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Easy ways to create more space in a small bathroom with storage cabinets

  • Bathroom Design
Aug 24, 2021
Floating drawers for storage in a small bathroom to get open bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Make the most of your compact floor plan with the right storage solutions


Even though the bathroom is usually one of the smallest rooms in the house, it serves as a space that accommodates multiple routines. And, with each routine, comes a collection of belongings, which require storage. An ideal bathroom design should cater to these storage requirements.


In most urban Indian apartments today, homeowners struggle with compact floor plans and have to find innovative ways to maximise space. If you have a small washroom design, the main priority for your bathroom’s décor is working out the right storage solutions. With these nifty cabinets, we’ve rounded up some useful small bathroom storage ideas. small space bathrooms that are big on inspiration for storage ideas.

1. The Simplest Space for Storage in Your Bathroom Décor

The space under the sink countertop is the best place to start thinking about storage for your bathroom ideas. Taking up a sizeable depth, the remaining area between the countertop to the floor can be utilised for creating bathroom drawers and cabinetry. If you feel like too many small bathroom cabinet designs make the bathroom design look cramped, you could pair a mix of solutions such as drawers with open shelves below. While vanity items and beauty products can be tucked away in the drawers for privacy, the bath linens and towels can be folded and stacked up on the shelves. This will also leave them smelling fresh.


Expert Eye:

 In a small space bathroom, make the most of every nook and corner. If you’re designing a sink with a countertop, make sure if extends across the wall it’s installed on to avoid wasting any extra unused space.


Best storage space in bathroom is under the sink countertop for a clutter free bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, A Square Designs

Small Bathroom design with rock-solid jade countertop with an integrated sink & a wicker basket - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

2. Your Storage Space can Make a Statement in Your Bathroom Décor

Even though you may have a compact-sized bathroom interior design, you don’t have to scrimp on its style or opulence. If you’d like to create a statement with you bathroom décor, pick a single fitting and try to make it the focal point in the room. In this bathroom, the monolithic rock-solid jade countertop with an integrated sink makes a grand statement in the room. Paired with muted white walls and flooring, it’s the first thing you notice in the space. While this lacks room for storage, the niche formed underneath easily fits a wicker basket for storing bath linens or hand towels. This idea works well in smaller, lesser used bathrooms such as a powder room attached to the living room.

3. Create a Sense of Uniformity with Your Small Bathroom Cabinet Designs

A seamless and uniform colour palette in any space in a home crates a sense of neatness. This also makes the room look less cluttered and disorganised. When searching for small bathroom ideas, remember that a singular colour or hue can work the entire roomIf this feels monotonous, pick different materials, finishes and textures in the same family of colours. This will create a sense of layering and add depth to the room.


Style Tip:

We love how the layers of beige and sand-toned stone and wood have been paired in this contemporary small bathroom. The copper spotlights above the countertop lend a glamorous twist in a similar hue.

Use a uniform colour palette for the bathroom storage cabinets in a small bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Look for nooks & niches within the bathroom design to find unused spaces for bathroom storage purpose - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Essentia Environments

4. Create Storage Space in a Bathroom After It’s Been Built

If you’d like to create space for storage within your existing bathroom interior design, look for nooks and niches within the room to find unused spaces. If you have nothing built under the countertop, you could always place storage baskets or a prefabricated set of drawers and cabinets for all your belongings.

5. A Floating Set of Drawers for The Bathroom

If you’re looking for a lot of storage, but don’t want to cramp up the bathroom with too many fittings, consider a set of floating drawers that don’t extend all the way to the floor. Not only will this create a sense of openness but also leave the spaces around it easy to clean.


Pro Tip:

 When building drawers, first round up the objects and products you’ll be placing in them. To maximise storage, you can have rows of drawers at different heights. This works well for smaller items that don’t need too much vertical space in a drawer, which ends up usually getting wasted.

Floating drawers for storage in a small bathroom to get open bathroom interior design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Best services for your bathroom interior design & bathroom renovation - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD Studio

Find The Right Service for Building Your Dream Bathroom

Any form of remodelling, renovation or even a quick makeover in the home can seem like a daunting task. To find the right designers and contractors for the job isn’t always easy. To add to it, you also have to chalk out a large amount of time from your schedule every day to physically manage and oversee the entire process. All this can seem like a tricky and overwhelming impossibility. With this thought in mind, India’s leading paint giant Asian Paints created the Beautiful Homes Service. With a panel of expert designers and seasoned professionals, the Beautiful Homes Service also promises a dedicated project manager as a single point of contact throughout the entire process to create a simple hassle-free experience. For the right products, you could also step into an AP Homes store as a one-stop shop for all your décor needs. With Asian Paints’ brands Ess Ess, Royale and Bath Sense, you can discover a range of quality bath and shower fittings, such as faucets, basins, taps, and other more.

7.    What is Meant for The Countertop and What Should Be Stored

Before designing your bathroom décor and storage, think about what you need to store away and why. While your morning grooming routine may require a slew of products to get the right look, those items don’t have to be always displayed on the counter. Instead, items such as hand towels, a pump dispenser for soap and lotion and, perhaps, a fresh vase of flowers will make the countertop look more stylish and neater.

Think of styling your bathroom décor along with bathroom storage - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

Small bathroom interior design is the perfect place to install a mirror for place to look bigger - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Purple backyard

8. The Simplest Tool for Making any Space Look Bigger? Mirrors!

This is the oldest trick in the book. A mirror placed strategically in any room can immediately create the illusion of the space looking bigger. And, a small bathroom interior design is the perfect place to experiment with this idea. To incorporate this in a small way, you could fit mirrors on the fronts of your cabinetry and drawers. Not only will this trick the eye into thinking the space is large, but also make the area under the countertop look uncluttered.

At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your interior design, home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


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