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Mar 10, 2023
Versatile duplex floor plans 3 bedroom – Beautiful Homes

Architect and interior designer Priyanka Arjun shares tips to style duplex floor plans that will help you craft an aesthetically pleasing yet practical home!

As people’s everyday lives have become busy and hectic, they desire a home that is simple, uncluttered and relaxing. A well-designed home is a space where you can relax and rejuvenate. It should be serene while also being highly functional. A single-family home with a duplex layout is one that is conceptualised over two storeys and features one kitchen and dining space. A duplex layout usually has an open floor layout, giving it a bungalow-like setting. Gone are the days when duplex homes were only functional with no character. In recent times, designers have conceptualised various different styles of duplex home designs that add intrigue and personality to any space. This guide of various duplex designs floor plans will teach you how to design a duplex home that matches your lifestyle.


It’s important to select your duplex floor design plan very carefully, as you don’t want to overwhelm the space, but you do want to make it cosy, comfortable and safe. To help you make the most of your duplex home, we spoke to architect and interior designer Priyanka Arjun, Founder of Creative Priyanka Arjun and Associates (PAA) to learn some things to keep in mind while designing duplex homes. She designs spaces with form and light, which requires a balance of technical skill, artistic vision, and an understanding of how people interact with and experience spaces. Here is her best advice on designing duplex homes!

This guide will help you craft a duplex home, which is arresting. If you’re lucky enough to have a duplex floor plan in your home, don’t take the space for granted. Duplex designs floor plans are often overlooked, but using the right elements can give it a life of its own. Currently, there are numerous duplex house floor plan designs in the market. Each style adds a touch of drama and functionality to any home. With so many different styles of duplex villa floor plans, it can be a difficult task to choose the right one for your home. Therefore, we have curated a list of the best duplex floor plans that are easy to incorporate in your homes. This guide offers sophisticated and innovative solutions. These different duplex floor plans will elevate your home’s interiors. Let your personality shine and don’t forget to have fun while designing and styling your duplex apartment floor plan.

Priyanka Arjun

Architect and interior designer Priyanka Arjun.

Luxury duplex floor plans - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Charged Voids

In the western world, duplex apartments can even accommodate two households because each floor can be an independent home. However, typically in India, duplex homes house one family. In India, the lower level of a duplex usually comprises the kitchen, hallway, and bedrooms, while the upper floor is occupied by the primary bedroom. Moreover, a duplex home is always two stories, and does not go beyond, in which case it would be known as a multiplex. This curation of duplex villa floor plans offers inspiration for anyone interested in exploring the art of crafting a beautiful home. These small duplex floor plans will inspire you to declutter your home. To get a better sense of the style and how a duplex flat floor plan can work for many types of homes, we take a look at some of our favourite spaces. Browse through the luxury duplex floor plans gallery for inspiration. The following duplex designs floor plans will help you design a welcoming space.

These duplex layouts are versatile and adaptable, and can be incorporated in every room, be it your bedroom, living room, dining area, kitchen, balcony or garden. These floor plans will help you add a luxurious touch to your space without going overboard. We will help you select the right duplex house design for you depending on your needs, preferences. These duplex floor plans are simple to execute and help make a large statement. Create a tranquil retreat with a unique duplex layout, which reflects your personal taste.

Well – designed duplex layout - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Pixabay

Different Duplex Floor Plans for your Plot

1. Luxury Duplex Floor Plan

As its name implies, a luxury duplex floor plan is a luxurious floor plan. It features a large area, which has been divided into areas for socialising and private living. A luxury duplex floor plan usually has the socialing areas on the lower level and the private living areas on the upper floor. Duplex homes have greater living spaces than other forms of apartments. They also feature huge outdoor areas, recreational spaces, and garages. This duplex floor plan is perfect if you prefer an opulent design aesthetic.

Modern duplex floor plans -Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Priyanka Arjun and Associates

The socialising areas of the duplex home can be styled with arresting chandeliers and unique flooring to add a touch of drama. “Chandeliers can be used to create a focal point and it makes one look towards the heighted space. Choose the ones that look good with and without lights on. Moreover, a flooring pattern at the centre of the duplex home, will make the space look interesting from above,” mentions Priyanka Arjun, Founder of ​​Priyanka Arjun and Associates.

2. Duplex Floor Plans with 3 Bedrooms

This duplex floor plan comprises 3 bedrooms. This duplex layout works best if there are multiple generations of the family living together. Duplex floor plans 3 bedrooms are practical and offer the residents enough personal space. Furthermore, this ​​​​​​duplex floor plan is affordable and creative at the same time.

Efficient duplex floor plans - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

Thoughtful duplex layout - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Charged Voids

3. Modern Duplex Floor Plans

Modern duplex floor plans are for those people who desire a contemporary design aesthetic. If you would like to make a dramatic statement in your home, opt for a modern duplex floor plan. Moreover, a modern duplex floor plan also includes a separate room for a home office or a study. This duplex floor plan is striking and practical at the same time. We love that this duplex layout makes a large impact!

4. Duplex Villa Floor Plans

If you have a villa and would like to convert it into a duplex, you can use a duplex villa floor plan. These duplex floor plans will work for you on any budget!


“In a duplex home, the walls of the staircase can be cladded or used for family portraits. Additionally, you can bring in a large painting or a vibrant artwork for the main wall of the living area, emphasising the double-height wall and giving it a bold look, which will elevate your duplex home,” adds Priyanka Arjun, Founder of ​​Priyanka Arjun and Associates.

Multi – functional home floor plans – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Priyanka Arjun and Associates

5. Small Duplex Floor Plans

If you have a compact duplex home, you can incorporate a small duplex floor plan, which includes spaces for the living room, bedrooms, kitchen and bathrooms, while still being compact. While a small duplex floor plan doesn’t have much carpet area, you can get extra height, which can be used for vertical shelving, creating the impression of a larger space. This is an ideal floor plan for homes with compact space. These duplex floor plan ideas will help you craft a calming home.


6. Ground Floor Duplex House

A ground floor duplex house is one that comprises a ground floor and the first floor or an apartment building or a villa. This duplex layout typically includes space for parking and an outdoor area such as a garden or a verandah. In this duplex floor plan, the living room and kitchen are situated on the upper floor of the home. This particular duplex floor plan is perfect for people with pets. This duplex layout is adaptable and versatile. These ideas will help you to create the duplex home of your dreams.

Versatile duplex floor plans 3 bedroom – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Treetops

Presently, duplex layouts are trending in the home interiors space. This guide will help you craft a home with a duplex layout, which is elegant and spacious. These tips will get you inspired no matter what your home’s design aesthetic is. Whether you have a modern or traditional home, a good duplex design plan can help you enhance your interiors. These luxury duplex floor plans will help you craft an inviting home. If you still need additional ideas and did not find your answer in this guide, it is advisable to consult a professional. Along with providing ​​​​best duplex floor plans and trending styles, an expert can also guide you on which ​​furnishings to choose and how to arrange the furniture and décor pieces.

This list of duplex floor plans will inspire you to craft the ideal space for you. These ideas are for people looking for a relaxing home that is practical as well.


Are you Looking for Interior Design Expertise for Learning More About the Best Duplex Floor Plans?

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Relaxing home floor plans – Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Priyanka Arjun and Associates

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