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Experiment with wooden tiles in your home interior design

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Nov 18, 2022
Wooden tiles used for the home interiors like flooring, walls & ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Wooden tiles aren’t just great for flooring; there are a variety of ways to use them around the house

It is one of the most important decisions you’ll make. The floor for your space will set the foundation for your design not just visually but from a practical perspective. Material that is easy to maintain lasts over the long term is durable and yet aesthetics should be a prime consideration when you select your wooden flooring. Wood has always been a favourite for homeowners. It looks elegant, conveys warmth and adds a contemporary touch. In the living room, wooden floor tiles create a sense of comfort and can set the aesthetic for the rest of the house. Hardwood is also high maintenance and tips the expensive end of the scale. Imagine, then, if you could get the wood look at a more cost-effective rate with an easy-to-maintain side benefit.


While you may think this is too good to be true, it isn’t if you opt for wooden floor tiles. Wood-finish floor tiles or wood-textured tiles score high in the functional and smart looks department too.



The Advantage of Using Wooden Floor Tiles

  1. Longevity
    The most important benefit of wooden tiles, or tiles in general, is their durability. Most homeowners rightly look at their flooring as a one-time, long-term investment. If you opt for tiles, then that is what it will be, given their high durability. This means wooden tiles for kitchen floors are also a workable idea. 

  2. Maintenance
    Cleaning the floor is a necessary but time-consuming task and the easier the floor is to maintain, the quicker the task will be completed. With wooden tiles on floors, you get easy-to-maintain and easy-to-clean flooring. Whether it is wiping stains or spills, tiles are an assured time-saving convenience.

  3. Safety
    Tiles, whether wood-style tiles or any other, are very safe to use as they don’t allow for the breeding of germs or bacteria. They are also the best option if you are allergic to dirt and are moisture- and scratch-resistant as well.

  4. Cost
    An inevitable result of using wood-like tiles in your space is that you will be saving on costs and expenses.

  5. Versatility
    The best thing, however, when it comes to choosing wooden-finish tiles is the sheer versatility you have at your disposal. Apart from the flooring, you can use wood-look tiles on the walls, in the kitchen, on the ceiling—and they are perfect as wooden tiles for bedroom floors.


Types of Wood Tiles that can be Used Indoors

You will certainly not suffer from a lack of choice if you have an idea of using wooden tiles for home interiors. From engineered wood to the abovementioned laminates, you get to pick what works best for your space, depending on the climate of the city you stay in, to the areas of the house—high traffic or low traffic—that you want to install the wood-style tiles in. And, of course, the aesthetic you’re going for.

Wood-Patterned Tiles: Parquet

Striking patterns are a hallmark of parquet wooden tiles. These types of indoor wooden floor tiles use small strips of wood arranged in a particular repeating, angular pattern. Traditionally, parquet floors were installed painstakingly, one small strip at a time. Now though, modern parquet comes in the shape of wooden slats that are bonded to what is called as backing material. The different arrangements in which these parquet wooden tiles can be laid out add to the versatile nature of these tiles, making them a great aesthetic option. That they are also easy to maintain and durable are added benefits. Parquet is quickly catching on as the choice for living room wooden floor tiles and it is available in diverse colours too.

Solid wooden planks used for the living room flooring - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

Parquet wooden flooring in a modern living room design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Aparna Kaushik

Wooden Tiles for Home Interior Design: Solid Wood Plank Tiles

If you’re looking for the most appropriate wood-style tile to use in the parts of the house that receive high traffic, the kitchen for instance, then you would do well to opt for wood plank tiles. They are a bit more expensive than other wooden floor tiles but you can do no better when it comes to fire resistance and a long lifespan. Installed in a tongue-and-groove fashion over concrete, wood plank tiles are harder to install but certainly worth the effort in the long run.

Wood-Textured Tiles: Engineered Wooden Floor Tiles

Moisture-resistant, long-lasting—easily more than two decades—and made using ever-changing technology, engineered wooden tiles are an excellent option for humid regions. The best part? They can be installed over any current flooring that you want to change but are having a hard time removing (or don’t want to remove). Engineered wood-style tiles are layered, with a good-quality plywood core and a thin hardwood layer over it. Essentially, it uses a cheaper wood as the core and a more expensive one as the layer adhering to it. These layered wood-look floor tiles also offer greater stability.

