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Duplex house interior design ideas that don't cost the earth

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Mar 06, 2022
Living room dining room design for your home interiors - Beautiful Homes

With these expert interior design tips, turn your duplex into a deluxe house

Well done home interior designs are not just those with certain stunning elements. Rather an effective use of space to enhance the functionality and aesthetics of the space makes for a deluxe home design. When space is such a rare commodity, especially in urban regions, spacious interiors are a mark of luxury.


Duplex house designs are the perfect middle ground between independent houses like bungalows and cramped flats. They provide the luxury of space without having to spend a fortune. Many duplexes are converted from one large unit to two units. These versatile spaces can be arranged in multiple layouts to create a deluxe interior.


Some standard layouts in duplex houses are: two storied houses, one stacked atop the other and adjacent units. Each unit may be self-sufficient and entirely independent and with separate entrances. In other cases, people living in the duplex might share certain areas of the house, for example, the foyer or the waiting room.


Duplex houses give you the option to experiment with the interior design of the spaces. If the two units are entirely separate, you may want to choose contrasting styles, for example, Scandinavian and Boho chic.


On the other hand, the units might be connected through a common entrance, stairs, or shared living spaces in some cases. In such instances, it might be more prudent to opt for styles that flow nicely into each other, at least in the common areas. There remain plenty of opportunities to unleash your creativity in private rooms such as the bedroom, bathroom, etc.


Make the best of your space with these design and décor ideas for a deluxe house.

1. Deluxe Design Ideas for a Statement Staircase

The connecting staircase makes for a great focal point in two-storied duplexes. A staircase with a deluxe design is a definite value add in more ways than one. It is the perfect opportunity to infuse some personality into the interiors and connect the design in both units.


Even though a two-storey duplex would have more space than an apartment, it might not be enough for a grand staircase. An ornate staircase could easily dwarf the entire area, making it cramped. 

Make your luxury deluxe home elegant with these deluxe home design ideas - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, anon_tae/ shutterstock

Therefore, you ought to pick a design that fits well into the available space. In some cases, winding or spiral stairs might not be the best option vis-a-vis functionality.


Echoing the style of the room the stairs are in will make the transition seamless. For example, use the same treatment as the flooring for the steps. Or, if wood is a primary material used in both homes, incorporate it in the staircase, either with bannisters or the steps. Just ensure that the finish and the stain are the same throughout to maintain visual continuity


If the interiors lean more towards modern or contemporary style, you may opt for a sleek look using steel railing. In homes with traditional Indian or boho style interiors, you can use colourful and patterned tiles for step risers for a pop.


Ensure that the design is visually light to keep the area feeling bright and spacious. If the stairs are wide enough, you can opt out of a railing. Alternatively, a glass railing will keep up the appearance of spaciousness. Suspended stairs are also a good option.


2. Use the Height to your Advantage in Big Hall Interior Design

Two storey duplexes often have double-height ceilings, meaning the walls are twice the regular size. It'd be a shame to let it be when you've been granted such a large canvas. Here are a few ideas to get you going:

  • Cover the wall with large statement artwork.

  • Turn it into a gallery wall. Just make sure that the size of the frames is in proportion to the wall.

  • An alternative to a gallery wall is to turn it into a collage of movie posters or any other collection you may have.

  • Panelling your walls with mouldings or wainscoting will enhance the grandness of the space.

  • If you want to keep it simple yet exciting, opt for a textured treatment for the wall or an intricate wallpaper.


3. Ideas to Make the Big Living Room Interior Design Cosy and Welcoming

Some duplexes may have common areas, especially when the tenants belong to the same family. It could be the living room, a media room or a lounge- a space for people to gather around and catch up.

Open kitchen living room plan for your home interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Alexander Steamaze/ shutterstock

Such common areas can often be quite large. Here are a few ways to cosy it up:

  • Choose seating options in an L-shape, U-shape or a parallel seating arrangement. This will make socialising easier and create an intimate atmosphere.

  • Lighting is essential to set the mood in any room. Opt for layered lighting options with warm tones to create a relaxed and homey vibe.

  • Plush textiles are instantly associated with comfort. Soft furniture, rugs and throws will make the room inviting.

4. Open-plan Layouts and Delux Interiors

Suppose the kitchen, the living room and the dining area in your duplex unit are on the smaller side. In that case, open-plan layouts are an excellent option to make the area feel spacious. This will not only brighten up the space but also make socialising easier. Remember to incorporate some of the following tips to create a deluxe interior.

  • Maintain visual continuity in the space by choosing similar or complementary styles and décor for each functional area.

  • Use the same flooring throughout for the same reasons. Directional patterns for flooring will highlight the area's  dimensions and make it appear larger.

  • To avoid a cluttered look, use zoning techniques to ground each functional area. Separate the kitchen with an island, and add area rugs to the dining area and the living room for demarcation.
Open plan deluxe home interior designs ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, anon_tae/ shutterstock

  • Have multiple sources of lighting to keep the space feeling airy and bright.
Interior design ideas to give your small deluxe home a new elegant look - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Sompetch Khanakornpratip/ shutterstock

5. Statement Lighting in Luxury Living Room

Sometimes, good lighting in a space can entirely change its look and feel. A large part of making any interiors feel luxurious is to get the lighting right. Natural light is always a big plus. Install large windows such as the french window to optimise the view and bring in some much needed natural light.


As for artificial lighting, it is a great idea to layer it. Recessed lighting works well to lit up the entire area. Use pendant lighting over the dining space to add accents. 

In the seating area, use task lighting and general ambient lighting. Scones and table lamps, and floor lamps are great additions to any design. If the living room, the lounge or any other space has a double-height ceiling, enhance it by incorporating statement chandeliers. 


6. Deluxe Interior Ideas for Small Duplex Homes

A small space can easily feel cramped and cluttered. All the above-mentioned styling and design tips will work for smaller duplexes as well. When space is limited, the focus should be on making it feel brighter and more expansive. In such cases, create delux interiors with a style that leans towards minimal aesthetics. Use lighter hues and add mirrors strategically to reflect light. Keep the number for furniture to a minimum and choose those with clean, bold lines. Pick pieces that visibly stay off the ground instead of chunky ones. Be clever with décor and other embellishments and use negative space to your advantage.



How can Beautiful Homes Help you Create the Perfect Duplex House with Deluxe Interior Design?

Beautiful Homes provides a massive range of services and products to help you create a personalised and modern interior design for your homes. Browse through our online shop for all the essentials you need for a deluxe home design. You will also find plenty of options for any DIY projects you may want to take up.


Experts will provide interior design ideas for deluxe home interiors with our Interior Design Services. They will ensure that the space best suits your style and needs. From minimal to glam, mid-century modern to boho-chic, our professionals are well versed in all the styles. 


They aim to deliver custom solutions and bring out the best of any space with luxury home décor and designs. Our specific and specialised services comprise Quick Home Makeover services, Safe Painting Services, Colour Consultancy Services Online, Wood Solutions and Design Wall Makeover.


Visit our website to check various options offered and projects executed by us so far. You may book a 3D consultation call to understand the project's process, design, and execution or walk into any of our stores across India. Our current home décor stores are spread across Amritsar, Tumakuru, Raipur, Jaipur, New Delhi, Kochi, Karur, Coimbatore, Bengaluru and Nashik. In addition, we are in the process of opening up state-of-the-art stores across several cities.

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