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Discover new Jali partition designs for your home

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Jan 10, 2022
Discover new jaali partition designs for your home - Beautiful Homes

Looking for a great way to bring a traditional twist to your modern Indian home? Consider the classic beauty of jali design panels – a choice that allows for airy, open spaces without sacrificing privacy

In today’s modern Indian home, interior design layouts often prioritise open plans and larger airy spaces. And while this design trend imparts a beautiful feeling of space and lightness to your interiors, it can be at the cost of privacy and functionality. One of the best answers to these concerns is in fact, a very traditional solution – choosing a Jali partition to provide space organisation, grant privacy and add style. Crafted in a variety of materials, from stone to stainless steel or MDF, jali design panels can be customised to suit your particular décor and space needs.


6 Materials of Jali Design Panels Available

1. Wood:

A traditional classic, wood is still much loved as an option for jali panels. With the choice of Wood-Plastic Composite (WPC) available today, you can even get the look and feel of wood with a more durable build structure.


2. Stone:

The low maintenance stonework jali definitely brings a hint of the traditional beauty of mughal architecture to your space. But along with its durability and easy care, are the downsides of weight and a higher expense, although this can depend on the level of customisation and craftsmanship required.


3. Stainless Steel:

Very durable and long-lasting, stainless steel jali panels will not rust and are available in different grades. Given their micro-thickness, panels of this type are very low profile and lightweight, and can easily be used in a variety of ways.


4. PVC Sheets:

A major advantage of PVC sheets is that they have a very fine finish; they can be custom crafted in elaborate latticework and geometric cut-work – upping the delicacy and decorative element of your jali panels.


5. MDF:

Much less expensive than actual wood, Medium Density Fibreboard is an engineered material made from wood residuals, wax, fibre and a mix of resins. It comes in a variety of wood finishes to suit any décor style and need.


6. Acrylic:

Another option that can be designed with elaborate, decorative cut-work, they are also an excellent choice for places that require sturdy durability. Plus, acrylic jali panels are lightweight and have an alluring, smooth finish.

5 Ways to Use Jali Design Panels in your Home

Jali Design Idea #1: A Decorative Doorway

If you wish to add an element of personality to an entryway, framing your door with a jali design is the ideal way to incorporate that dash of style and luxury. What is more, you can use a jali door design or lattice shutters to create the visual effect of a separate space, without impacting the light or ventilation. Balcony and terrace entrances especially, can be utilised to their fullest with well placed latticework, letting you enjoy the fresh air and sunlight without allowing in the harsh glare of the Indian summer months.

Jaali decoration to enhance your doorway design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Another advantage is the perceptible versatility offered by the materials you choose, heavy materials like stone or wood impart a strong presence and a sense of importance, while the equally durable but more lightweight choices of stainless steel, PVC or Acrylic would allow for a more ethereal, embellished effect. Essentially, depending on your décor and styling needs, you could pick a simple jali door design to reflect your modern taste or a more elaborate design with traditional roots, to evoke a feeling of old-world grandeur in your room.


Jali Design Idea #2: A Room Separator/Partition

In an open plan house, a jali door design is a great way to create a visual separation between more private living spaces and a verandah, foyer, or atrium. It can also be used in the opposite fashion for places like the pooja room, as they provide a degree of privacy and space differentiation while retaining the airy quality of an open plan layout. Today a variety of elegant and attractive mandir jali design options are available giving you the choice of creating a pooja room that is both elegant and functional, even if space is a constraint.


For larger houses that boast an interior courtyard or atrium, the smart use of jali screens can help to boost airflow and light in internal rooms. The lattice provides sufficient shade and coolness to allow for minimal wall use. Moreover, as a partition, MDF jali design panels or other lightweight materials, are a practical yet decorative way to separate busier areas, as unlike the thickness of a wall, a jali partition will not eat into your available floor space. For example when separating a kitchen from a dining room it will not reduce the size of either space, helping to preserve kitchen workflow without making the dining area feel too small, cut off or disconnected. Jali panels are also ideal when demarcating work from rest areas in a bedroom, providing privacy without sacrificing the openness and usability of the layout.

Jaali design as a décor element for your home design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, RED

Jali Design Idea #3: A Décor Element

Although jali panels can be fixed in place, they have historically also been used as decorative artworks and moveable screens. Antique jali screens, made from beautiful and elaborate carved heavy wood, are still a fairly common find these days, but for a more easy-to-move and lightweight partition, MDF jali design screens would give a similar look with more convenient functionality. Such screens allow for the convenience of temporary privacy and separation of a space, and can then be folded away when no longer needed. What’s more, during the height of a summer afternoon, while you might not want to trap the heat by drawing the curtains across a window, jali design screens can cut off the glare of direct sunlight and provide a shady space without blocking the breeze.


If you wish to use your jali panels as a purely decorative element – whether installed as a permanent embellishment within a room or as artwork mounted on your walls – there are many ways to do so. Within your home mandir, jali design elements could add the perfect ethnic motifs and decorative themes. 

Use the latticework as the main separators, as the pooja room doors or as an additional design element within the room, whatever you choose, a modern jali design can be crafted to reflect your ideal haven of peace and spiritual solitude.


Jali Design Idea #4: For Ornamental Camouflage

While they can be used to demarcate or enhance spaces you want to give particular importance, since jali panels combine the advantages of being customisable, practical and beautiful, they can also be used to disguise areas of your home that you wish not to be seen – for example, to hide ductwork or wiring. Particularly when it comes to such things as inset lighting in your living room, MDF jali false ceiling panels are a lightweight alternative that retain the style of real wood.


Another little trick in home interior design, is to use jali panelled enclosures to conceal or dress up air conditioning and room cooling units. Jali panels are particularly effective here as ease of air flow is a requirement of any camouflage solution you explore. Tailor-made to fit your design aesthetic, this is also a great way to cover other essential appliances, ensuring heat venting plus providing simplified access for maintenance.

Jali Design Idea #5: A Facade Treatment

Other than the aesthetic value, a key functional reason to use jali design panels is that they offer an increase in privacy, without impeding the amount of light and airflow. Arguably, this is particularly so when used as a facade treatment. Install jali panels along your home exterior to create a semi-covered balcony, or to obscure parts of a verandah, terrace or garden, and you’ll reduce the chance of strangers peeking into your personal space. Plus, an acrylic or MDF jali design panel can work as the ideal framework for hanging planters or climbing plants, adding a fairytale-style bower effect to the exterior of your home.

Jali design to enhance your facade treatments - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

These days, with apartment buildings occasionally being built fairly close to one another, there can be a need to disguise or conceal a window; jali design panels installed on the facade can again be a good way to up the privacy factor in such cases. Whether you’re trying to create a hidden space for something so mundane and practical as to conceal your laundry from prying eyes, or be more fanciful by adding traditional adornments that give your home the appearance of a modern day palace, the advantages of jali panels are myriad.


If you’re excited by the many possibilities that jali design panels can bring to your home décor but don’t know where to start, reach out to our team today! Shop from our curated collection and partner with us at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints; to create a home that blends the best in traditional design with modern Indian aesthetics.

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