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Everything you need to know before painting your cabinets

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Apr 28, 2021
A neat & clean modular kitchen with tiled wall, pendant lights & cabinets of the colour blue & white - Beautiful Homes

Go through the best of kitchen design inspiration on Instagram or Pinterest and you’ll notice one thing in common - colourful cabinets. No matter what the design theme of your kitchen is, the simplest and most creative way of enhancing this space is by making use of solid colours that complement the overall design. 

While having the entire modular kitchen replaced to renovate the space might burn a hole in your pocket, choosing to do it yourself by painting the cabinets is a great alternative to that. It sure looks like a fun project to take on but it sure comes with a few disclaimers and requirements of its own.


Let us take you through some of the key things to keep in mind before starting on this creative journey all by yourself;

Things You’ll Need 

●      Screwdriver

●      Cleaner (a 50/50 vinegar-water solution works!)


●      Spackle or wood filler


●      Putty knife (for filling in holes with spackle)

●      100-grit sandpaper

●      Fine-grit sandpaper


●      Tack cloth

●      High-hiding all-purpose primer

●      Mini roller or angled brush

●      Enamel paint

A modular kitchen with textured wall & matte navy blue colour cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

A well organised spacious modular kitchen with tiled wall & solid white cabinets with a touch of blue colour - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, FADD

Get Organised 

Before you getstarted, it’s crucial to remove the drawers and its content. Put it in labeled boxes for easy reassembling. Put a tape on appliances and countertops to avoid paint staining during the process.

Invest In Deep Cleaning

The outcome will be good only if the base on which paint is applied is dirt free. Kitchens are the most greasy spaces due to obvious reasons. So make sure you get rid of it all before starting the painting process.

A neat & clean modular kitchen with tiled wall, pendant lights & cabinets of the colour blue & white - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Joe Hendrickson/

A modular kitchen with textured wall & white coloured cabinets with pendant lights cabinets - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Dunelm

This Will Take More Than Just A Few Days

While it may seem fun and easy, the process of cleaning, sanding, priming and painting may get tedious and take a few weeks unless you have a full week to dedicate to this project. Make sure you have enough time on your plate to complete it without affecting the quality of the finished product.

Prime Time

Apply a coat of primer after sanding and wiping the surfaces. Invest in a good quality roller or angled brush for best results. It’s better to spend a little more on the right tools than having your cabinets coated with brush hair by the end of it. Unless that’s the look you’re going for.

A beautiful modern modular kitchen with grey kitchen cabinets & kitchen accessories at display - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Ume illustration/

A modular kitchen with solid pastel blue colour complementing overall design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ADND

A Smooth Start

The first step is to sand down all the surfaces you’re going to paint to get rid of the stains and particles that might affect the process of painting it flawlessly.

Paint Away

As the primer dries, run your hands over it to make sure of the same. Use a sandpaper to neutralise the bumps if any, before you begin the painting process. Experts suggest the use of enamel paint for wooden cabinets. Whether you want a matte look or glossy is completely up to your imagination. However, it’s easier to clean glossy or semi-glossy surfaces.

A modular kitchen with glossy finish to the wooden kitchen cabinets & wooden flooring & kitchen island - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ALDECA studio/

Once your paint is completely dry, go ahead and reinstall the drawers and its content to have yourself a fresh and fully functional kitchen!

Treat yourself with the money you saved by doing this project yourself! 

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