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6 reasons why dual toned cabinets look great in the kitchen

  • Kitchen Design
Oct 24, 2022
Small kitchen two tone kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Dual toned cabinets are much more than just a passing fad. This clever design choice can provide depth, the illusion of space, and visual interest to the kitchen

A staple of modern kitchen interior design, dual colour kitchen cabinets can be modest or striking, using bright or neutral hues. In a small kitchen, two-tone kitchen cabinets can help create the appearance of height, define different areas of the space, or provide visual separation between top and lower cabinets. Depending on the materials and finishes utilised, two-tone kitchen cabinets can be classic or modern, unostentatious or bold.


Here are six reasons to consider a two-colour combination for kitchen designs, that are both practical and attractive.

1. Dual Tone Kitchen Cabinets Create the Illusion of Space

In a small kitchen, two-tone kitchen cabinets are a wonderful way to give the impression of airiness and greater room. By installing darker cabinets below and lighter cabinets above, your two colour combination for kitchen cabinets quickly draws the eye toward the brighter hue, giving the visual impression of added space and depth. With the right pairing of dual colour / two colour kitchen cabinets your kitchen looks larger than it actually is. You'll also notice that your kitchen appears brighter, especially if you choose a combination like two tone blue and white kitchen cabinets with the white (or similar light colour) for the top surfaces, because they will reflect the natural light pouring in from windows. 

Two colour kitchen cabinets with brown & white - Beautiful Homes

You can also experiment with materials for your double colour kitchen design; making the top cabinets out of glass panes or frosted glass is another great way to lend your small kitchen the aura of spaciousness. Additionally, having two-tone kitchen cabinets with dark lower cabinets makes your kitchen more aesthetically pleasing and functional.

Dual colour two colour kitchen cabinets with kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

2. Double Colour Kitchen Design Embraces Contrast

If the idea of multi colour kitchen cabinets seems too intimidating, this overall effect can also be achieved by playing with patterns. A classy and elegant option, ideal for modern kitchens, is exploring 2-tone kitchen cabinets that are variations of the same colour or finish. For example patterned upper cabinets and plain lower cabinets that utilise the same base hue can provide the design impact of double colour kitchen cabinets. Or play with monotones – two-tone grey and white kitchen cabinets can open up a room and break up a darker kitchen design. 

While visual coherence is easily achieved by using only one material in your two colour combination, for kitchen cabinets that add extra dimension and fun to your room, experiment with combining materials, textures, or patterns. Unify your space by accessorising your two-tone kitchen cabinets with complementary hardware and stylistic elements.

3. Dual Colour Kitchen Cabinets Create a Focal Point

Colour is an effective way to bring the eye to a focal point and when choosing a two colour combination for kitchen designs, you might choose to paint contrasting sections at other points of your room. You could make a kitchen island the visual focal point of the space by painting it to match multi colour kitchen cabinets. And if you are playing with space, two colour kitchen cabinets that are a straightforward pairing of wood tones and clean white hues are an attractive option that can help to centre a large kitchen. Or try an eye-catching combination of deep green and light wood tones for double colour kitchen cabinets that are more opulent and jewel toned. 

Two tone blue and white kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Brown two-tone kitchen cabinets are a great choice for rustic kitchens because they make use of the natural timber tones to provide visual interest and focus to the space. Without the need for painting, contrasting wood stains or different types of wood used for dual tone kitchen cabinets provide depth and dimension to a cosy kitchen. Irrespective of your overall theme and kitchen design, two colour cabinets provide focus, visual ballast and attract the spotlight.

Brown two tone kitchen cabinets with lights - Beautiful Homes

4. Two-Colour Kitchen Cabinets Make the Ceiling Seem Lower

Usually, the main objective in tiny kitchens, with limited space, is to make the kitchen appear larger. Ideal for a small kitchen, two-tone kitchen cabinets allow you to draw the eye in any preferred direction. In a narrow kitchen with a high ceiling, dual colour / two colour kitchen cabinets allow you to play with darker hues that absorb light. Unlike with the cosy kitchens we discussed earlier, here the aim is to utilise the aesthetic of the two-colour kitchen cabinets in reverse. Instead of using pastels and white as the upper cabinets in your two-colour combination for kitchen cabinets, here we’ll place darker cabinets above to create a nice, comfortable atmosphere that does not appear excessively tall or skinny. 

For a long kitchen, offset a high ceiling with dark hued loft cabinets that match the upper units of your 2-colour kitchen cabinets. The combination and contrast between the tall units and lower cabinetry will serve to provide the kitchen with a more intimate feel. Charcoal, deep wine or dark grey two-tone kitchen cabinets can also assist in highlighting small details like a bright backsplash, quirky architectural details, and ingenious storage solutions.

5. A Double Colour Kitchen Design Adds Texture & Tone

No matter how big or small your kitchen design, two colour cabinets instantly add drama to any space. Thoughtfully designed to suit your area, dual colour kitchen cabinets can be a good way to play with dissimilar textures. Matte finish lower cabinetry can contrast with glossy grey two-tone kitchen cabinets for a stylish modern kitchen. By using high gloss acrylic or metallic finishes in the upper cabinetry to contrast with matte or rough-grained finishes in the lower cabinetry the two-tone kitchen cabinet colours create balance and a pleasing interplay of textures. Or you could use natural wood grain for lower cabinets and a metallic copper finish for the upper ones as a contemporary take on brown two-tone kitchen cabinets.

Dual colour kitchen cabinet with white & brown laminates - Beautiful Homes

Experiment with textures when all of the cabinetry shapes and sizing are uniform as even with 2-colour kitchen cabinets a homogeneous finish can look lifeless and humdrum.

Black & white dual tone kitchen cabinets - Beautiful Homes

6. Two Tone Kitchen Cabinets Add to the Value

If you are contemplating putting your space on the market, having two tone kitchen cabinets is a terrific way to draw potential buyers because this style is currently very popular. Dual colour kitchen cabinets are a quick and effective update that will appeal to knowledgeable buyers who are searching for a home that is ready to move into. Also popular at the moment are granite and marble countertops due to how long-lasting they are. When updating dual colour / two colour kitchen cabinets, choose stone countertops that incorporate both of the primary colours to tie the theme together. 

For instance white marble with black veining to finish the appearance of two-tone grey and white kitchen cabinets. Or add the finishing gloss to two tone blue and white kitchen cabinets by installing pale blue speckled granite. Even in your small kitchen, two tone kitchen cabinets that have stone countertops to match will look glamorous and fashionable!

Hopefully this has established our reasons for believing that 2-tone kitchen cabinets are a top choice for your kitchen interiors. And if it’s inspired you to begin a kitchen update, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes Service for your modular kitchen design needs — we’re here to help!


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Two colour combination for overhead kitchen cabinet - Beautiful Homes

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