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Everything you need to know about wash basin taps

  • Wash Basin
Sep 17, 2022
Centre taps for your wash basin design - Beautiful Homes

Choosing the perfect bathroom taps can be a little confusing. From the different types of bath taps to basin taps our guide covers everything you need to know

If you dread stepping into your old and boring bathroom and plan a change, it’s time to redo your bathroom design. Even these small spaces of your house deserve love and all the attention. While the bathroom space in your house might not offer a lot in terms of square footage, these spaces can strike a chord just as much as any other with the right bathroom décor ideas. Just because it is a small space as compared to other rooms, it does not mean you need to think little for its interior design. Ask one of our interior decorating experts, and they might even suggest the opposite!


The first solution to any bathroom design is finding the right inspiration.  Bathrooms can get away with a lot more than you realize. To have your bathroom interior design feel like a spa oasis, it's crucial to have materials that resonate with the serenity and tranquillity that one seeks. You can get a jump start by paying some attention to the bathroom basin taps. Designer wash basin faucets and sink taps can be a little expensive but they are worth having, as they add to the aesthetic appeal and overall design and décor of the home. Besides basin taps can easily be used in commercial spaces as well, such as office bathrooms and community centres.


Whether you want to invest in a complete bathroom do-over or modify your existing wash basin taps to make it a more loved space, it’s time to pick your favourite style and get some inspiration!


Wash Basin Taps Styles


1. Centre Set Taps

One of the more common types of bathroom sink faucets available is a centre set faucet. It features a little faucet body that provides either one or two handles or knobs to regulate water temperature and pressure. Typically, with a shorter spout, a centre set bathroom water tap is an outstanding option.

2. Single Handle Bathroom Taps

As the name suggests, a single handle shower faucet uses just one handle to regulate temperature and water pressure altogether. The handle is placed to the right, left, or directly above the spout itself. Such bath taps come with a much smaller mounting space since they don’t need extensive drilling to secure. They can easily fit in a spot that is about two or three inches wide. If you wish to install basin taps yourself, this is your best option.


3. Spread Fit Taps

Using three separate pieces that stick out from the surface of your sink, a spread fit faucet is similar to the centre set faucet but with more freedom of spacing. The knobs of such sink taps are very relaxed. They aren’t cramped, and they are ready to deliver whatever temperature of water you could perhaps prefer.

Single handle bathroom tap for your bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

4. Bridge Bath Taps

With a very self-explanatory name, bridge bath taps are an amazing option for your bathroom faucets with their astonishingly beautiful sleek bridge-like design. They are usually found in professional sinks where cleanliness is a priority. The temperature is regulated by two separate knobs, and such sink faucets will usually come equipped with a pull-away spray.

Wall mounted bathroom tap for your modern bathroom - Beautiful Homes

5. Wall Mounted Bathroom Taps

Wall mounted taps are the most modern bathroom taps. They are excellent to use with a countertop basin. By mounting the taps on a wall, a wall mounted wash basin tap keeps the whole area around your basin clear and offers a much more sleek look. Earlier, wall mounted taps were only found in the most luxurious hotels, spas and restaurants. Nowadays, however, you can pick up a wide range of wall mounted basin taps easily and get that luxurious look in your bathroom. There are of course contemporary and standard designs, ones with just a single temperature and flow control, and ones that have a different hot and cold-water handle.

6. Sprinkle Modern Wash Basin Taps

A sprinkle style basin faucet uses a remarkable kind of spout. In place of the conventional cylindrical spout, it utilises a setup where the water comes out in a rectangular routine.

7. Tub Wall Mount Bathroom Faucets

Similar to wall mount bathroom faucets, tub wall mount faucets mount to the tub wall instead of the bathroom wall. Both the toilet faucet handle and the spout come straight through the tub itself. This option is an excellent choice if you just need a faucet for a standalone tub.


8. Deck Mount Bathroom Faucets

A Deck mount shower faucet is often seen on larger bathtubs. This choice is for the standalone bathtub as opposed to the shower. These hanging taps sit on the rim of the bathtub instead of protruding from a wall. If you have a bathtub with a large rim that prevents wall access, such a deck mount tap with hot and cold water is a perfect choice. They offer a neat, modern look to your bathroom space.

Tub wall mounted bathroom faucets for your modern bathroom - Beautiful Homes
Roman tub faucets for your modern bathroom design - Beautiful Homes

9. Roman Tub Faucets

A Roman tub shower faucet looks almost like a deck mount faucet, though they have a few minute differences. In both types, the faucet sits on the rim of the tub. Both types also need a supply line connection. The distinction comes from the shape of the spout. A Roman bathtub spout has an arched shape, while standard deck mount faucets have a more traditional look. Roman faucets occasionally come with a hand shower. A hand shower primarily lets you integrate your bath and shower experience.

