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DIY room décor ideas for bedroom design & makeover

  • DIY & Weekend Projects
Nov 13, 2021
DIY bedroom design & decor with wall paintings & hanging indoor plants - Beautiful Homes

Looking for inspiration and ideas to design and decorate your new living quarters? Are you tired of the current design of your bedroom and are looking to spruce things up? Whatever be the case, we've got you covered!


Designing and decorating your bedroom can be a challenge. It can be tough to strike a balance; maintain it as your sanctum while preserving its functionality. DIY room décor projects offer flexibility and creative freedom to set up a space precisely to your liking. And they are budget-friendly!


Here are some DIY bedroom décor tips and tricks to help you along.


1. DIY décor ideas for bedroom

All your design and décor choices depend on the style or the aesthetic you want to showcase in the bedroom. Your bedroom is your haven, and this must be reflected in the décor. Read on to find out some trouble-free and easy on the pocket DIY décor ideas for the bedroom.


  • An easy DIY for bedroom is to repurpose old clothes and fabrics at your hand. Add some colour and texture to the room by repurposing old clothes, sarees and dupattas into new bedding and curtains.


  • If you have wood furniture, you can change up the polish or paint it to better match the room's theme.



DIY room decor with wooden furniture polish & artificial indoor plants - Beautiful Homes
  • Want to add some flora to your room but can't keep a plant alive? Worry not. One way to freshen up your space is by adding fake flowers. You can quickly make flowers out of paper or fabric and place them around the room.


  • Another way to add greens to the room is by framing compositions of pressed leaves and flowers.


  • Change up the lighting in the room. Opt for fairy lights to soften up the space or add lampshades for a more cosy and intimate feel. This is a relatively accessible DIY room décor project.


2. DIY bedroom wall decor ideas

Wall décor can make or break the aesthetic of the room. Be prudent about the choices you make. Here are some DIY bedroom wall décor ideas to help you make the best decision.

DIY bedroom wall décor with paintings & open shelves - Beautiful Homes
  • An bedroom accent wall can ground the space. To make it the room'sfocal point, you can either paint it a different colour than other walls or use wallpaper to tie in the theme together. A gallery wall can be an accent wall too! Showcase your artwork or sweet memories on it.


  • One of the walls could be turned into a DIY chalkboard wall. Change it up as frequently as you want without any hassle. All you need are some chalks and a duster!
  • Install small open shelves. You can use these to display your indoor plants, books or other collectables to add texture and colour to the space.


  • Another DIY bedroom wall décor plan is to create geometric shapes using tape to fashion an accent wall.


  • String lights photo walls are a popular twist on gallery walls! It is an easy and budget-friendly DIY bedroom décor.


  • Use fake flowers to create a flower wall. It will create visual interest and liven up the room.


  • Use paper cutouts or assorted washi tape to add patterns and a splash of colour to neutral or monotone walls.


  • Another DIY bedroom wall décor project to display your art is to clip your art to clipboards and then hang those up. Or you can clip on the artwork to a string and then hang that for a more rustic look.


3. DIY bedroom makeover ideas

As our personal styles change and evolve, it is natural to want to revamp your living space to reflect it. Following are some budget-friendly and easy to implement DIY bedroom makeover ideas to change up your space.


  • A fun way to add interest to any room is to play with texture. One easy way to add texture is through the bedding. Use old clothes such as t-shirts, dupattas, etc., to make new pillow covers or quilts! Or you can add another visual element by embroidering monograms to your linens.


  • Use contact paper to change the look of your furniture and other surfaces. An even easier way to do it is using stencils to paint designs that match your aesthetic.


  • Headboards can be expensive and difficult to install. A good alternative is to make wall hangings that go right above your bed. You can opt for DIY macrame art, origami pieces, etc. and hang them using tree branches.


  • Change up your mirror frame. Opt for distressed wood frames for a rustic look, use a rope to fashion a frame for a nautical look, or paint on some flora for a more boho style. The possibilities are endless!


  • Of DIY bedroom ideas, another is to section off the different areas in your room. Adding curtains or a canopy around the bed can make the space feel cosy and change the space's vibe.


4. DIY room décor ideas

Here are some additional DIY room décor ideas that will work for other spaces in your house as well as the bedroom. Get those creative juices flowing and showcase your personality!

  • Make the art for a gallery wall yourself. Turn it into an activity you can do with your loved ones. It doesn't have to be complicated. Simple patterns using lines, polka dots, geometrical shapes work just as well.


  • Spray paint the doorknobs and door handles to add a pop of colour or a metallic hint to the room.


  • Make candles out of old crockery. Simply melt some wax and pour it into old teacups or mugs. Use them as displays in any room of your choice.


  • Use recycled glass bottles or mason jars for your plants or as candle holders. You can even hang these up instead of using commonplace mobiles.
DIY room décor ideas for your bedroom décor - Beautiful Homes
  • A fun way to add some green in a space without worrying about keeping plants alive is to make terrariums. Terrariums are relatively easy to DIY décor and can be used in any room.


DIY Tips for small bedroom

Tighter spaces are notoriously difficult to design and decorate. Going even a smidge overboard can make the room feel cluttered and cramped. Here are some DIY small bedroom décor and design tips to optimise the functionality of the room without compromising on the styling.

DIY small bedroom décor for the perfect DIY room décor - Beautiful Homes
  • Go big, go bold! Choose a statement furniture piece as the focal point of your room, for example, a bed or a shelf. Depending on the piece you choose, it could be the sculptural element in the room.


  • One great DIY small bedroom décor tip is to use accessories you already have as décor. Hang your hats on the wall, display your funky jewellery, exhibit your vast collection of books, maybe even colour-code them! This is an excellent way to let your personality shine through your space.


  • Liven up your storage bins by covering them with a colourful cloth or with a coat or two of spray paint.


  • Making enough room for storage is always a challenge in small bedrooms. Taking advantage of the vertical space in your room is an excellent move in this case. Add open shelves to walls as high as possible. This creates much-needed surfaces and adds visual interest because it encourages the eye to move all around the room.
  • Add mirrors in the room. Mirrors provide the illusion of the space being bigger than it is. The trick to getting it right is to position the mirror opposite or adjacent to the source of natural light in the room. This will allow the light to bounce across the room, making it feel brighter and less cramped.


If you prefer DIY for the bedroom, you can head over to our Shop to find all the necessary tools. Pick from a wide variety of peel and stick wallpapers, single coat emulsions, spray paint with your choice of finish made for all materials, etc. You will also find colour selection tools and mechanised tools.


While DIY projects can be fun, designing and decorating an entire space by yourself, especially one as important as your bedroom, is no easy feat. That's where we can help you! Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised bedroom design.


With Beautiful Homes by Asian Paints, you can choose to avail yourself of expert services to help you create the bedroom of your dreams or give your existing room a much-needed makeover. The experts will make sure that the design for the room is highly customised and best suited to your needs. From furnishing to woodwork to statement walls, our professionals will care for all your needs.


You may choose to avail the Quick Home Makeover services if you're short on time. Alternatively, suppose you want help with specific projects for your bedroom. In that case, you may opt for our specialised services such as Safe Painting Services, Colour Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions or Design Wall Makeover.


Whatever your needs are, we at Beautiful Homes have your back.

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