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Dining Room Wash Basin Design

  • Dining Room
Jan 19, 2022
Wash basin designs for your dining room - Beautiful Homes

A washbasin allows you to wash off the food from your hands after every meal, and where better to put it than the one place where you have most of your meals - the dining room. Read on for more ideas on washbasin design for your dining room.

What would a dining room be, without a washbasin? A wash basin’s primary purpose is to help you wash your hands after every meal. And hence, it makes perfect sense to minimise the distance one would have to walk from the dining room after a meal, in order to wash their hands.If it were not for washbasins, the convenience of cleaning your hands under running water after every meal would still be a dream. If you are moving into a new space, or are about to renovate your home, read on more to understand more about dining room wash basin area design.


Having a washbasin in the dining room depends on a number of factors. The size of your dining room and the type of dining area are the major factors to consider while designing the washbasin of your dreams. Here are some types of dining room wash basin area designs.

1. A Bold Colour Choice for your Washbasin

If you have a dining area that has a solid and poppy colour scheme, you could not go wrong with a bold and solid-colored wash basin in your dining area. This modern design has a bright red washbasin in the dining area which highlights the beauty of its surroundings like a dining table very well! You can go with any bold colour that complements the kind of wall tones you have used for your dining area. This wash basin could sit on a white or black countertop.


You could accessorise the modern dining room washbasin design by adding cabinets beneath the countertop. 

Choose bold colours for your dining room wash basin design - Beautiful Homes

This space could accommodate toiletries or hand towels to be easily accessible after you have had a meal and washed your hands. The cabinets under the washbasin sink can also be comfortable enough to house handwashes or other belongings that’d make sense there. You can always accessorise your dining room wash basin area design with a mirror above the basin and a small plant or a hand wash dispenser on the countertop right next to the basin sink!

Traditional wash basin designs for your dining room - Beautiful Homes

2. A Rustic Traditional Look for your Washbasin

Do you have a traditional-looking dining space? If yes, then this idea is the one for you. You should definitely check out dining room wash basins that are made out of copper! The stunning copper designer wash basin is perfect for your dining room design. To add to its beauty, you can have the mirror above it framed in a copper frame as well. This would match the tone and give a more homogenous look to the dining room wash basin design for the hall.

This one can be placed on a marble or granite countertop, preferably white in colour. Below the countertop, you can have a chest of drawers, preferably wooden. This slew of drawers can accommodate all the soaps, handwashes, moisturisers, toiletries, paper towels, and hand towels that you’d want to store safely around a washbasin in your dining area. You can also decorate your dining room wash basin area design by using the space around to house a small indoor plant, handwashes, etc.


In addition to this, you could also make this a wooden washbasin. A modern living room design would look great with a rustic setting paired with a wooden basin. For this one though, a balck countertop would do wonders for the vibe if it goes with your dining room design. As usual, you can have cabinets lined up under the modern washbasin design for dining room for easy storage of soaps and hand wash etc. These washbasin cabinets designed for the dining room should be made up of light wood too. The sink will pair beautifully with a metal or wood-framed mirror.


3. A Dash of Class for your Washbasin

Are you a straight shooter and like things to be transparent? Do you like all things that are clear and glassy? If yes, then this glass dining room wash basin design will be the perfect idea. If your dining room has a fun and friendly vibe and needs something delicate to top it off, then this wash basin design is for you. The thing about glass and stuff with a glass construction is that it can fit anywhere - whether your dining room setting is simplistic or modern!


For this dining room wash basin area design, you can make the basin rest on any colour of a countertop. But a frosty white will work wonders if it goes with your dining room aesthetic. Along with the usual space for toiletries and hand towels, you may also use a wicker basket for getting rid of the waste or used paper towels to be disposed of.

4. Rough-and-Tough Design for your Washbasin

Do you feel like your washbasin usage required a rough and tough getaway? Why not consider an all-metal one? Various stainless steel modern wash basins design for dining room are a good idea if you are very particular about stains and want to enhance your home interior design. Other materials stain easily and can also ensure that you need to do a bit more maintenance than usual. Stainless steel wash basins are a great idea as they are long-lasting and do not expect much maintenance.

Modern wash basin for your elegant & stylish dining room - Beautiful Homes

You can accessorise this dining room wash basin area design with a metal stand on the side, filled with wicker baskets to house stuff like hand towels, soaps, hand washes, and other toiletries. A steel-framed mirror will go just perfectly with this modern washbasin design makeover for the dining room.

Modern wash basin designs for dining room - Beautiful Homes

5. Stylish Marquina Marble Washbasin with a high-gloss finish

Taking inspiration from the grand central mausoleum design at the esteemed Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, this magnificent washbasin and vanity cabinet combines the personality of a contemporary urban style washbasin with timeless, sleek contours. Enriching the overall gracefulness of the black lacquered timber construction is a meticulously carved sculpture complementing the glass doors. The tabletop and rectangular sink brag the opulence of Marquina marble, while a striped wooden backdrop and a framed hexagonal mirror lend a stunning hint to this unique piece, making it a pleasant inclusion in any living or dining room.


