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14 creative & fun DIY wall painting ideas

  • Wall Painting
Aug 13, 2022
DIY wall painting ideas - Beautiful Homes

Spruce up your home décor with fun and fabulous DIY room painting ideas

DIY is the new buzzword around the block. But what is it? DIY or do it yourself are projects that people undertake themselves. They may do so for many reasons- in some cases, it is more economical; for others, it is a chance to get creative and let out their inner Bob The Builder.


Many DIY projects can be complex and require certain expertise. But an exception might be DIY home painting ideas. Read on to find out more.



Creative & Fun DIY Wall Painting Ideas for your Home

We've compiled a list of DIY wall paint design ideas that are versatile and can work with various design styles. It is also a mix of varying difficulty levels to make DIY wall art ideas accessible for everyone.

1. Ombré Wall Effect

Are you looking for easy DIY wall painting ideas for living room interior design with a touch of whimsy? You may want to try the ombre effect. A blue or turquoise gradient will give you the feeling of being underwater. A yellow and pink one would mirror a gorgeous sunrise. With the ombre effect, you can instantly add intrigue and depth to any interiors.


For a soft gradient, blend in the paint with a dry brush. If you prefer the hard-line gradients, use tape to get those clean lines. If you're shopping for DIY wall painting ideas for the living room, this one is a must-try. It'll also work superbly in the bedroom or even the bathroom.

Black DIY wall paint design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Quick tip: You can incorporate the ombre effect in intricate wall paint DIY designs. For example, divide the bare wall with overlapping circles and curves and colour each section in a gradient. It'll create fantastic depth and a stunning focal point.

DIY wall painting ideas for bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

2. Geometric Pattern

A geometric pattern's sleek, crisp lines can instantly make a space feel chic and modern. The prep might take a while, but otherwise, painting a DIY geometric wall design is a pretty straightforward DIY wall art. Highlight the room's colour scheme by using it to colour-block the shapes. Or keep it minimal with a two-tone accent wall with dynamic lines.


You can turn the task of painting a DIY geometric wall design into a fun game of connecting dots. And at the end of it, you'll have stunning wall art. Just draw dots all over the wall and then connect them with straight lines. This is a great project for children's room design, and it is an easy enough DIY wall art that you can include the little ones too.

3. Striped Pattern

Stripes scream sophistication and work well for DIY wall paint design in any room. Keep it professional in the study with classic hairpin stripes. For an accent in a contemporary living room design, opt for the elegant awning pattern or edgy barcode stripes. Multi-coloured chevron, roman, or shadow stripes are fun DIY wall paint design options for children's rooms. 


Quick tip: Opt for minimal but dynamic patterns such as herringbone and random stripes for a simple bedroom design.


4. Checkerboard Pattern

Do you like high contrast, dramatic patterns? If yes, a checkerboard DIY wall paint design is for you. You've probably seen checkerboard floors in Hollywood glam-style homes. It works just as well as an accent wall in bedrooms, living rooms and bathrooms and as the backsplash in kitchens. Finish it off with metallic wall décor for stylish interiors. This pattern would be a great addition to a black and white room. It also pairs brilliantly with brighter hues such as pink and yellow.


Quick tip: Give the checkerboard DIY wall décor painting your own flair by changing up the colours— try complementary colours such as yellow and blue, blush and mint, etc.

Painting a DIY geometric wall design - Beautiful Homes

5. Random Rectangles

Another quick and easy DIY wall painting idea- draw random rectangles and paint them. Add a layer of contrast with a colour scheme with tonal and shade variations. Make it look like an abstract modern art piece by varying the size and plane of the rectangles and overlapping some. Keep the DIY wall art painting minimal by colour blocking. But you can take it up a notch with a hard-edge ombré. This is a brilliant DIY wall painting idea for the living room, guest and study room.

Honeycomb wall paint diy design - Beautiful Homes

6. Honeycomb

Liven up a space with fun DIY wall paint design ideas- the honeycomb pattern. Create a sense of movement that will draw the viewer's eye by using the pattern only for a part of the wall. For example, from the bottom left towards the top or from one side to the other. You can even start from the centre and let it flow. Just ensure that you have a neutral base and repeat the accent colours.


Quick tip: You can accentuate this hexagonal wall paint DIY design with hexagonal mirrors, shelves, frames, etc. 

7. Circle Ombre

An ombre circle is just the way to add an attractive DIY wall paint design to a bare wall. This is one of the easy DIY wall painting ideas you can finish in a day— a quick fix to spruce up your interiors. You can use it for the foyer, headboard wall, over a credenza, etc.


Start with sketching a large circle on the wall and dividing it horizontally. Start with the darkest shade right in the middle. Mix it with white as you work on subsequent sections. Use masking tape to separate the sections and to get clean lines.


Quick tip: Try to combine the ombre effect with DIY wall texture painting ideas for a stunning 3- dimensional look.

8. Pastel Triangles

If you want peppy DIY wall art painting ideas, give pastel triangles a shot. This DIY wall art painting is a great option for the playroom, the family room, and the kitchen/dining space. It is fun and exciting— just what you need for a high-energy room.


