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20 Modern home exterior design ideas to up the outdoor appeal

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Sep 29, 2022
Classic exterior house design for a winter ready home - Beautiful Homes

Making a great initial impression is always a must – and we don’t just mean for people! Ensure your home always wows at first sight by upgrading your exterior design aesthetic and giving it the same importance as your interior décor

Your home is an extension of you, from inside to outside, home design and what you choose to do with it is a reflection of what you love and the way you live. So of course, it’s pretty obvious and simple; house exterior design should be given the same importance as your interior décor. By making the effort to ensure it’s just as much a manifestation of your personality and style – whether it’s building a well-appointed deck that has all the bells-and-whistles for outdoor parties, emphasising your earth-lover side by using natural materials for the frontage and planting a lush garden, or going bold and bright with a geometric patterned exterior wall design – you can make sure your property stands out as uniquely you.


If you need some ideas to get you started, read on for our list of home exterior designs that are sure to wow at first sight!


House Exterior Design Idea 1 : Go Minimalist

A lack of unnecessary frills and details, and a focus on sleek, clean lines are the main hallmarks of a minimalist exterior; modern house design leans towards this style in recent decades, and it’s quite common for architects to show a preference toward it. With neutral shades, subtle texture and no sharp contrasts in both the building and exterior wall design, such houses give off an elegant yet uncomplicated vibe. 


House Exterior Design Idea 2 : Stick With The Classics

If what you’re drawn to is evergreen simplicity and elegance, it’s ok to stick to tried-and-true exterior décor plans – shingled roofs, stone foundations and wood panelled cladding have an unarguable appeal. There’s nothing that says you have to pick modern design concepts for cladding and exterior wall design; ideas may come and go, but vintage styles will always be popular and pleasing to the eye!

House Exterior Design Idea 3 : Wide Fenced Deck

This is a classic in home exterior design, particularly for stand-alone houses that have a lot of space around them. The wide, fenced in deck provides plenty of outdoor seating; pick a deck fence that’s as simple or decorative as you like, and up the safety for pets or small children with the addition of a small gate at the entryway. Typically with this kind of exterior, outdoor wall décor ideas aren’t a factor, as homes that have a fenced deck usually don’t have walled-in gardens.

Wide fenced deck for a home exterior design - Beautiful Homes
Stark black modern outside home design for your exteriors - Beautiful Homes

House Exterior Design Idea 4 : Stark-Black Modernism

The statement created by this style has made it a mainstay of modern home exterior design. A contemporary reinterpretation of the Gothic trend, a mix of black painted walls, glass and dark wood tones are paired with sleek, minimalist lines to create bold drama that forms a stark contrast with its surroundings.

House Exterior Design Idea 5 : The Loft Aesthetic

A loft style exterior has a strong element of quietness and compartmentalisation, with clear definition of the upper level of the building. This aesthetic is a popular modern home exterior design that places emphasis on restrained and simple styling, featuring materials like glass, wood, brick and subtly textured plaster, as well as metal for discrete ornamentation.

House Exterior Design Idea 6 : Floating Canopy

This architectural form draws the eye up, bringing attention to the height and elevation of the canopy that appears to float over the building’s recessed, flat roof (providing shade and protection for the terrace). The exterior wall design ideas used in this style are characterised by clean structural lines and a smooth finish, embellished with toughened glass, stone and pale wood trim details.

Modern exterior house design with a floating canopy - Beautiful Homes
Brick patterned exterior house outside design - Beautiful Homes

House Exterior Design Idea 7 : Brick Design

Exposed brick, as a building material and cladding style, will never go out of fashion! As with many of the classics, a brick wall design exterior is easy to maintain in the long term, while also having great aesthetic style. Plus, you can bring an interesting twist to your design by adding a coat of paint over some areas, and creating a latticed effect or a 3D texture through the placement of your bricks.


House Exterior Design Idea 8 : Glass Exteriors

For a modern exterior, house designs that feature large glass panels embody a stylish and sophisticated vibe, while also helping to bridge the gap between your indoors and outdoors. This style is a better fit for houses that are surrounded by nature or are placed in a less populated landscape.

House Exterior Design Idea 9 : Large Windows

A lower maintenance and slightly less expensive alternative to the glass exterior style would be to use oversized windows. With bay windows and french windows as easy-to-install and attractive options for your exterior wall design, Indian houses often trend towards this style, especially since they’re also easier to secure for privacy and safety. 


House Exterior Design Idea 10 : Small Porch Décor

For a smaller house, outside design elements like a porch or a deck, can give you some much needed space for taking a “you” moment during a busy day. If you don’t have a lot of space around the outside of your home, never fear, a small porch that’s large enough for a few planters and a single rocking chair can be a great way to approach this exterior design for small houses.

Classic large windows for exterior wall design - Beautiful Homes

House Exterior Design Idea 11 : Countryside Facade

While it may have some similarities, this facade has a stronger rustic effect than a Classic home exterior, with an emphasis on gardens that looks relatively untamed but still orderly (preferably with plenty of mismatched, potted flowers), large farmhouse-style windows and a simple outer wall design; for home exteriors that really exemplify this trend, use classic wood panels or boards, neutral / organic paint tones and natural stone or slate for your cladding.


House Exterior Design Idea 12 : Extravagant Exteriors

This exterior design style is quite dependent on building structure and landscaping, with the colour palette you choose, the height and design of your roof, and the types of windows used all being integral in achieving an extravagant exterior. Modern house design styles that are popular today – like industrial or minimalist styles – don’t really match with this palatial vibe. Instead, for that royal feel aimed for through this house exterior; wall design elements that have a textural detail, elaborately decorative architecture, stone or metal statuary, and manicured gardens are a must.