6. Black Ceramic Round Bowl Wash Basin Design

A Black Ceramic Round Bowl Wash Basin Design is a spectacular addition to any modern dining room. This perfectly crafted wash basin design features a sleek and stylish design, boasting a round shape that oozes grace and refinement. The wash basin is made from high-quality black ceramic, bringing a hint of luxury to your dining space. With its smooth surface and immaculate texture, it not only functions as a practical fixture but also as a modern statement piece. The black colour adds an essence of drama to the design, flawlessly integrating with various dining decor styles. This exquisite Black Ceramic Round Bowl Wash Basin Design is perfect to elevate the aesthetic appeal of your dining space.

Dining room wash basin designs in hall - Beautiful Homes

7. Bronze wash basin with a rustic stone and metal finish

This wash basin design is an extraordinary option with unparalleled beauty, the Bronze wash basin boasts an adorable rustic charm with its unique stone and metal finish. This designer basin showcases a stunning composition, featuring a stone jar elegantly set upon a robust iron base, prompting a sense of rustic appeal. Adding a hint of fancy, the wash basin is adorned with foliage-covered pipes, infusing the entire setup with a lively and alluring ambience. Designed with suitability in mind, the front of the base is ingeniously crafted to let easy access during plumbing repairs, ensuring convenience and efficiency. Immerse yourself in the exceptional charm of this incredible Bronze wash basin, a testament to excellent craftsmanship and a captivating addition to any dining space.

Table top wash basin designs for dining room - Beautiful Homes

8. Natural Stone Vintage Wash Basin Design

Another option for your dining room is this charming Natural Stone Vintage Wash Basin Design. This vintage-inspired wash basin is composed of natural stone, bringing a touch of pastoral charisma to your dining area. The wash basin design features a timeless design with its smooth curves and sleek contours, exuding an air of elegance and fineness. With its premium craftsmanship and natural magnificence, this wash basin will be a unique focal point in your dining room, making a lasting impression on your visitors and guests.

9. Indulge Your Terracotta Cravings With This Aubrey Basin

If you appreciate the growing popularity of copper or terracotta accents in interior decor, then this Aubrey Basin is a perfect addition that adds a hint of grandness to your dining room design. This exquisite wash basin design serves as the crowning touch, effortlessly elevating the overall aesthetic of your dining space. With its elaborate basket weave decoration delicately embellishing the surface of the bowl, the Aubrey Basin lets you make a modest yet impactful statement.

Wash basin models for dining hall - Beautiful Homes
Corner wash basin designs for dining room – Beautiful Homes

10. In-Built Table Top Wash Basin Design

In-Built Table Top Wash Basin Design is a perfect blend of practicality and aesthetics that will leave a lasting impression on your guests. This unique wash basin features a sleek and modern design, ingeniously incorporated into a spacious tabletop surface. Crafted with superior attention to detail, this wash basin design idea is not only a useful fixture but also a modern statement piece. The in-built design presents a seamless and cohesive look, creating a sense of harmony in your dining space. Made from high-quality materials like marble and concrete, this wash basin boasts an enduring and resilient structure, guaranteeing long-lasting use and effortless maintenance.

With the help of Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, you can find your perfect modern wash basin design for your dining room. Here’s how we can help you design/buy a perfect washbasin for your dining space:


  • With our vision and planning, you can design a budget-friendly and fully utilitarian washbasin that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also successful for your dining space.


  • Technique and precision are essential to us. We ensure tha the design of the wash basin is tailored to be practical and comprehensive for maximum utility.


  • Our basins come with ample customization opportunities, and you can make every nook and cranny serve a purpose.


  • We have a huge range of options to fulfil your dreams. From a simple wash basin to a designer and luxurious one, we can do it all for you.


  • We offer the best possible craftsmanship and quality on the market. We craft the best pieces despite having the most competitive low-cost smart wash basins in the market. Rest assured, there shall be no compromise on the premise of fulfilling your dining room dreams.


  • We tend to have multiple rounds of discussion to get your sign-off before finalising the design in any way.


Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru, and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.


FAQs for having a washbasin in your dining room


1. Which variety of washbasin is the most convenient?

Ceramic washbasin designs have become the most convenient choice due to their ease of use and hassle-free maintenance. When it comes to ensuring a neat and hygienic space, ceramic wash basins are highly recommended. Regardless of the bathroom's style or size, ceramic is the best material for wash basins, providing both practicality and tidiness.


2. How can I figure out what size basin I need?

Before making a choice, it is important to accurately measure the complete length and width of the basin. Using a tape measure, carefully demarcate the dimensions of the basin, including its length, width, and depth. Also, for basins of distinct types, it is essential to measure the height accurately. Taking these exact measurements will help guarantee that the selected sink fits correctly on your countertop, utilizing the available space effectively.


3. Where do you put a wash basin in the dining room?

You can consider integrating a wash basin into a cabinet or console table located adjacent to the dining area. This setup can provide comfort for guests to freshen up without having to exit the dining space. Just ensure that the placement of the wash basin is practical and does not disrupt the flow or ambiance of the dining room.


4. How do you install a dining basin?

To install a basin in your dining room, first, pick a convenient location near the dining area that permits for easy access. Ensure that plumbing connections are available or can be extended to reach the desired spot. Mount the basin securely to the wall or supporting structure using the provided hardware. Connect the faucet and drain assemblage as per the manufacturer's instructions, assuring tight and leak-free connections. Finally, test the functionality of the basin and make any required adjustments for appropriate water flow and sanitation.

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