For some inspiration, look up mid-century triangle patterns. Or you can come up with a random design. Just cut out cardboard triangles of various sizes and use them as stencils. Fill them in with the hues from your primary colour palette.

Pastel triangle diy wall texture painting ideas - Beautiful Homes

9. Rainbow Splatter

Now, if you're someone with minimal artistic skill or patience, this DIY easy wall painting idea is for you. Start with picking a colour scheme- monochromatic for a lowkey space like the study, two to three colours for the living room or the bedroom interior design, etc. Or you can go all out with a rainbow palette.


Once you've chosen the colours, all you have to do is grab a few brushes and quite literally spatter them across the wall. Remember to cover up the floor and the surroundings to lessen the mess and clean up from this DIY wall art painting.


10. Unfinished Half

A half-painted wall is a great DIY creative wall painting idea to add a touch of quirk and whimsy to any room. It is fun, unique and definitely an attention grabber. Depending on the choice of colour and the rest of the décor, this wall paint DIY design can work well with various design styles- contemporary, industrial, boho-chic, eclectic, etc.


11. Paint Stencil with Asian Paints

Stencils are excellent DIY easy wall painting ideas for everyone. All you have to do is affix the stencils on the wall and then paint within. To create a custom DIY stencil wall art, ensure the design is easily repeatable and symmetrical.

With Asian Paints' range of stencils, you can choose from a diverse range of options. Opt for animal-themed DIY stencil wall art such as Aqua, Butterfly and Safari for children's rooms. For a traditional Indian living room design, consider Paisley, Cosmos, Damask, Brocade, etc. You'll also find options for border designs. If you're looking to spruce up your furniture and built-ins, use the stencils to create DIY paintings for home décor.


Quick tip: You can also use stencils to create DIY wall art painting ideas. Frame these pieces and put them up to create a gallery wall.


12. Polka dots

Another fuss-free DIY wall art ideas are polka dots. This classic pattern works wonderfully in modern, contemporary and retro interiors. Use it to breathe life into otherwise monotonous interiors. You can freehand them or use stencils. And if you want to avoid cutting stencils and painting, turn it into DIY wall art with kaleidoscopic gelatin paper circles. Polka dot patterns are brilliant DIY wall painting ideas for bedrooms, living rooms, and children's rooms.


13. Mandala Art on Wall

Are you looking for intricate DIY creative wall painting ideas? You might want to try your hand at mandalas. It is also an excellent opportunity to flex your creative muscle. If you want the mandala DIY wall art painting to stand out, opt for a white or gold outline against a dark background. For a more subtle approach, try the tone-on-tone look. It would fit right with ethnic décor or a bohemian room design.


You can draw the mandala DIY wall décor painting directly with a marker. But if you want to avoid any mistakes, sketch it out first. You can finish it off with acrylic wall paint for vibrant and bold lines. 


14. Sponge Painting for Textured Effect

Textured walls are a great way to add depth and interest to a room. And sponge painting is one of the more accessible DIY wall texture painting ideas. If you can, use a sea sponge over synthetic ones for a more apparent and natural feel. There are many ways you can implement this DIY room painting idea.


Remember to always start with a dark base. Go in with the sponge to create an ombre effect. Or you can add metallic accents once the darker layers dry. Textured effects are amazing DIY wall painting ideas for the bedroom as they can help another layer to the sensuality and moodiness of the room.

DIY wall painting ideas for living room - Beautiful Homes

Pros of DIY Wall Painting

  • With DIY wall paint design ideas, you can save on costs by only paying for the supplies.
  • DIY wall paint design ideas allow you to bring your creative vision to life. You may not get the same control if you hire a contractor.
  • DIY paintings for home décor and wall painting are a great exercise to unleash your creativity.


Cons of DIY Wall Painting

  • DIY wall texture painting ideas or painting particular patterns requires skills. While some ideas are beginner- friendly, you might have to spend a fair bit of time looking up guides to get them right.
  • Painting is generally messy, and with DIY wall art ideas, you must be extra careful to avoid smudges, get sharp edges, etc. Professionals are trained to avoid any mishaps.
  • Many DIY paintings for home décor and wall painting projects can be time-consuming. Particularly ones that involve the ombre effect or artistic patterns.


How can Beautiful Homes help you with Wall Painting Needs & Home Renovation?

Head to our online shop to find all the necessary tools to bring all your DIY home painting ideas to life. Pick from a wide variety of peel and stick wallpapers, single coat emulsions, spray paint stencils, etc. You will also find colour selection tools to help you nail the colour palette for your DIY wall paint design ideas.


But DIY may not be for everyone. And in that case, Beautiful Homes' Interior Design Services can help you create personalised home interiors. Our experts will ensure that the room's design is highly customised and best suited to your needs. From signature walls and furnishing to woodwork and lighting, our professionals will care for all your needs.


Visit our website to check various options and the projects we have executed so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution. Walk into our stores across India to know more about our offerings. Our current stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik, and soon across several other cities.

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