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Modern And Bold Exterior House Paint Ideas That Stand Out

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Mar 11, 2022
House exterior paint design ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Exterior painting adds character to a house apart from protecting it and concealing flaws but one has to pick the right colours. Here are 7 great exterior house paint ideas for your home

Introduction on Why Exterior House Paint is important

Your exterior house paint sets the tone for what is inside. Whether you are going for a traditional and elegant style or a youthful and exuberant design, nothing transforms a house quicker than house paint colors for outside. Even the oldest house can be transformed by nothing more than a fresh coat of paint.

Exterior home painting makes your house look good but it is also something that has to be done once in a while to keep your home in good condition. Some benefits of home outside painting include:

  • Protection - Exterior home painting protects your home by giving it an extra layer against weather and nature.
  • Curb appeal - Apart from making sure your home looks gorgeous, curb appeal increases the market value of a home.
  • Concealment - Compared to other home improvement projects, outdoor paint for house is a relatively inexpensive and easy way to conceal flaws.


 Whether it is a bright blue, an earthy red, or a neutral taupe, house paint colors for outside can give a house an entirely new look. Choose colours for the home outside that best fit your home’s overall aesthetic, and blend nicely with the landscaping of the property. A professionally done exterior paint job is a great way to highlight the architectural details of a house and add visual interest to your home.



7 Exterior House Paint Ideas for your Home

Paint gives a home its own personality and the exterior paint colour for a home can be used to pique the guest’s interest as to what the interior has in store for them. Neutral colours, likez greys, whites, tans, or browns, are always a safe bet in exterior home painting, but don’t be afraid of using bold accents on the front door or trim to add a distinct look to your home.


Choose house paint colors for outside that represent your personal style or the architectural style, age, or location of your home to help it stand out. Here are 7 gorgeous paint ideas for the exterior of your house.

1. Blend in with Nature with Earthy Exterior House Paint Colours

Warm house paint colors for outside are inviting and promise a welcoming interior. The colours are very neutral and complement the natural elements that surround it. Dry earthy outdoor house paint ideas like dull sepia or pale brown, or rich earth colours, like sage green or chocolate, will all look great. Clay red is a wonderful house paint colour for homes that are nestled in a lot of greenery as the house will blend into the earth and plants, giving it a very organic, natural feel.


When picking house paint colors for outside, choose high-quality paint so that it will stand the test of time and have a good finish.

Earthy colors for your home exterior paint design - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ABDUL BARI P/ shutterstock

If you are using any kind of texturing in house paint design outside, then make sure that it goes well with the outdoor house paint ideas and the surroundings.


2. Break the Monotony with Graded Exterior Paint Colours

Stick to a couple of colours when doing exterior home painting. More than that could look messy and cluttered on house paint design outside. If using only one colour looks monotonous, shades of the same colour can help break the monotony but still not be fussy.


For instance, choose subtle outdoor house paint ideas like evergreen or dull grey as the base colour and use darker shades of the same colour for the trims and eaves for a charming effect. For a bolder look, two colours that complement each other can be used. Using brighter greens or blacks for the doors and windows can give a very contrasting and eye-catching effect.


When you start your exterior house painting, plan to keep the weather in mind to avoid extreme temperatures or high humidity. These factors can easily ruin a fresh coat of paint or significantly delay dry times.

Give your house exterior a new look by choosing textures for your wall - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, ppa/ shutterstock

3. A Textured House Exterior can Look Amazing

The latest trends in house paint design outside are textured walls. You can opt for brick wall texture, pebbling, cracked paint texture, marbling, fabric finish, and stripes, to name a few. This can add another depth to the look of your house. A pebbled blue exterior with navy blue trim will look great on a beachside cottage. A classy marble or fabric finish in cream with deep chocolate trim makes a house look elegant. When choosing house colours for the outside, pick colours that complement your style.

4. Make your Exterior House Colours Very Indian

There is a unique charm to Indian households whether it is the tiled sloping roofs, the wooden pillars or the little patios out front. You can go all out and make your home the epitome of Indian architecture by using popular Indian colours, textures and features for the exterior.


For instance, a warm cream house with a red shingled roof and brown eaves will create a very South Indian look. A red brick home with wooden shutters and a tiled roof will feel like a cottage on a hill station. Off-white walls with sunny yellow or green doors and windows can give a rural village effect to a home.

