in you

A standout idea in modern dining room wall décor, this style of accent wall is truly unique. With a full-sized bookshelf along one wall, it redefines dining room wall art with a tribute to the book lover in you. With the ample seating offered by your dining set, and custom-built shelving, this is a space that acts not merely as a library, but also a conversation starter and the perfect sanctuary for every introverted bibliophile that walks into your home.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.12 : Feature your Personal Loves

If you’re excited to show off your favourite hobbies but don’t know where to place them, they’re actually a great way to create a one-of-a-kind dining room wall design. Adding your own personal quirks and interests – a display of your craft, artworks, or collectables – into a space can help make your home uniquely yours. Even for small dining room wall décor, ideas like this are very adaptable and feasible, simply make sure to use more unobtrusive shelving and keep your display pieces to a reasonable number so as not to overwhelm.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.13 : Go Monochrome Minimalist

A minimalistic monochrome palette encourages you to stick to a single colour for your décor, with variations in shade for your accent pieces and highlights, to add interest. This is a good option if you prefer dining room wall décor ideas that encourage a clean and neat consistency across your décor. Don’t overcrowd the room with decorative accents or furniture, instead let the dining set and a few key pieces of dining room wall décor take priority in the space. Match the colour of your artwork frames with those of the doors and windows for a more uniform cohesion.

Open dining room wall décor with wooden floorboard - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.14 : Display The Magic of Contrast

Placing a white framed painting against a dark background is an absolutely fool-proof way to show-off a key piece in your dining wall décor theme – the contrast of white against dark will make any artwork pop and display it to its best advantage. Black paint on the walls has always been a big move in any style guide, and not just when it comes to dining room wall décor ideas – if you’re not comfortable with the bold, slightly edgy effect black brings to any space, you could choose a darker shade of grey, navy or even deep green for a similar result.

Dining room wall with window design - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.15 : Build a Window to Another World

Of course, we do mean this euphemistically, but a well-executed mural can truly seem magical – a path that leads you into a fantasy land. Placed behind your dining table, wall design murals that take up an entire wall produce the illusion of increasing the size of your room and can be custom created to suit your tastes. If you have the time, inclination and skill, this can be one of those DIY dining room decoration ideas that’s really worth the effort, but hiring a professional is a great option for those of us without an artistic bone in our bodies.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.16 : Use Decals for an Easy Change

An easy solution for adding a personalised twist to your modern dining wall design plans is to spruce up a plain and boring wall with a simple to apply, remove and replace decal. Today, there are plenty of available options in wall stickers for dining room spaces – featuring a variety of pretty patterns and food-related themes – and you’re sure to find one that suits you.



Dining Wall Décor Idea No.17 : Decorate with Typography

Not so interested in pretty pictures or plain colours? Love an uplifting message or quotable quote? Work with this to inspire your dining room wall décor ideas! Using typography to decorate and personalise a space is not only pretty easy to accomplish – you can either stencil the type on yourself, or create custom decals with your messages on them – but also looks great no matter the size of your room. If you’re looking for that perfect small dining room wall décor concept, this could be a good fit.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.18 : Draw the Eye upwards

Many of us live in rented spaces and don’t have the luxury of drilling holes into walls for paintings, decorative pieces or hanging shelves – or maybe you just find the whole process of levelling, drilling and hanging to be a bother. This doesn’t mean your dining room decoration ideas have to disregard your wall space. Instead of sticking with more traditional dining room wall décor, try placing a tall yet shallow display case along your walls with accent pieces stacked upon it. This will create a similar effect to a focus wall and is easy to change up, depending on season or occasion.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.19 : Pay Homage to the Abstract

If you love vivid wallpaper patterns but feel they’re a little too bold for your space, a blend of paint and wallpaper is a great way to elevate your dining room wall design without going overboard. This is a one of the most suitable dining wall décor ideas if your room has plaster moulding, wainscoting or false panels, since you can leave those areas painted in a neural tone, but contrast it with an abstract patterned wallpaper on the other sections. This will add a unique touch and remove the need for additional accent pieces if you're disinclined to add them.

Dining wall décor ideas with clocks - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.20 : Integrate into your Open Plan

When your floor plan has no distinct rooms or internal walls, it’s important to maintain a sense of cohesion and harmony within the eternity of the space. Keeping this in mind, your dining area wall design should blend into adjoining areas of your home. Additionally, you could use your dining wall décor to lead the eye into other spaces of the house, creating a clearer traffic flow pattern within the two spaces – artwork that has a distinct movement direction, or stripes and flowing curves painted on the wall are options that can do this.

Modern dining wall design with geometric patterns - Beautiful Homes

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.21 : Modernise with Geometric Patterns

The in-thing in modern dining room wall décor, or rather wall décor in general, is geometric patterns. From tessellated hexagons that create the illusion of a 3D space, to less regimented uses of geometric shapes, these patterns make an immediate statement. Keep in mind that this might not be the best idea for small dining room wall décor, as a heavy pattern can look quite overpowering in a modest space.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.22 : Indulge your Artistic Side

While chalkboard walls have become a staple design idea in kids’ playrooms and even kitchens, they aren’t really a part of common dining room decoration ideas, but they should be! A dining room is in essence, a primarily private yet occasionally extremely public area of any home, and your dining room wall art can reflect the changeability of that if you can change it with a simple swipe of a duster. Use your chalkboard wall to leave family notes or indulge the artist in you – it could even make a great ice-breaker when you entertain.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.23 : Keep Things Simple, not Boring

Your dining area wall design doesn’t have to be overly bright or attention grabbing to look attractive and create a welcoming atmosphere. If you’re more drawn to relaxing dining wall décor ideas, use a neutral shade as your base colour throughout the room, and add accents with pops of natural, yet soothing colours like beach, lavender and dove grey to create a sanctuary of calm.


Dining Wall Décor Idea No.24 : Make The Space Look Bigger with Mirrors

For a small dining room, wall décor can provide a quick fix solution to prevent the space from looking too cramped and tiny. In such cases, consider incorporating a mirror design; for dining room walls it’s important to remember that this should ideally be both a functional and welcoming space, and using your décor to increase the utility of the room can be a boon. Place the mirror to reflect a window or key lighting feature, to make the space look brighter and larger.

Dining Wall Décor Idea No.25 : Create an Oasis around a Window

Remember that when it comes to any room, including the dining hall, wall design can adopt structural elements, too. Make use of large windows and a broad windowsill by adding herb pots or hanging window baskets so that flowering shrubs can be framed by your window. Add additional shelves around the window for shade-loving plants or smaller garden/nature-themed knick-knacks. Creating a green space through your dining room wall décor is a great way to make the room feel fresher and more open, while helping to boost mental calm.

Dining hall wall design with floating shelves - Beautiful Homes


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