Engineered wooden textured tiles for hallway flooring - Beautiful Homes
Geometric engineered wood flooring in a luxurious bedroom design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, 42MM Architecture

Using Wooden-Coloured Tiles Around the House

You already know the elegance that wooden tiles will impart to your house when laid out on the floor. While homeowners typically enjoy using wooden tiles in bedrooms, there are a host of other rooms where they work—as well as interesting ways in which they can be used.

1. Wooden Wall Tiles
Wooden wall tiles, for example, can play their part in making your house look warm and inviting. It is the easiest way to create an accent wall in any of the rooms and elevate the aesthetic of the space.

2. Wooden Tiles for Home Offices or Studies
The place where you work or study would inevitably have shelves where you need to keep your papers, files and books and a table or desk which would typically be some kind of wood. Add wood-coloured tiles to the flooring and you get a cosy, comfortable space that will offer just the right ambience to get some work (or study) done. Wooden-finish wall tiles will further create a seamless look in the space (though it may get monotonous too!).

3. Wooden Tiles for Balcony Design, Porch or Patio
If you’re one of those lucky people to live in a stand-alone home with a porch area or a patio or have a good-sized balcony in your apartment, nothing evokes that outdoor-indoor connection as well as wood. If you don’t want to go for the real thing and worry about maintenance, then wood-textured tiles, more durable, low maintenance and inexpensive, would be a great way to get that breezy-looking outdoor space.

Simple wooden tiles for the study room or home office design - Beautiful Homes

Photography by Ashish Sahi

Wooden floor tiling in the patio of the house - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Shutterstock

4. Wooden Floor Tiles for Bathroom Flooring
Wooden floor tiles for bathrooms are the ideal option for those who want that warm wood look without the worry of warping and swelling.

5. Wood-Style Tiles for the Ceiling
For a rustic touch, use wooden-finish tiles on the ceiling Wood-textured tiles on ceilings, combined with wooden tiles on the floor, will imbue a complete sense of warmth into your space.

Wooden finish tiles for the bathroom interior flooring & ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Beyond Designs


FAQs About Wooden Tiles for Home Interiors

1. Are wooden tiles suitable for interior and exterior flooring and walls?

Wood-finish floor tiles are very suitable to be inside and outside the house. They are highly durable, relatively inexpensive (compared to hardwood) and depending on the types of wood tiles you use, are resistant to moisture, stains and scratches. They are therefore easy to clean and maintain. Wooden tiles for balcony design, for example, are a good way to establish an indoor-outdoor connection.

Wooden tiles used for the home interiors like flooring, walls & ceiling - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Design Decontruct

2. Are wood tiles cheaper than laminate flooring?

Typically, laminate, which is made up of high-density fibreboard covered in a photographic image and protective coat, is cheaper than tiles. Hence, as a material, it would also be cheaper than wood-style tiles. Laminate is also easier to install if you are doing it yourself but tiles are longer-lasting.


3. Are wooden tiles a good idea?

Wooden tiles come with several advantages. They are considered to be a very sound one-time investment given their high durability and long shelf life, especially since no one looks forward to having to change the flooring in a house frequently. They are also resistant to moisture, scratches, stains and spills and don’t allow bacteria or other germs to breed on their surface. Wood-finish floor tiles are also cheaper than actual hardwood. Aesthetically, they are very versatile and apart from wooden tiles for the floor, you can also find wooden-finish wall tiles, as well as alternatives for the ceiling.

4. Are wooden tiles durable?

Yes, they are extremely durable, which makes them quite popular for home interiors. You can opt for different textures and colours and even find striking wood-patterned tile designs to work into your space and be assured that it will last.



Finding creative ways to use wood-colour tiles around the house can be so much easier to do when you have professionals who can give life to your ideas. Beautiful Homes Service can ensure wooden-colour tiles find use beyond the obvious. The end-to-end solutions provider when it comes to interior design and décor is well-suited to this endeavour, with its stores across cities also offering every kind of requirement for home design. So if it is wooden wall tiles, wooden tiles for kitchen floors or something for the ceiling, they’ll certainly know how to get you the look you want.

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