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20 eclectic living rooms that will let your personal style shine

  • Eclectic Design
Aug 25, 2022
Eclectic living room design - Beautiful Homes

There are many trendy décor styles that are actually a mix of separate themes, combined to create a new and interesting look. From Rustic Chic, to Modern Industrial, to Contemporary Farmhouse, examples of mixed styles are practically endless, so don’t be afraid to intermingle furniture, textures, accent pieces and lighting, for a fresh and beautiful whole.

A great way to add interest and personality into your home is by layering in different furniture and décor styles to create an eclectic living room design. That said, the real trick is making sure that everything ties together cohesively, creating an attractive yet versatile space.


So What is an Eclectic Style Living Room?

For many people it is the lack of hard and fast rules that make an eclectic design attractive. This versatility is particularly an advantage if your space is semi-decorated or if you already have a few treasured pieces. An eclectic style living room can give you a way to combine your grandmother’s beautiful antique sideboard with your contemporary plush sofa. Or perhaps you can highlight a modern television within a rustic themed room. However, merely throwing a bunch of disparate stuff into a space does not make it a modern eclectic living room. As with all design themes, there are a few rules to help keep your room from looking like a garage sale.



What Makes Eclectic Living Room Ideas Work?

The reality is that most of us feel out of place and uncomfortable in overly matchy-matchy places. Indeed, the most attractive and welcoming homes often contain a mix of different décor styles. A modern eclectic living room can combine old world comfort with contemporary conveniences. Having a few interesting items of décor and pieces that reflect your personality help to make the room more individual and unique to your home.



How do You Decorate an Eclectic Living Room?

When you design an eclectic style living room, the goal is to create balance and coherence. Keep your colour palette consistent and ensure that the scale of your furniture mainly matches your room and the pieces around it. The key is to showcase your style with eclectic living room décor in a manner that comes across as hospitable and beautiful rather than chaotic and jumbled.


Here are twenty ways to mix aesthetic themes that are bound to be winners:



20 Eclectic Living Room Ideas for your Home


Eclectic Living Room 1 : Classic Meets Trendy

Mixing and matching new furniture with antiques for your eclectic living room design is a simple and often budget friendly way to explore this fun trend. Simply put, the core of eclectic style décor is combining the modern, the classic, the old and the new. Consider putting a vintage wingback chair next to a contemporary glass coffee table, or an antique mirror above a minimalist bookstand. Incorporate pieces you already have in your home and contrast these with new pieces for a vintage eclectic living room that makes the most of both fun and formal.

Boho eclectic living room design - Beautiful Homes
Open eclectic style living room with sectional sofa - Beautiful Homes

Eclectic Living Room 2 : Pattern & Texture

If you want a space that is a little more quirky, try pairing different types of patterns and textures in mix and match styles to see which work best together. Start with a single colour or texture and contrast this with a bold motif for a funky eclectic living room that is unique and eye-catching. For example, pair black-and-white geometric curtains, with bright throw pillows on a simple dark sofa. Or play with expressive and bold patterns in similar tones and colours throughout your room for a one-of-a-kind feel.


Eclectic Living Room 3 : The 80/20 Ratio

Use the 80/20 rule to give your cozy eclectic living room a style that leans more traditional. This rule means choosing two main design themes that will be represented in the space. Start by picking the larger items in the room, or the ones that you value the most and letting those define the style of your 80%. The remaining 20% of your décor will be the other style. So perhaps your mid-century eclectic living room might be defined by the large windows and ceiling height. Contrast this with quirky pop colours or vintage chic items for a breezy, eye-catching eclectic style.


Eclectic Living Room 4 : The Light Touch

One of the best eclectic living room ideas when space is limited, is to make the most of your lighting and light fixtures. Where too many bold conversation starters can compete with each other and overwhelm the eye, a statement light or an offbeat fixture can add the eclectic edge while still remaining relatively subtle. For instance, a glamorous vintage-look chandelier over a modern coffee table and sofa set gives the final gloss to an eclectic living room.

Mid-century eclectic living room - Beautiful Homes
Eclectic living room interior design with plant décor - Beautiful Homes

Eclectic Living Room 5 : Start In Neutral

When planning out your eclectic living room design, begin by choosing one neutral calming hue that you can repeat throughout the room. This will help to ensure that your varied patterns in this space will complement rather than clash with the majority of the décor. Using a soothing neutral such as warm cream or soft grey throughout creates a base colour for bolder items to layer over, and will prevent the space from becoming visually cluttered and overbearing.


Eclectic Living Room 6 : Let Colour Shine

The principal above carries over even if your core design hue is a bolder or brighter one. For example in a modern eclectic living room your go-to colour might be a deep indigo or an olive green rather than a soft grey or tan. For example a traditional indigo block-printed rug might be paired with a contemporary grey sofa and the indigo colour might recur on the curtains, on cushions or on wall decor.

Eclectic Living Room 7 : Create Focus

While the root of eclectic style is combining styles and design themes through a wide range of items, the final look has to seem curated and intentional. One way to achieve this is to create a single element of focus, be it an accent wall, a large or bold piece of furniture, or a particularly unusual decorative item. For a fun and colorful eclectic living room, wallpaper a single wall with bold quirky print and repeat those hues across your décor elements.


