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Exposed ceiling design for your home

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Nov 14, 2022
Open ceiling design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

The unique look of exposed ceilings is attractive to many. If you're one of them, read on to find out all the different designs you can choose from for your home

The exposed or open false ceiling is a concept in architecture and interior design where the mechanical, electric and plumbing (MEP) systems in the ceiling are left exposed. This trend gained momentum with the rise in the industrial style of interior design. As the style has evolved, so have its elements, including exposed or open ceilings. Now, it isn't so much about leaving the MEP systems as is but designing them in a way that is raw and sophisticated at once. Read on to find inspiration to introduce this modern and chic design concept to your home.


Open Ceiling Design Ideas


1. Open Ceiling Design- Cathedral Exposed Beam Ceiling

A Cathedral ceiling is a type of open ceiling that is both classic and versatile. It works well for living rooms, dining areas and open plans. The combination of tapering shape, symmetry and height creates stunning interiors. You can accentuate the shape and draw the eye upward by decorating the ceiling with trusses, intricate moldings, or murals.


2. Open Ceiling Ideas- Artistic Installation

With all the additional vertical space that open ceiling designs provide, you have the room to experiment and turn the ceiling into the statement element in the room for any occasion. You could opt for an open false ceiling design with coffered 3D tiles in geometric shapes like a hexagon. Suspended books, timber, fabric, etc., are some options that would add a sense of depth and intrigue to the interiors. You could try these for open ceiling office design as well.

3. Open False Ceiling Design- Wooden Grid

A happy medium between a fully open ceiling concept and a false ceiling would be an open false ceiling. A simple yet excellent design to try is the exposed grid ceiling. The exposed grid ceiling gives you a peek at the actual ceiling adding a layer of depth to the interior and making the space feel a little more cozy. For a subtle look, keep the color and finish of the exposed beam ceiling and the wooden grid the same. But if you want to draw attention towards the open false ceiling, create a contrast by painting the grid in a bold color. Ensure that it is in line with the existing color scheme of the room.

Open ceiling wooden grid design for your home - Beautiful Homes

4. Open Ceiling Design- A Maze of Pipes

Ducts and pipes are a staple of the industrial exposed ceiling, and while they can be charming in their own way, you can take this look up a notch. Create an intentional design with these for a maze-like structure on the ceiling and pepper in some vintage lighting fixtures as finishing touches.

Exposed concrete ceiling design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

5. Exposed Concrete Ceiling

A concrete finish on the ceiling adds a raw yet alluring appeal to the interiors. You can combine it with wood beams or trusses to create an exciting contrast. If you like the look of concrete, another, more subtle way to incorporate it in your open ceiling design house is to add concrete beams instead of an entire exposed concrete ceiling. This would be good open ceiling office design too.

6. Open Ceiling Ideas- Mosaic of Lights

Lighting truly has the ability to transform the look and feel of a room. Refine the open ceiling design in your house by installing a mosaic of lights. What we mean by that is you choose two or three types of lighting fixtures and create an undulating pattern with them. The result will be jaw-dropping for sure.


7. Open Ceiling Design- Classic Exposed Beams Ceiling

For a modern exposed ceiling look, you can paint the exposed beams a bold color and pair them with sleek lighting fixtures. Creating a contrast against the ceiling color will add a dramatic flair to your interiors. Or you can maintain the stained wood look of the exposed beams for a cozy, rustic farmhouse style.

8. Modern Exposed Ceiling with Wood Panels

You can incorporate the open ceiling concept into the sophisticated and sleek contemporary style with a paneled ceiling. The panel finish to the ceiling will create directionality in the room, making it appear even more spacious. This creates an interesting juxtaposition with the exposed electric and duct work.

Exposed ceiling design with wooden panels for your home design - Beautiful Homes
Open ceiling with brick layout design for your home - Beautiful Homes

9. Open Ceiling Design with Brick Layout

Instead of an exposed brick wall, flip the script and use the brick layout for the fifth wall for an industrial exposed ceiling. You can keep the brick-and-mortar look to give your interiors an edge, or you can paint them or whitewash them so that the ceiling blends well with the rest of the interiors.


Pros & Cons of Exposed Ceiling Design

Pros of Exposed Ceiling Design

  1. Exposed ceilings offer a room more height making it more spacious and appear grander.
  2. The increased height allows the room to cool down faster since the hot air has space to escape.
  3. Exposed ceilings provide additional space allowing for better light diffusion. Exposed ceiling designs, therefore, work incredibly well in south-facing homes and commercial spaces.
  4. Open ceiling designs lend a particularly modern industrial look. So if you like an edgy aesthetic, this is a great option.


Cons of Exposed Ceiling Design

  1. While spaces with open ceilings are relatively easy to cool down, they are notoriously challenging to warm up. In winter especially, this can increase utility bills significantly.
  2. High, open ceilings can be difficult to reach, making regular cleaning and maintenance a hassle.
  3. Another downside of high, open ceilings is the lack of sound absorption. Unlike rooms with dropped ceilings, the sound reverberates way more in ones with exposed ceilings since it does not get absorbed.
  4. When finalizing the design, making such large spaces feel warm and cozy can be difficult.
  5. The "rawness" of exposed ceilings is entirely intentional. To design and execute it, you need skilled labour. It is an expensive endeavour to add it to your home interiors.
Exposed ceiling design ideas for your home design - Beautiful Homes

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