5. Exterior Paint Combinations with Warm Whites and Creams

Traditionally, Indian homes were whitewashed, which means a bright white paint was applied on the exterior as a way to spruce up the house and conceal damage. These days, white is still popular, but not the bright kind. Restful, serene off-whites and creams feel more inviting and warmer than a glaring bright white.


Warm whites are also great for exterior paint combinations as they go with almost anything. They can be teamed with subtle colours like soft greens and cool blues for a sleek trim or a bolder statement can be made by contrasting it with sunny yellows or deep rusts for doors and windows.

Luxury home exterior color design ideas to make your home look more welcoming - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Liya Graphics/ shutterstock

Go bold with black & white colour for your home exterior paints - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, anselmus/ shutterstock

6. Pick Unusual Exterior Wall Paint Colours and Make Heads Turn

People have become much more adventurous when it comes to exterior painting and are picking surprising and unusual exterior house colours to make their homes look gorgeous and stand out. For instance, darker, and more saturated hues like charcoal, deep green and even black are being used on exterior walls in very effective ways.


One of the reasons that darker shades have become popular is because they are very flattering to greenery and woodwork.

Imagine a trellis or creepers on a deep red exterior. If you don't want to commit to painting your whole exterior a dark colour, dark shades can be used only for the front door or shutters, creating classic focal points. 


Even if your home is a row house and the houses on both sides are identical, you can make yours look unique with an unusual paint colour or bold trims.

7. Pick a Focal Point for Exterior Paint Colours

Sometimes, picking a statement feature of the house, like a door, or a wall as the focal point can help set a theme for the exterior painting. For instance, a large door in navy blue can be the focal point and the walls can be painted in a complementing colour like a softer shade of blue or a contrasting colour like cream. Or, you can pick a statement wall or a jali wall that is in red and use a complementing earthy colour on the walls to highlight the jali panel.


When choosing house painting colours outside, deal with any kind of outside damage to woodwork right then. If it is not attended to the paintwork may not last long.

Contemporary house exterior design color ideas for your home - Beautiful Homes

Image courtesy, Artazum/ shutterstock

Home Colour Outside Combinations For Indian Homes - Useful Tips


• Opt for earthy tones like beige, brown, or terracotta for a traditional yet timeless appeal.

• For a modern look, consider shades of grey paired with white or black trims.

• Lighter shades can make your home appear larger, while darker colours can make it seem more compact and cozy.

• Bright accent colours on the front door or window trims can add a unique touch.


Vastu Colours For Home Exterior


• As per home vastu colours, white is a highly recommended colour as it represents purity.

•  Yellow is another auspicious colour, symbolizing knowledge and learning.

•  Blue, representing the water element, is believed to bring peace and tranquility.

•  Green, symbolizing the earth element, promotes harmony and balance.


Do's & Don'ts For Interior & Exterior House Colour As Per Vastu


•   Do use light colours in small rooms to make them appear spacious.

•  Don't use too much black or red as they can attract negative energy.

•   Do use blue or green in the north-east direction of the house.

•   Don't paint the main entrance door in black.


Picking a Home Colour Outside: Factors to Consider


•  Consider the architectural style of your home. Certain outdoor paint color schemes may work better with specific styles.

•  Look at the colours of the surrounding homes and landscape. You should choose house paint colors for outside that harmonize with the rest of the environment.

• Consider the climate. Light outdoor paint color schemes can help reflect heat in hot climates, while dark outdoor paint color schemes can absorb heat in cooler climates.

•  Think about maintenance. Darker outdoor paint color schemes tend to show dust and stains more than lighter outdoor paint color schemes.

How can Beautiful Homes Help you with Choosing the Best Exterior Wall Paint for your Home?

No matter how big or small the project is, Beautiful Homes strives to make your interior design project enjoyable and fun. We believe that every home can be beautiful, functional, and distinctive. With our thoughtful arrangements of existing pieces, careful new selections, colours, and designs, we create spaces that are innovative and layered with details.


At Beautiful Homes, each project is an opportunity to create a functional and beautiful space that reflects the needs, lifestyle, and taste of the client. 


We know how important first impressions are and when it comes to curb appeal, we know what works well. From helping you select the right outside house paint and textures, we pay attention to detail, offer clear and consistent communication, and our design team will bring you a result that is current yet timeless; fresh yet familiar; and most importantly, something you can look at with pride.

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