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Embrace transitional interior design in your home

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Jul 21, 2023

Here is an easy guide to imbue a composition of the warmth of traditional design and elegance of contemporary design in your home

Have you ever found yourself straddling the line between a classic aesthetic and a more contemporary appeal? From home décor style to food preferences to taste in music, our choices keep on altering with time. Interior design is a composition of following the rules and breaking them to capture your style. If you are an admirer of both old and new styles, then now is the time to bring them together. This dynamic “in between style” has become a style in its own, termed as Transitional Interior Design.


What is Transitional Interior Design?

Before we dive into how to achieve this design style, here is an overview of what makes an interior design style transitional. Transitional design style, a fusion of modern and traditional style, combines the old and the fresh, the masculine and the feminine, and the sumptuous and simple, creating a visual appeal that is both timeless and prevailing. Focusing on symmetry and scale while weaving in comfortable furniture with antique pieces, it has a foothold in tradition yet feels crisp and modern. The transitional style also integrates the warmth that is frequently missing in contemporary interior design, banishing the stuffy vibes of conventional and classic design styles. If you're looking for inspiration, there are countless interior design ideas that can be incorporated into your transitional style, allowing you to infuse your personal touch and create a cohesive appeal with the elements of past and allure of present in any corner of your home. Some key elements to consider include neutral colours, natural materials, clean lines, and minimal ornamentation. Here is an uncomplicated guide to help you explore various interior design ideas and bring your vision to life.


How to Decorate Your Home in a Transitional Design?

1. Pick a Neutral Colour Scheme

Calming neutral hues are the foundation of transitional interior design when it comes to colour. Light shades such as cream, beige, taupe, and grey provide a calming backdrop and allow the furnishings and accessories to take centre stage. Darker hues and tints, such deep browns and emerald greens, are employed to give transitional rooms a sense of depth. This dining room is a perfect example of neutral backdrop accentuated by darker furniture, bestowing the appeal of a warm contemporary zone. 

Designed by Saniya Kantawala Design

Image courtesy, Inhabit Design Studio

2. Transitional Decorating Style Must Have: Colourful Accessories

Do not let the monotone of neutrals put you off. The area is kept elegant and adaptable by the muted colour scheme, providing you with the freedom to experiment with décor. Home accents and accessories play a crucial role in creating a space that balances traditional and contemporary interior design. Colourful accessories not only make the space inviting, but it also furnishes a character to it. Add vibrant coloured curtains, bright pieces of furniture and quirky pillows to add cheer to the neutrals and manifest the owner’s persona.


3. Transitional House Décor: Cushions Galore

A wise person once said, you can never have too many cushions. We agree with that school of thought. Cushions or throw pillows are the one thing that bring comfort and drama all at the same time. Bright and cheery cushion covers will instantly modernise the look of your living area or breathe new life into an old couch. Because that is the best part, you can change the covers from time to time and change the vibe of the room. Add multiple cushions, big and monochromatic in the back and colourful ones in the front of the sofa for a warmer and more inviting feel. You can even let your sense of humour shine through with funny phrases and illustrations.


4. Transitional Decorating Style Lighting

Lighting is an important consideration in interior design to accentuate every minor detail to major elements in the house. It pushes boundaries with charming and unique light fixtures. Look out for light designs with a transitional style—Less ornate lighting elements with a blend of curved and straight lines. A contemporary chandelier is an excellent choice of ambient lighting to transform your living room instantly. A coalesce of traditional table lamps and sconces with modern chandeliers and floor lamps might seem out of place, but in transitional design, opposites really do attract!

5. Transitional Interior Design Furniture

Transitional interiors favour furniture with clean lines and simple profiles. The pieces often have a classic, yet updated look, with a focus on comfort and functionality. For instance, you might see a traditional-style sofa paired with modern coffee tables, or antique artwork displayed alongside sleek, minimalist lighting fixtures. The goal is to create a cohesive look that bridges the gap between the two styles. While neutral upholstery is conventional, you may include fabrics with a combination of textures, such as linen, velvet, or leather.

Image courtesy, Tushar Mistry Design Studio

6. Metallic Accents in Transitional Interior Design

In the current strata, metallic accents have become one of the niche elements of modern design due to their affable nature with all design styles and materials. They provide a subtle contrast against neutral colours and soft textures, adding a touch of elegance, sophistication, and visual interest to the space. Use colours like bronze, gold, silver, and copper for lighting, accessories, furnishings, etc. to create a modern yet classic interior look. The metallic centre table in this living room screams class. Surrounded by subtle furniture, it makes a statement and commands attention in the space.

Image courtesy, AK Enterprises

Designed by Rosabagh; Image courtesy, Deepak Aggarwal

7. Add Carpet for Texture

While transitional design embraces simplicity, it also incorporates layers to add depth and warmth to the space. This can be achieved using textured fabrics, area rugs and carefully carpets. Along with rendering a luxurious and plush feel, carpets instantly give a cosy appeal. A monochromatic rug, or even one with a more subdued design, will provide a blank slate for other furnishings, as seen in this bedroom image.

Image courtesy, Chalk studio

8. Contemporary Art for Transitional Interiors

Art is always welcome. Use a bold contemporary art piece to break the monotony of neutral hues or use multiple pieces around the house and create your own gallery. Not only will it spice up the interiors, but it will also help retain an elegant yet minimal feel. Feeling inspired? Create your own art to hang up or buy that piece of art you have been eying for years. Turn your home into a place you want to spend time in.

9. Tried-and-Trusted Woody Favourites

Where materiality is concerned, wood has always taken the gong of being the most trusted material in interior design. Bridging the gap between modern and traditional design, wood brings warmth, subtlety, and flexibility at the same time. Appreciating the same, add a grounding piece of wooden furniture like a dining table, dresser, or bookshelf to enhance the dining room design. Right from ceiling to walls to furniture, this dining room designed with wood and brown tones is an ideal example of transitional interior design.

Photography by Nayan Soni

Image courtesy, The Concreate Story

10. Traditional Statement Piece

Keep a lookout for ancient furniture markets because a striking piece of traditional furniture or décor can be the highlight of your transitional space, whether it's in the living room design or any other area of your home. A traditional statement piece can add a sense of elegance and timelessness to the space while still maintaining a modern flair. It can serve as the focal point and the rest of the furniture can be designed accordingly. Another way is through reupholstering a contemporary classic piece with a layer of paint. The Indian door frame hanging above the fan is an absolute attention seeker in this image.

Even though it is a fusion of assorted styles, the transitional interior design avoids chaos and gives you a neat and modest home that exudes elegance, tranquillity, and style. Isn’t that what a home is intended to be all along?


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