10. Freestanding Tub Faucets and Hanging Taps

Finally, there’s the freestanding tub faucet. A lot of individuals pair this kind of faucet spout with a clawfoot bathtub or other kind of freestanding tub. This kind of faucet attaches directly to the floor. It can offer a lot of different looks, including old-fashioned and industrial. A freestanding wash basin faucet can have a spout that hangs over the tub and fills it from above, or it can bind directly to the bathtub via pre-drilled holes.


Bathroom Water Tap for Wash Basin Materials

1. Brass

Known for combining copper and zinc into an alloy, brass is a very popular material for toilet taps. It presents a polished yellow tone and has a charm of its own. Copper is an antimicrobial agent and a fantastic option for hygienic water.


Sometimes, aluminium is added to the brass to give it more strength and make it capable of resisting corrosion.

Brass washbasin tap ideas for your modern bathroom design - Beautiful Homes
Stainless steel table top washbasin tap ideas for your bathroom - Beautiful Homes

2. Stainless Steel table top wash basin taps

A Stainless-steel material adds a refined look to your sanitary ware taps when used correctly. It is a stronger material than brass and contains nickel and chromium to form a glossy silver-like finish. It can be rather hard in texture and will not dent or wear out readily. However, the primary problem with stainless steel is that the watermarks are clearly visible, hence it will require a little more upkeep and cleaning.


3. Zinc

Thanks to its affordability, zinc has long been used as a replacement for brass. It normally has a muted grey colour, but it can be plated over with a chrome finish to give it a more attractive appeal. Zinc sanitary ware taps are well resistant to corrosion and lightweight.

4. Plastic taps for bathroom

Because of the inexpensive nature and the ease of installation, plastic taps for bathroom have been popular for quite a lot of time. Polyethene is an excellent choice for how it uses cross-linked fibres to form a sturdy body that does not wear out. It also does not chip away and gets into your water supply either.


Nowadays, plastic taps also come with a fancy design that includes a series of artificial crystal accents on the control knobs among other notable qualities. Although mould buildup up in between the plastic handle and the knob underneath is a common issue to think about.


5. Chrome sanitary ware taps

The chrome finish spout is a classic when it comes to bathtub faucet and shower faucet choices. Since it’s fairly inexpensive, and there are a lot of options to choose from, it is a very popular option. It also works well with a wide variety of aesthetics.


Chrome spout tap mixer finishes pair well with a lot of bathroom colours, so if you go with chrome, your tap is far-fetched to clash with the rest of the bathroom. Another advantage is that it’s effortless to clean. Although. remember that chrome is a tad less durable than some of your other choices, so while you will find it cheap, you may need to substitute chrome shower fixtures sooner than you would have to replace other mixer tap bathroom spout types.

6. Brushed Nickel Finish

Right down to the colour, nickel spouts are similar to chrome finishes. Nickel has the exact silvery hue as chrome, however brushed nickel is a little darker and more vibrant than chrome. The subtle differences include that nickel has more lustre than chrome.

If you are a sucker for a classic look that you can get from a chrome faucet with added shine, then nickel is your best bet. It is also more durable, hence last a lot longer than chrome faucets. However, nickel is more costly. In fact, you could pay several hundred dollars more for a nickel finish than you would for a chrome finish spout.


7. Oil-Rubbed Bronze Finish

One of the less common types of gold taps is the oil-rubbed bronze finish. This spout finish is inclined towards a little costlier side, though customers get a lot for their money. Its smooth texture that adds a pleasant touch to the overall bath experience is totally worth it. As opposed to the cooler tone of a chrome-finished tub faucet, this one has a warm tone. If you are going for a vintage look, this is a gorgeous choice.

Brushed nickel finish tap for your modern bathroom - Beautiful Homes
Copper finish wash basin tap ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

8. Copper Finish

At last, there is the copper finish pillar tap for a unique wash basin design. This warm-toned finish provides a luxurious, self-indulgent feel to a shower experience. Since copper isn’t a typical pick, bathrooms that do have copper finishes stand out from bathrooms that use other finishes for their taps. While copper as a material is more expensive, less long-lasting, and more difficult to clean than some other bathroom spout alternatives, hence many people opt for a glossy brass tub faucet instead. Yet, for some, copper is the only finish that can offer just the right look.

We’re Bathroom Tap Experts

At Asian Paints Beautiful Homes, we have a vast selection of wall mounted basin mixer, pillar tap for wash basin, bath taps and basin taps to suit bathrooms of all shapes and sizes. Whether you’re searching for a luxurious floor mounted tap to complement a freestanding bath or you need a deceptively simple mixer tap for your basin, Beautiful Homes has something for you and your bathroom.


At Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams. If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your interior design, home décor & renovation needs – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


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