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Diwans: The timeless classic for Indian living rooms

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Jun 30, 2022
Diwan beds for living room with floor lamps - Beautiful Homes

Diwans are an all-time favourite piece of furniture in Indian homes. Adapt this classic piece to suit your style with these tips and tricks

Diwans, as the title suggests, is a timeless piece of furniture. Originating in Persia as low seating, it has evolved into the classic shape we associate it with. The asymmetric arched backrest and prominent arms have become archetypal elements of diwans.


Traditionally, diwans are made of solid wood with carvings on the legs, the backrest and the armrests— giving it an opulent appearance. Over time, it has remained a versatile piece of furniture. The design has been modified to settes, daybeds, cots, etc. Due to Its adaptability, you can easily integrate diwan within various design styles.


Read on to find out how you can add it to not only your living room designs but also elsewhere in your home.

Diwan Designs for your Indian Living Room

1. Traditional Diwan Designs for Living Room

Replace your stuffy old couch with an elegant diwan for the living room. Many contemporary diwan designs are fashioned after sofas. The back is cushioned to make for comfortable sitting area furniture. Add a couple of throw pillows, and you have a sweet spot to rest (and maybe even nap) in style.


Choose the traditional curved backrest and a vintage wood finish for a traditional Indian living room interior. Opt for some vintage floral or plain velvet upholstery to add some royal flavour. Complement it with silk cushions and bolster pillows. Elevate the décor further by pairing it with an ottoman.

Wooden diwan beds with cozy throw pillows - Beautiful Homes

2. Contemporary Diwan Set for Living Room

L-shaped sofas have become a staple in contemporary living rooms. Replacing the lounger with a diwan can add some interest by breaking up the straight lines in the rooms. You may exchange the chairs with a diwan to achieve the same effect in a mirroring layout.


Keep the upholstery coloured to maintain the contemporary aesthetic. This will highlight the form of the diwan. The texture of the upholstery fabric will help set the mood. For a warm and inviting space, choose soft and cosy material.

Wooden living room diwan with brick wall paneling - Beautiful Homes

3. Day Bed Style Diwan Designs for Living Room

Diwan designs are adaptable, so you can find ones that are slightly bigger than a sette or a bench. Now when you live in smaller apartments, these are a great option. Diwans are smaller and lighter than sofas and can easily fit into small living rooms. At the same time, they are large enough to be turned into makeshift beds for guests. And, of course, it is a great way to kick back, put your feet up and watch your shows or movies.

4. Diwan with Storage

You can never have enough storage space. A custom diwan with storage is the perfect solution to up the style quotient of your living room while providing much-needed functionality. Cabinets, drawers and pull-out storage are some of your options for in-builts. If you do not want in-built storage, a few bins can also do the trick.


You can store all the toys and occasionally used supplies in the diwan in the kids' room. You can set it up in the living room or the guest room to contain all the extra linens and beddings for when a guest arrives. In the bedroom, use it to store away all the seasonal clothing.

Traditional diwan design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

5. Pull Out Diwan for the Living Room

A pull out diwan bed design is an excellent opinion for when you do not have a separate guest room. Tall cushions for the backrest will make it a comfortable couch and mattress.

Single bed design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Diwan Cum Bed Designs for Other Spaces in your Home

Diwans are versatile pieces of furniture. You can customise them per your functional and style requirements. While the traditional diwan shape and design work well for living room furniture, you can adapt it for other uses with these diwan cum bed designs.


1. Diwan Cot Model

wooden diwan cot is a great choice for children's rooms. These can be big enough to accommodate children until their teenage years. Push it against a wall and hang a canopy from the ceiling for a fairytale vibe. The children are sure to enjoy it. The low profile of the diwan cot and a shape closer to the square will make it child-friendly. It will allow them to get on and off easily and give them enough room to play on the bed.

2. Single Diwan Bed

Make any space in your home a lounge area with diwan beds. Opt for ones without a backrest and curved side for outdoor spaces such as the veranda, patio or balcony. To make room for more people in your guest room, choose multiple single diwan beds.


3. Diwan Double Bed with Storage

When you have limited space, visually light furniture makes the room appear less cramped. It is always a bonus if the piece can serve multiple purposes. A diwan double bed with storage does just that. You can use it in the primary bedroom, the guest room, as well as in the children's room.

Single arm diwan design ideas for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

Fun and Quirky Ways to Incorporate Diwans

  • To create a cosy nook, place it up against a window.
  • Add it to your study room- a comfortable space for much-needed power naps.
  • Use a diwan style jhoola to separate your living room from the dining area in an open-plan layout.
  • Place a small one in the entrance hallway for a comfortable sitting area.
  • Turn it into a space-saving piece of furniture by incorporating bookshelves along its length.
  • Add it to your U-shaped seating layout for interesting form and lines.


Diwan Designs to Suit your Interior Design Style

  • A neutral-hued diwan with tall back cushions and a rectangular shape fits right in with the modern and Scandinavian aesthetics.

  • A diwan design with clean lines that highlights the wood would work well in mid-century modern inspired rooms. Choose upholstery in a single colour. Earthy colours such as rust, terracotta, burnt orange, mustard yellow, etc., are some options.

  • For a traditional Indian style interior, opt for a diwan with an asymmetric arched back, armrests on both sides and curved legs. For a royal look, brocade and jacquard upholstery are a few options.

  • For a glam aesthetic, choose an elegant shape and make a statement. A monochrome palette with accents of glossy and reflecting material is quintessential to this style.

  • For a minimal design, choose a visually light design. Warm tones of taupes and beige will make it a welcoming space. For a more edgy look, choose black upholstery. Opt out of the armrests on one or both sides for a clean look. Alternatively, keep the armrests and do away with a dramatic backrest.

  • If you're someone who loves experimenting, check out metal diwans instead of wood ones. It could be incorporated in a minimal contemporary style, glam-inspired interior and maybe even modern aesthetic.


Cost of Diwans for the Living Room

The material and design of the diwan are the primary influencers of the price of diwans. The higher the quality of the material and the craftsmanship, the higher the cost to the customer. A well-made piece is generally priced in the range of ₹20,000 to ₹30,000. The rate is, of course, higher for a set.


Average Diwan Bed Price

The diwan bed price, similarly, also depends on the design. This is assuming that the material used to manufacture is of good quality. A cot or a single bed is priced around the same as regular diwans. But the rates add up if it comes with storage solutions. The cost of a double diwan bed will be higher. Depending on the make, it may go up to the range of ₹50,000 to ₹60,000.


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