Eclectic Living Room 8 : Be Unexpected

When it comes to eclectic living room décor even the smallest touches can make a big impact. Clever cushions, tiny vintage cars on a bookshelf or a pop culture themed lamp in the corner of your living room can be the décor element that grabs attention and starts a conversation. Look at your space with a new eye and try something totally different. Perhaps paint or wallpaper your ceiling, adding colour and interest where you'd least expect it!

Colorful eclectic living room design - Beautiful Homes
Eclectic living room ideas with coffee table - Beautiful Homes

Eclectic Living Room 9 : Make A Gallery Wall

Gallery walls are often a key component of eclectic décor as they afford the opportunity to display a range of favourite artwork in a cohesive way. In an interesting and colorful eclectic living room the gallery need not be limited to the more conventional photographs or paintings - play with vintage movie prints, or even three dimensional objects in frames for a more unusual and personal display.

Eclectic Living Room 10 : Bright White

Not every eclectic living room has to be maximalist and vintage leaning. Paint a textured brick wall a bright white for a striking backdrop that lends a boho-chic aura to your room. The clean white will help balance the colours and patterns in the room while still maintaining a distinction from the polished finishes of modern homes or the rustic earthiness of exposed brick or stone.

Eclectic Living Room 11 : Go Global

Another great way to create a boho eclectic living room is to incorporate a range of global influences into your décor. Think in terms of a huge Persian rug, a bright Chinese lacquered screen or pretty Indonesian batik cushions. Just keep your colour palette and the scale of your core furniture in mind and these diverse pieces will be the perfect fit.


Eclectic Living Room 12 : Memorable Metallics

At first glance, an eclectic living room should look fun and modern and not stuffy and crowded. In a smaller space, this might be a challenge unless you add more light and the illusion of space. One smart way to do this is to lean into metallic finishes for your eclectic style living room décor and lighting.  Antique gold or bright chrome fixtures juxtaposed with contemporary glass tables and maybe velvet pouffes will make your space seem luxurious without overwhelming.

Eclectic Living Room 13 : Charming Bohemian

A good way to create a boho vibe and add a relaxing energy to your living room is to mix natural elements with contemporary glamorous pieces. The gold rule with your boho eclectic living room is to be selective. 

Funky eclectic living room with spotlights - Beautiful Homes

Pair rattan or bamboo furniture with luxurious fabrics and jewel tones. This is a style that can get very ornate very quickly so scale it back by adding real plants as décor and plain white macrame wall hangings instead of brightly coloured art.


Eclectic Living Room 14 : Colour Block

If you’re looking for an attention drawing look that’s full of vitality, then large geometric patterns and colour blocking might be the perfect fit. As a starting point for eclectic living room ideas, a bold colour scheme with dual or multi colour combinations can be the anchor point for your entire plan. Strategically placed to emphasise or minimise the architectural features of your room, colour blocks create depth, interest and a new perspective!

Eclectic Living Room 15 : Mixed Furniture

For a cozy eclectic living room that comes across as comfortable and informal, combine  complementing chairs in non-identical styles. By matching the tones and textures of the upholstery fabric and the tones of wood bases, you can make radically different designs seem cohesive within your area.

Eclectic Living Room 16 : Make a Statement

Another way to make furniture the focal point in your living room is to play with the size scale. In a funky eclectic living room a chair that is much smaller or larger than anything else in the room will stand out! Where an eclectic design style has the advantage is that you can make this oddball piece the focus of your room and play it up for interest and fun.


Eclectic Living Room 17 : The Mod Collector

This eclectic theme is perhaps the simplest to achieve as it merely adds eclectic elements to the clean, classic lines of the prevalent mid-century modern style. Adding splashes of retro drama are key in this style, so try an eye-catching pink sofa or a large ornate framed mirror in your mid-century eclectic living room for a more distinctive and lively look.


Eclectic Living Room 18 : Vintage Colours

Once associated with opulent interiors, rich colours like burgundy and dark red are ideal hues for your vintage eclectic living room adding stimulation and energy to a social space. Use these deep colours in accents rather than in large blocks, or feature them on a statement piece of furniture, to ensure that they do not overwhelm the balance of your room.


Eclectic Living Room 19 : Be Picky

Eclectic originates from the Greek word ‘eklektikos', which means to choose or select the best idea. A core need therefore is to actually discard the ideas and concepts that do not work for your space. The beauty of eclectic living room décor is creating harmony within a space with pieces that appear to clash but have actually been carefully chosen.


Eclectic Living Room 20 : Simplify

To prevent your eclectic design from mutating into a messy, cluttered, and overly stuffed room, take time to look at it from a new perspective. Take a photograph of your eclectic living room and double check that each item has a point and a place in your space. Remember that not every space and surface needs to catch the eye, negative space is as important to the design as highlights. 


Eclectic interior design is about allowing your imagination and personality to shine and having fun with experimentation within your space. We hope this has inspired you to give your living room design an eclectic revamp! If you want to know more, reach out to us at Beautiful Homes and we’ll help create the perfect eclectic living room for your tastes.


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