House Exterior Design Idea 13 : The Privacy Setting

Making sure your home is well protected from prying eyes and that you’ve upped the privacy setting to max is all about your exterior wall design. Indian houses in particularly crowded areas need to pay attention to this feature of exterior design; make sure your walls are taller than eye height, install retractable outdoor blinds (bamboo ones are easy to find and not too expensive), and use well-placed plants to increase the screening factor.



House Exterior Design Idea 14 : Designs For Small Houses

It’s better to stick to a less-fussy or elaborate style when upgrading the exterior design for small houses. A simple house exterior design that plays with paint colour for the walls or roof, puts emphasis on the plants in your yard, or adds understated architectural frills – such as a basic decorative trim, or windows of different styles and sizes but the same treatment and grills – are good ways to ensure a small home looks chic and uncluttered.



House Exterior Design Idea 15 : The First Impression

If you're trying to keep things looking fresh and put up a modern front, house design upgrades need to start with the “face” of your home, and one of the main features on this face – and the things that every guest is sure to pay attention to – is your front door! Giving your front door a facelift by refurbishing its fittings and applying a new coat of paint can make a major, positive impact on the overall appearance of your home. Just make sure to pick a shade that’s in harmony with the rest of your exterior colours.



House Exterior Design Idea 16 : One With Nature

Love the idea of a house that seems to be growing out of its surroundings, at one with the plants and trees around it? Then stick to the natural shades for your home colour, design outside areas to blend into the landscape and try to use more natural materials for your frontage as well – stone, terracotta, brick, and soil cement are all materials that can give your home a more nature themed feel.

Simple house exterior design with geometric exterior wall patterns - Beautiful Homes

House Exterior Design Idea 17 : Geometric Patterns

Geometric forms that repeat throughout the architectural aspects of the building, stripes or tessellated shapes used in the cladding and frontage, or even patterns that are expressed through the , can all be ways to express this modern style that adds striking interest to your home’s exterior.

House Exterior Design Idea 18 : State-Of-The-Art Styles

The key words for modern exterior house designs of this style are “bold” and “stunning”. Characterised by linear lines, smooth curves and rounded, protruding structural facets that blend harmoniously into a powerful whole, state-of-the-art home exteriors have a high-tech, space-age vibe that’s soothing to the eye, while still being powerful and extravagant.

House Exterior Design Idea 19 : Prioritise Landscaping

Having a lush and verdant garden is a great, environmentally-friendly way to upgrade the exterior style of your house. Outside wall design can also be a way to give the grounds of your home an upgraded look – choose a textured pattern, add in arches or a moon gate, or cover it in greenery, to make your compound wall stand out from the neighbours.


House Exterior Design Idea 20 : Get Playful With Colour

If you like a more fun and playful aesthetic, get creative with your house painting design; exterior walls don’t need to be boring and drab. 

Landscaping for modern front house design - Beautiful Homes

Create a statement and add pops of colour to the outside of your home by painting select areas in a brighter shade, or stay funky but go more subtle by having doors and window trims that are painted in a vibrant contrast shade to stand out against more neutral walls. 



House Exterior Design FAQs

1.    How do you design a house exterior?

There is no such thing as a single way to go about your home exterior design, and the way you design it should be based on many factors – the size of your home, the amount of land space around your house, if you have a covered verandah, deck or balconies, and even your budget. Most importantly, the exterior wall design ideas that you choose to implement should match your personal style and taste.


2.    How can I make my house look beautiful outside?

Pay attention to the various features of your house exterior; wall design, roof tiles/type, the colours you paint your exterior walls, the style of pathways, your external doors and window trims, any furniture or plants you place around the outside of your home, and of course, the actual structure of the building. These are just some of the factors that go into making your exterior house design look beautiful, but the point is to make it look beautiful to you.


3.    What is included in exterior design?

Every area of the landscaping and frontage, from the gable and verandah trim of a large bungalow, to exterior wall design for small house yards, or the balcony design of an apartment, all aspects of your house outdoor design would be included in the exterior design planning.


4.    Can you change the outside look of your house?

Of course you can! You don’t have to be building a brand new house to make sure you have a modern front house design. While you may not be able to make large structural changes to the architecture of your home, there are many other doable upgrades you can make. Such as installing new lighting features, changing the landscaping of your garden, brainstorming easy DIY exterior wall design ideas with your family, or calling in experts to give your home a new paint job, tile the driveway, or refurbish / switch out your front door for something that’s more suited to your new aesthetic.


5.    What are the exterior features of a house?

The exterior features of a house is everything that is visible on the outside of your home – both structural and aesthetic. All the various aspects of your house; outside wall design, pattern and structure; frontage, finishes and architectural elements of your building; and of course the landscaping of your yard/garden, are all part of your exterior house design.


So can Beautiful Homes help you upgrade your exterior house design style? That’s a definite yes! After all, at Beautiful Homes Service by Asian Paints, what we’re best at is partnering with you to craft the home of your dreams.


If you’re eager to get started on creating that perfect haven we’re here for all your design & renovation needs – you can even source the latest décor styles with our curated collection – reach out or find one of our state-of-the-art stores near you.


We’re currently available in Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Chennai, Bengaluru, Delhi, Pune or Kolkata, with new locations coming soon!

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