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Dressing table designs that match your style

  • Bedroom Design
Aug 11, 2020
Dressing table with mirror in black modern bedroom design against granite wall with banana plant - Beautiful Homes

A space to admire yourself, experiment with your style and give yourself a pep talk – the best dressing table needs to both decluttered and inspiring. When it comes to dressing table designs, your needs should dictate your design. What do we mean by that? Let us explain by taking you though our curated list of dressing table new design.

Dressing Tables For Colour Addicts
While this modern dressing table design is understated in grey and gold, combining it with the bright pink curtains makes for a vibrant but balanced space. The drawers allow storage of essentials, with an adjustable mirror – perfect for both sitting down to “put your face on”, or just to add a quick smudge of lipstick on your way out the door.


Pro Tip: a vase of  flowers  on your dressing table will give it a fresh, bright vibe.

Girls dressing table with mirror in soft grey with drawers and gold rails in bedroom interior - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Argos Home

Cute corner bedroom dressing table in striped pattern with pops of colour - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Talib Chitawala, Styled by Samir Wadekar

Dressing Tables For Style Experimenters
Full-length mirrors are perfect for experimenting with every element of your outfit. It’s no wonder full-length mirrors are always used in shop dressing rooms!  Be it shoes, hats or entire looks, having a full-length mirror in your room means you can play dress up every day! Adding curtains on one side to match the rug  will look great without distracting from your outfit – keep it monochrome!


And not to mention, this will be you and your friends’ favourite place to take selfies!

Dressing Tables For  The Super Speedy Toilette
For someone who has a more pared-down, streamlined beauty regime, you will want to keep your dressing table simple and decluttered.  This simple yet chic dressing table with mirror not only takes up very little space, but also helps you stay focused on what you need.


A clean, elegant  dressing table design is just right for a small bedroom.

Simple bedroom dressing table with mirror in black with a drawer and subtle ornaments - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, John Lewis

Sweet girls dressing table in pink and wood with mirror, pink and yellow accents for kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Oliver Bonas

Dressing Tables For A Green Goddess
A combination of jute and bright colours is a rare sight and refreshing to see. Our favourite bit about this dressing table design is the three-piece mirror that can be set in different angles – efficient for makeup routines.


While the main  shades are beige, pink and gold, the  plant pot and tassels on the dressing table drawers add delightful blue accents. Beige is your friend: it goes well with almost any colour, while the pink top of the dressing table is a lovely complement to the bedsheets.

Dressing Tables For An Extensive Beauty Routine
Having a perfectly honed beauty routine is great – but that means you’ll need to store a wide array of skincare products. A large beauty inventory means you need a dressing table designed to look sleek and elegant, but with space enough to keep all the products in your daily beauty regime. Perfect for the beauty addict is a dressing table with a mirror, with added drawers so to keep everything neat.


This gorgeous dressing table looks even more striking set against the grey marble wall, with the banana tree adding a pop of colour.

Dressing table with mirror in black modern bedroom design against granite wall with banana plant - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, KNS Architects

Pink and gold dressing table in wood with gold-rimmed mirror and drawers for kids bedroom - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Oliver Bonas

Dressing Tables For The Jewellery Magpie
A dressing table design that makes you feel like you’re at a jewellery store is perfect if decorative ornaments are your thing. While various drawers give you the option to store make-up items, jewellery and all kinds of items , a dressing table with a mirror and shelves below means you can drape your favourite pieces across the top or hide them away to organise the space.  


Pro Tip: Adding a lamp to your dressing table helps with the spotlight you need while getting ready to go.

The Fusion Of Modern And Vintage
If the combination of shades of grey and gold gets you excited, here is a dressing table design to take cues from. A golden mirror frame and brush holders on the dressing table are beautiful but a golden mesh chair to match? That’s genius! While the rest of the details are in subtle shades of grey, a table lamp with multiple bulbs facing different directions is perfect for just any dressing table and in this particular one, adds a unique charm.

Sleek dressing table in black with gold accents, large mirror and multi-lightbulb lamp for bedroom interiors - Beautiful Homes

Phootgraphy by Prachi Damle, Styled by Shreya Bhimani

Cute corner dressing table in striped pattern with pops of bedroom colours - Beautiful Homes

Designed by Baldiwala Edge, Photography by Binisha Ajmera, Styled by Zainab Badani

Dressing Tables For The Style Experimenter
Playing with prints and textures around your dressing table is a great way to add some quirkiness to your bedroom interior design. With the dressing table and mirror’s coordinating striped patterns, adding  a touch of colour here and there helps to make other objects stand out. See how the mint green boxes pop out in the image above. A printed seat in contrasting pinks further enhances the overall look of this dressing table design, showing how beautiful mismatches can be.

Dressing Tables For The Love Of Make Up
If you’re a make-up enthusiast, you know what a blessing it is to have a real, Broadway-style dressing table mirror with lights. . While that gives you just the right amount of light you need, multiple drawers and cabinets mean you have loads of space to store your wide variety of products.


What we love is how the white and gold dressing table is paired with a pink velvet chair, keeping it chic and stylish.

Glamorous girls dressing table in white with drawers and mirror with lights for bedroom  - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, PTK Designs

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